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Cancelling Royal Holiday Club Timeshare

Cancelling Royal Holiday Club Timeshare

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How to Terminate your Royal Holiday Club Timeshare/Membership Contract

To begin with, we should state that Royal Holiday Club is a Mexico-based vacation club that offers points-based ownership to its members. Operating as a subsidiary of Park Royal Hotels and Resorts, this company has been in business for more than 30 years and boasts an international membership base that is well above 100,000 individuals.

According to the company, it is their focus to offer you “the highest service standards for you to enjoy wonderful vacations for many years.” This could be true, given the fact that the company claims to offer their members a wide range of choices as regards destination. Specifically, their members are at liberty to pick from 180 vacation spots across 52 countries worldwide.

These destinations include interesting and exotic places like Paris, London, Orlando, Madrid, New York, Bahamas, Cozumel, Buenos Aires, Puerto Rico, and more, through which you will have the ability to access cruises, club developments, RCI international resort exchanges, as well as affiliated hotels, and in addition to the company’s Park Royal chain, located in the best beaches in Mexico.

Royal Holiday Club’s Reputation Outlook

Indeed, on the surface, hiring this company seems to be a good plan for anyone seeking to enjoy their vacation with their family or loved ones. However, a deep dive into the company reveals a rising level of disappointment and extremely negative reviews from many dissatisfied customers.

As we have gathered from different customer review websites, Royal Holiday Club is ridden with a bad reputation that has many clients wanting to cancel their membership. Largely, this is due to issues bordering on unprofessional customer relations, unfulfilled promises, lack of a good vacation environment, use of aggressive sales tactics, and more.

Through such platforms as ComplaintsBoard, PissedConsumer, and the like, we find that there are many complaints from different customers who are truly angry. For instance, an Oct. 8, 2021, customer review found on the PissedConsumer website says Royal Holiday Club offered “bad service.”
Providing more information on this, the client stated: “Terrible service waste of time and money wish to cancel my membership immediately. Tried to use the membership for the first time and can’t even get flight rates for close to 3 weeks…”.

Likewise, another review dated Oct. 13, 2021 found via the ComplaintsBoard platform, alleges that Royal Holiday Club lied to and scammed a lady and her ex-husband out of a sum of $10,000, and the couple never got what they wanted. The woman, Sylvania Audia, who is from Michigan, said they were conned into purchasing a “big plan” and offered freebies that were never real. Not only that, but she also did sent “several letters” that yielded no response from the company.

To give a better understanding, the woman added: “This timeshare is a complete scam. The maintenance fees continue to rise every year and I can never book a trip. One resort in Pennsylvania had a severe mice infestation and we were forced to leave after 4 hours of arriving. I never got my money back or points returned. I am very disappointed with the quality of the resorts in the United States.”

Of course, the two instances cited above and many others found in the course of our research are clear indications that Royal Holiday Club’s credibility level is fast sinking. We must however state that this company also enjoys a good number of positive reviews on the ConsumerAffairs platform, with a striking 4.6/5 average rating.

A client simply identified as Nikki of Reno enthused about the company on Oct. 11, 2021, noting that there were “some unique bonuses” at the resort and that the staff were kind and ready “to make the whole experience wonderful.” The client concluded by saying, “I want to book another vacation as soon as I can afford to.”

In general, perhaps, one could say it’s a situation of different experiences for different clients. But the number of negative reviews seems to outshine the positive ones.

How to Get Rid of Your Royal Holiday Club Timeshare Membership

Are you tired of the ever-increasing maintenance fees, or maybe you think you’ve been deceived? If you are looking to get off your Royal Holiday Club membership for any reason at all, then you can rest assured that there are different ways to achieve this.

The rescission period, the deed back program, resale, and even outright cancellation are specific ways to free yourself from the contract. To understand these options better, we have provided brief explanations of each option.

The Rescission Period
If you are a fresh member (that is, someone who has just purchased a timeshare membership from the Royal Holiday Club), then you can count yourself lucky, because you might be able to undo your purchase and get a full refund without any questions.

Normally, there are state laws providing clients with the ability to rescind their timeshare within a specific period (usually the first two weeks) of purchase. In the United States for instance, certain state laws allow up to 14 days for rescission. In contrast, Mexico’s consumer protection laws provide a 5-business-day rescission period.

Whether the rescission period is available to you will depend on the state in which you purchased your vacation club. Note: it is essential that you carefully go through the contract given to you after purchasing your timeshare; this will help you learn about the company’s specific policies regarding rescission. If you find anything suspicious, you should easily be able to question them or seek redress at once.

In essence, getting your contract rescinded will require that you send a cancellation letter to Royal Holiday Club if you are still within the rescission period. Then you can expect a full refund of your money. Should they default on the refund, however, you may have to sue the company for flouting state law— which they wouldn’t want.

Closely related to rescission is what is known as the “take back” or “deed back” program. where certain companies allow their clients to relinquish their contracts under certain conditions. You should contact the Royal Holiday management to know what they have to offer in this regard.

Timeshare Resale
In case the rescission period has already passed, you can try to sell your Royal Holiday Club membership contract to another person. The resale process can be done by you or through a company that specializes in that.

Taking the DIY approach, you could simply find an interested buyer through word of mouth. But this interpersonal marketing can be difficult, so you may be better off listing your timeshare on various advertising platforms like eBay, Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, etc., which may be free or require a paid membership.

On the other hand, a option may be to work with a resale company which will then bear the responsibility of advertising for you, getting a buyer, and closing the deal. But you should beware of scammers. You should never hire a timeshare resale company that requests upfront payment, as companies like that mostly turn out to be fraudulent.

Indeed, an honest company should be ready to get the job done before taking any payment at all, especially because there is no guarantee that a timeshare property will get resold. As a matter of fact, most timeshares are outright worthless and may only be purchased by buyers who wish to take advantage of this reality on the secondary market.

Hiring an Exit Company
Aside from taking advantage of the rescission period or the deed back program, the most effective means of getting rid of a timeshare or, precisely, the Royal Holiday Club membership contract, is to get yourself a reputable timeshare cancellation company. This is because timeshare exit companies are focused on only one thing: terminating your contract.

Even if you owe a mortgage, an exit company might be able to get you out of your contract, provided you have tenable proof of being scammed by the concerned company.

What further sets exit companies apart is the fact that they work with seasoned attorneys and professionals who are highly experienced in handling timeshare cases. Moreover, they ensure that you don’t have to pay any fees again, and will even help you get a refund in some cases of clear fraud.

Note, nonetheless, that there are certain scam websites and companies parading as exit companies. Be sure to do your research and hire a reputable company. A good way to spot a potential scam is to check and see if they request upfront payment, because companies that take upfront payments often run away with people’s money.

Sometimes in fact, a sincere company might go bankrupt and be unable to return customers’ funds. This is why we always recommend that you hire a timeshare cancellation company that uses escrow.

With escrow, there is no risk because your payment will be locked in a third-party wallet and is only released when the contract has been terminated.


The easiest way to get rid of your Royal Holiday Club membership is to take advantage of either the rescission period or the deed back clause, if available. Otherwise, hiring a reliable timeshare exit company is another advisable choice you should consider.

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