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Holiday Inn Timeshare Cancellation

Holiday Inn Timeshare Cancellation

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Holiday INN Vacation Club Timeshare Cancellation: What You Need To Know

There are various reasons why a timeshare owner might want to cancel his or her timeshare contract. It could be due to personal problems ranging from financial issues to health issues. It could also be a result of feeling cheated by the resort where the timeshare was purchased from. Sometimes, a timeshare owner might just realize he or she no longer needs the timeshare property.

One common reason why timeshare owners seek to terminate their timeshare contracts is the realization that they have been scammed— or, more tenderly, deceived. Indeed, it is no secret that timeshare resorts often use hard sales tactics to sway unsuspecting clients.

Typically, timeshare developers make use of enticing offers that lure innocent people into attending a sales presentation. They might even mention that the presentation would last only few hours. But what you eventually get is one that spans several hours or more.

Worse still, timeshare sales reps tend to persuasively force you into buying a timeshare from their company without fully disclosing the fees you will have to pay in the future. The painful result of this is that you would later realize that you have been tricked into a lifetime of annual maintenance fees–among other hidden fees.

For some clients, it might seem fun to own a timeshare, despite the fees. But for others, it becomes a burden to them and they look for relief. If you looking to get rid of your Holiday Inn timeshare, this article will guide you on how to do that.

Does Holiday Inn Have a Good Reputation?

Based on what we have gathered from various customer review websites, we can confirm that Holiday Inn Vacation Club has a mix of both positive and negative reviews. The ratings seem to be generally high, both from customers and workers alike, which suggests the company enjoys a good reputation.

However, you should know that many of the company’s negative reviews accuse the company of using pushy and deceiving sales tactics in addition to deliberate misinformation. Some dissatisfied clients have declared that the company is a scam, based on their unique experiences. Some others simply say the company uses lies.

In spite of this, it is important to understand that it is normal for timeshare resorts to have both satisfied and dissatisfied clients. It is up to you to do proper research to know whether you can rely on the company’s services.

With regards to the company’s ratings, Holiday Inn Vacation Club has both high and low a satisfaction levels. On certain platforms, the ratings are higher, but on some other ones, the ratings are much lower.

On the IHG website, the company has a rating level as high as 4.4/5 based on 2,616 customer reviews. Other platforms from which the company enjoys high ratings include: with 8.9/10 based on 1,222 reviews, Facebook with 4.5/5 based 3,718 reviews, Orbitz with 4.2/5 based on 4 reviews, as well as Redweek with 4.4/5 based on 23 total reviews.

Holiday Inn’s ratings are relatively lower on review platforms such as: ConsumerAffairs, where the company has a 3.4/5 average rating from 466 customers; Glassdoor, where they have an average rating of 3.5/5 from 621 clients; Yelp, where they are rated 3.0/5 by a total of 48 clients, and well as Trustpilot where they are rated 2.5/5 based on 5 reviews in total.

Overall, considering third-party ratings, Holiday Inn seems to have an okay reputation. Nevertheless, as you can see, this does not dismiss the possibility that you might be unsatisfied with their services.

How to Get Rid of your Holiday Inn Timeshare

There are different means through which you can terminate your unwanted Holiday Inn timeshare contract. Interestingly, you can take advantage of the company’s in-house timeshare cancellation program known as Horizons, which seems to be like a deed back program. You can make use of the rescission period too; if you have just bought your timeshare. You may also decide to resell your timeshare, or you could simply cancel it by hiring a timeshare exit company.

• Cancelling your timeshare through Holiday Inn’s own Horizons program
Through Horizons, Holiday Inn Vacation Club provides an official means through which their clients can terminate their timeshare contracts. The company has described this program as “a free, easy service” that has been “designed for those wanting to get out of their timeshare permanently and never pay maintenance fees again.”

To exit your timeshare this way, you will have to let the company know your intentions, after which your details will be reviewed by the company’s team. Subsequently, the team will contact you to let you know the best cancellation options available for you as well as other necessary information.
Essentially, you should note that cancelling your timeshare through Horizons gives you the chance to get a refund. However, there are conditions that you may have to meet in order to be eligible for the refund.

• Cancelling your timeshare during the rescission period
The rescission period is a period immediately after a timeshare purchase (usually between 3 and 14 days) during which you can rescind your timeshare contract and receive a full refund of your money— no questions asked. This period is also known as the “cooling off” period and is protected by law.
Different states have different validity periods for rescission. So you should ensure that you identify the actual number of days allowed by your state. This helps you know how much time you have to act, so that you won’t miss the opportunity of cancelling your timeshare and getting your money.

Generally, to cancel your timeshare during the rescission period, you simply have to make it known to the concerned resort. This could be done orally, or through a letter, as the resort might want request. We advise you to send a letter and make sure to add essential details like your name as contained in your contract, your contact details, the name of your timeshare resort, date of purchase, and more on.
You should also go through your timeshare documents to look for any helpful information. You could also contact Holiday Inn Vacation Club for further info.

Reselling your timeshare
In case you’re wondering whether you can resell your unwanted timeshare, the simple answer is yes, it is possible. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to do, since timeshares typically lose more than 50% of their value immediately after they are purchased.

Contrary to the lies you may have been told, timeshares are not investments, and are not related to traditional real estate at all. They are comparable to a vehicle which depreciates with time. Selling a timeshare on the secondary market is not an easy venture, as there are many timeshares listed at $1.
If you want to take this route, you should make use of listing websites like eBay, RedWeek, Craigslist, SellMyTimeshare, Facebook marketplace, and so on. You may also hire a timeshare resale company but be wary of scammers who are only out there to rip you off.

• Cancelling your timeshare by hiring an exit company
Timeshare exit companies often employ experienced legal practitioners who are skilled enough to identify loopholes in timeshare contracts. They also make sure to tackle each timeshare owner’s issue on a case-by-case basis. This makes this option a good choice for distressed timeshare owners.
To terminate your timeshare contract through this means, you may be required to have a free consultation session with the exit company’s representative. During this consultation, the company will determine the best way to resolve your issue. Moreover, reputable and honest exit companies use this consultation session to determine if they can resolve your case; if not, they politely decline your request.

You should note that there are scammers parading as timeshare cancellation companies. As a way to help you avoid falling victim, we recommend that you only go for timeshare exit companies that make use of escrow. With escrow, there is no risk since your payment will not be accessible to the company until they have terminated the contract. This serves as a motivation for them to ensure your exit.


We are committed to helping you make the right timeshare decision. Keep in mind that contacting your resort first, as well as carefully reading through your contract document, is always a good way to start when cancelling your timeshare contract. if you are unable to cancel your contract via Holiday Inn’s Horizons program or through the rescission period, remember that you can hire a reliable exit company. Reselling your timeshare is possible as well, but this will be more difficult.

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