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Can You Get Out of Manhattan Club Timeshare?

Can You Get Out of Manhattan Club Timeshare?

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Can You Get Out of Manhattan Club Timeshare?

Sometimes, you make a decision and are filled with regret , especially when you see the results of your decision. These sorts of decisions often happen when you do not thoroughly think through an idea before you settle on it. Then, you feel like you are paying for your own mistake when the consequences of such decision come.

Purcahsing timeshares is such a decision, and a Manhattan timeshare is no different. Do not make a hasty decision by buying a timeshare when you are on vacation. Give the idea a second thought and look for another way you can enjoy your vacation without staying committed to a long contract. Here are some reasons for avoiding this type of purchase.

One is the burden of a growing maintenance fees. Another reason is that most timeshares do not hold future values. Your timeshare will begin to depreciate the moment you leave the contract table. Buying a Manhattan timeshare will never be a lucrative investment like owning a real estate property.

Real esate and and timeshares are different—while there is a high possibility that you will recoup your money owning a real estate property, the possibility is low that you will even make money at all reselling your timeshare. Making money from a timeshare resale may depend on the location of the timeshare and the resort developer.

Even at that, there is a high percentage that you will not make up to the value of your timeshare if you eventually find a buyer. Furthermore, the timeshare maintenance fees can send you packing. That is why you will see some timeshare owners ready to give their timeshares out to charity. You will even see timeshare owners on EBay and Craigslist, willing to sell their timeshares at relatively low costs. All these things indicate no timeshare will give you a return on your investment, not even Manhattan Club timeshare.

However, we understand that you are currently a holder of the club’s timeshare and are willing to exit the contract. Worry not, for you are on the right page. We have worked to help you gather information so that you can exit your timeshare commitment. But, before going through this information, we should do a short review of Manhattan Club and timeshare.

Manhattan Club

Manhattan Club is located in New York, offering suites in central Manhattan location. Manhattan Club is a popular and an established club which also offers a timeshare service. The club has a very beautiful resort and has a group of excellent staff members who give their customers worthwhile vacation experiences. With large, modern and luxurious suits, many consider the Manhattan Club as the perfect location for spending their holidays at the resort

The good news is that the club offers more than just a timeshare service. Choosing to spend your vacation at Manhattan Club opens up a number of other opportunities for you to have a memorable holiday. You do not need to purchase a timeshare to stay with Manhattan Club. Not too many resorts can offer you the opportunity to skip buying timeshares with them. In addition, not all resorts have other packages for their guests, especially those on vacation. Because of these options, you can make a better decision and opt for a different accommodation plan for you and your family members to avoid future troubles.

At Manhattan Club, the club’s property’s entrances, registration desk, rooms, suites and facilities are “ADA complaint under the DOJ ADA Title III Regulation 28 CFR Part 36, 1991.” You can choose to spend your vacation at Manhattan Club, but going for the company’s timeshare package may not be the best choice.

Manhattan Club Timeshare and Fees

Along with other services, Manhattan Club also offers a timeshare service. As expected of all timeshare companies, the buyers will be made to pay for the maintenance of their own timeshares whether they use them regularly or not. Once you sign your Manhattan Club timeshare, know that payment for maintenance fees has become an obligation. Non-payment of the necessary dues and fees on your contract may prevent you from benefiting from their exit programs.

Can You Get Out of Your Manhattan Club Timeshare?

The answer is yes, and there are many ways to get out of your current Manhattan Club timeshare. Below are some of the options available to you.

• Recession Option
Every timeshare resort will make a provision for a recession window during your timeshare contract. A recession window is a short time period immediately after you sign your timeshare contract. The period is very short, running for very few days. The length of the time window depends on which state where you get your timeshare. Some states allow that their recessions window run for a complete week, while some only leave three to five days for such window.

However, to use this option for a full refund, you need to act fast and calculating. While you may have to follow some strict steps before you can finally be relieved of your Manhattan Club timeshare, if you act swiftly, we are very certain you can rescind the timeshare. There is no way for Manhattan Club to prevent your exit if you fulfill their requirements—it is a state law. So, the only reason you could be denied an exit is if you miss the window.

For some some tieshare owners, the window might have already passed before you notice this part of the deal. Worried? You don’t have to be. There may still be a way out for you.

Contact Manhattan Club
Although not all timeshare resorts offer a Deedback program, you may still try your luck and reach out to Manhattan Club to find out if you can exit the timeshare through their help. Before you do that, ensure you do not owe the resort any fees. Even if the company does not offer such program, there may still be a way they could come to your aid. Again, ensure you do not owe a mortgage on your deal.

Through a Deedback program, timeshare resorts help their customers get rid of their contracts. But, you will still have to pay for such a program. And that is one of the differences between getting out through this option and getting out through a recession window. When you get out through a recession window, you will not have to pay a dime.

When you exit through this option, you will be able to get a refund, but you will also have to pay some fees to be allowed to participate in the program after they verify that you do not owe any outstanding debt.

If, however, you owe Manhattan Club any fee, you may want to consider selling the timeshare to an outsider. In that case, you will have to visit a resale market.

• Explore a Resale Option
You can put your Manhattan Club timeshare up for sale on platforms like EBay and Craigslist. There are also other platforms that serve the same purpose. On those platforms, your Manhattan Club timeshare will be advertised to the members of the public who may show interest in buying it. While some platforms may charge fees for allowing them to advertise your timeshare, some platforms do not charge any fee at all.

However, one major issue with this option is that it may take time before you finally find someone who will show interest in buying your Manhattan Club timeshare. There are many other timeshare owners in same reselling market for similar reasons. You may consider hiring a timeshare exit company if you feel this option do not suit you.

• Timeshare Exit Company
This option is good especially for those who owe a mortgage on their current deal. A timeshare exit company will not help you sell your timeshare. Rather, it will help you argue your timeshare case and look for a way to help you end your Manhattan Club timeshare contract.

Our candid advice is that you hire a timeshare exit company which offers an escrow payment option to avoid being scammed. The timeshare exit industry is full of phony companies. So, the best way to escape scamming is by making sure you do not pay any timeshare exit company until you are sure the deal has been settled.


You can exit your Manhattan Club timeshare if you follow any of the options provided above. Do not waste any more time—get rid of your Manhattan Club timeshare and free yourself and your family from the burden of a heavy maintenance fee.

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