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Grand Solmar Timeshare Cancellation

Grand Solmar Timeshare Cancellation

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Grand Solmar Timeshare Cancellation

Were you told that all timeshares are good investments? Was that the reason you settled on Grand Solmar timeshare? Because you thought it would be a perfect investment? Timeshare salespersons are not usually sincere especially during presentation. They share the information they know will help them sell their timeshares to customers. Remember, the timeshare world is wider than the presentation stage. Timeshare reality is beyond all you were told during the presentation.

You will begin to realize this the moment club dues and maintenance fees start to pile up. In fact, the growing problem of maintenance fees has led a number of timeshare holders to offer their timeshares for extremely low prices. Some do not even expect to get money for their timeshare, all they want is a person who will take their timeshare for free and continue to fulfill the financial obligations related to the contract.
People have come to understand that owning a timeshare comes with great financial burden. The word “timeshare” even has a negative meaning for some people. This is why some resorts will never call the contract a timeshare contract.

Do not fall in this trap. There are better ways to enjoy your vacation without buying a Grand Solmar timeshare. We are sure there will be other accommodation plans that can provide you with the same level of freedom you want with your family members. And unlike buying a timeshare, the freedom of going for a short accommodation contract is endless. You won’t be tied to a long-term timeshare contract with heavy maintenance fees. You may not see the annual payment of dues and fees as big deal now considering your current financial status, but what if your financial status changes?

If you are reading this article, you are probably already in a Grand Solmar timeshare contract and want to get out as soon as possible. The good news is that there are options for you to do so and we are ready to take you through the options. To start, what is Grand Solmar and what is a Grand Solmar timeshare?

Grand Solmar Resort

Grand Solmar resort is on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas, and its aim is to provide their customers with much needed comfort and relaxation. At Grand Solmar resort, there are enough amenities for all visitors. There are private beaches at Grand Solmar resort, and the resort also has an affinity pool and private cabanas. There are also studios, penthouses, and well as suites. Grand Solmar resort is one of the most popular timeshares and is the largest in Los Cabos. This explains why so many people prefer to visit this resort during their holidays. It’s a fine place to be!

Can you Cancel Your Grand Solmar Timeshare?

Yes, you can. The following are some of the ways you can cancel the contract.

• Recession Option
If all timeshare owners know that they can get out of their timeshare contracts through this method, many timeshare companies would be in bad shape. This is why most timeshare companies do not advertise this. We are here to inform you that the first and the best option you have to exit your Grand Solmar timeshare is through a recession window.

Cancelling your Grand Solmar timeshare through this method requires a keen buyer, as you only have a limited amount of time to cancel the contract. Many timeshare owners who know about this method miss out on the opportunity because don’t act swiftly. At some resorts, you may not have more than three days to rescind the contract. Some resorts may grant you a whole week to process your exit. All of this depends on where you purchased your timeshare because rescission is governed by state law.

Once you find out that you are still within your recession period, review your contract so you do not make any costly mistakes. Among many other steps you may take, you must first write a cancellation letter. This is time- sensitive.

You will have to submit a written cancelation letter as soon as you decide to use this option. Any letter you send after your recession period will be useless. If you miss out on this opportunity, however, you still have a number of options to choose from. One is contacting Grand Solmar Resorts for its Deedback program.

• Contact Grand Solmar Resorts for a Deedback Program
Some timeshare companies allow their customers a chance to get out of their contracts by offering to take back their timeshares. More often than not, this opportunity is extended only to those who are current on their club dues and maintenance fees. This means you may not qualify for this program if you still have any outstanding debt to settle on your current deal.

If you are current on your dues, contact Grand Solmar Resorts and find out if they offer this program, because not all timeshare companies offer a take back program. Some timeshare companies that do not take their customers’ timeshares back offer another program. This program allows you to advertise your timeshare on the company’s websites. This allows the company to create its own resale markets for their customers. Unlike outsourcing to sell your timeshare, selling through your developer will attract more value, even though it may not sale for as much as you hope.

If you know your resort will not offer you any of these programs because you still owe a mortgage on your current deal, you can try to sell your timeshare yourself. The only issue with this method is that it may take longer than necessary to find a buyer. And if you do find one, do not be surprised if your Grand Solmar timeshare is only worth a small amount. Still, hiring a timeshare exit company is a good option.

• Hire a Timeshare Exit Company
Timeshare exit companies will not help you sell your Grand Solmar timeshare. They will only help you take legal actions to help you get out of the contract. If you were lied to during the Grand Solmar timeshare presentation, the best thing you can do is to hire a timeshare exit company that makes use of attorneys. In fact, owing a mortgage on your current deal may not be a barrier in this situation, as some timeshare exit companies will still help fight to cancel your contract. Some companies might even help recover the money you have spent on the timeshare.

We advise that you hire a timeshare exit company that uses an escrow payment option to avoid being a victim of scam. The timeshare exit industry is full of companies with scamming agenda. Beware!


You can cancel your Grand Solmar timeshare contract. Explore your options and determine the best route to cancel your Grand Solmar timeshare.

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