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Aaronson Law Firm Review

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Based in Longwood, Florida, Aaronson Law Firm is a timeshare exit company that helps customers handle their timeshare cases. The company started its timeshare business in 2005, and it has become multi-dimensional in that it also helps clients prevent timeshare abuse as well as timeshare disputes.

The company says it takes “tremendous pride” in working to help its customers out of their timeshare problems in the most efficient way possible. Aaronson Law Firm believes that its “credibility and licensure” as a timeshare exit company “depends” on the timeshare exit services it renders for customers.

Aaronson Law Firm helps customers get out of timeshare contracts they are unable to use, releasing them from the clutches of endless monthly payments and the payment of annual maintenance fees. Not only that, but the timeshare exit company also helps fight to keep your heirs out of your timeshare liability while protecting your credit score. You can find all this information on the official website to be sure of the company’s commitment.

However, this article is aimed at giving you a critical assessment about the company and what they offer first before you access their website. To do that, we have dedicated the following paragraphs to the reviews of the different aspects of the company’s services, starting from its cancellation practices.


  • Uses Attorneys
  • Offers Free Initial Consultation
  • Credit Protection
  • Free E-book

Aaronson Law Firm Timeshare Cancellation

When the company claims they will give their customers the best chance to get out of their unwanted timeshare contracts, they say so because they know they can do it better. They have helped many in the past to solve their timeshare cases without any hassle.

  • Offers A Free Initial Consultation: The first thing the company does as soon as you agree to work with them is it offers you a free initial consultation. The free initial consultation is a program designed to help timeshare owners disclose all the necessary information about their timeshare contracts. Questions will be asked in order to devise a means to help you terminate your contract.

We consider this process necessary, as we believe it will work in the advantage of both the timeshare company and you. Every piece of information is important to quickly help you get out of your contract, and to help them decide on the best course of action to settle your case.

  • Documentation: Having understood all it is they need to know about the terms and conditions of your timeshare contract, Aaronson Law Firm will work with you to put some files in places. Here, certain items and documents will be needed to proceed to the next step in the process of your timeshare cancellation. These will include your names, account numbers and all the paperwork provided at the time of the contract. Sales information will also be required at this stage.
  • Customer Protection Plan: Not only does the company protect its customers by helping them maintain good credit, it also helps in protecting their customers from being exposed to liability in the course of getting their timeshare contract termination done. Aaronson Law Firm will will provide you with necessary letters and “articulate your legal claims and defenses.” How do they do that? They do that through the use of experienced attorneys.
  • The Use of Experienced Attorneys: Aaronson Law Firm makes use of experienced attorneys who will ensure that your timeshare contract termination is successful and legal. The attorney assigned for your case will fight for you and stay by you throughout the timeshare cancellation process.

After all, Aaronson Law Firm may be your ideal choice of timeshare exit company if you want a timeshare exit that is more of a legal process and not so much letter writing and complaint filing. What’s more, the company claims their attorneys have fifty-years of combined experience in timeshare contract cancellation.

Aaronson Law Firm Cost and Fees

One thing that seems to be general about all timeshare exit companies seems to be the issue of price fixing. As many other timeshare exit companies would do, Aaronson Law Firm does not display the amount it charges its customers. No section on the company’s official website talks about the cost of hiring the timeshare exit company. All we are told from one of their customers on “Testimonials” is that the fee is fair, and is all worth it. We advise you get in touch with the company if you want to know about the fees and the cost of hiring them.

There is no mention of escrow payment option and neither is there any place where 100% money back guarantee is stated. Our advice will always be the same: you should work with a timeshare exit company that is on escrow.

Aaronson Law Firm Reviews

While reviewing Aaronson Law Firm website, there were many fascinating things we learned about the company. One is the company’s specification of their attorneys’ objectives. The company claims the sole objective of their attorneys is to protect their customers from timeshare abuse. Not only that, there is also a section on the website titled “Get Our E-book”.

This section gives a summary of what the e-book entails, urging timeshare owners to learn more about timeshare pitfalls with real life examples, through the e-book. They claim the stories in the e-book have come from their clients. There is a link on how to download the book for free.

In addition, there are also sections on the website dedicated for their attorneys, how they work. and the steps they take in helping their customers get out of their timeshare contracts.

Aaronson Law Firm Ratings

Although there are only positive comments on the company’s “Testimonials” section, there are few negative comments on BBB about the company, and one being that the company was lacking in terms of communication. Whether the company has adjusted on that or not is still yet to be verified. But of one thing we are sure, the company’s positive reviews are more than the negative ones. As such, you may hire the company to help you terminate your timeshare contract.

However, for other third-party websites’ ratings, check the following paragraphs.

  • Google:

Average Rating: 4.7/ 5.0

  • AVVO

Total Reviews: 16

Average Rating: 5. 0

  • YELP

Total Reviews: 1

Average Rating: 5.0

A+ Rating on BBB


  •  NIL

Best Company:


Aaronson Law Firm Scam

Aaronson Law Firm seems to be a legitimate company because it makes use of popular attorneys who have been thoroughly vetted before being hired. The company even displays their names and photos with information about them on the official website. A company which has gone that high is not likely to be a scam. No respectable attorney will even want his photo to be uploaded on the website of an illegal company.

There are also many publications on the company’s blog section that support the claim that the company is not likely to be an illegal company. You can hire the company for your timeshare cancellation if you find the above information convincing.


Although it is better to hire a timeshare exit company which is on escrow or which offers money-back guarantee; you may consider hiring Aaronson Law Firm as well because it has customer protection plan in place.

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