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How to Get Out Of your Marriott Timeshare

How to Get Out Of your Marriott Timeshare

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How to get out of your Marriot Timeshare/Vacation Club

The way timeshare companies present themselves will always make you crave a vacation. With their elaborate display of their various resorts in some of the most wonderful locations, you can’t help but be tempted into buying a timeshare from them.

And if you come across an accommodation type of your choice, you will want to get the deal done immediately, for you may fear another buyer will beat you to it. But then reality dawns on you. Now you are looking for a possible way to get out of the deal.

This is because every timeshare company has its own methods to attract customers as well its own financial obligations. But if you are dealing with Marriot Vacation Club, one of the most popular timeshare companies in the United States, you have probably had enough of its demanding financial strategy. You are here because you want to learn of some the company’s exit strategies. Don’t worry! You’re going to learn those in due course. But before that, let’s take a quick glance at the company and its timeshare principle.

Marriot Vacation Club

Marriot is one of the largest timeshare companies on the market The company has its timeshare properties in Hawaii, Florida, California, Colorado, Arizona and more. According to the company on its official website, Marriot Vacation Club has been helping its customers settle during their holidays “for more than 25 years.” The company claims to have “the largest luxury resorts ownership system in the world with more than 400,000 Owner families.”

The company also has more than “50 first-class resorts with…bedroom accommodations for families and friends.” In addition, Marriot Vacation Club also has “the world’s most desirable locations including pristine beaches, world-class skiing and championship golf destinations.” Now you understand why you pay so much to maintain your timeshare.

Marriot Timeshare and Cost

Marriot Vacation projects itself as a unique timeshare company and that can be observed in his advertising strategy. Here, the company shows dedication to honest and fair business transactions. But beware, timeshare industry is full of dishonest people and companies. The company’s purported transparency does not mean Marriot timeshare is a good investment. This company has several drawbacks especially in its financial demand.

The company charges expensive dues and fees, and the system itself is costly. The company will also tie you down to a deeded real estate interest ownership at its resort. The costs of the company’s timeshare are very high, much more than most timeshare owners can afford. This is because no other timeshare company can match Marriot.

The worst part of the company’s system of operation is that you do not have many options on where and when your vacation will be. This makes renting a unit difficult. If you want to get out of a burdensome timeshare, then you will need the following exit plans to get out of the deal.

Marriot Timeshare Exit Plans

Although it may be difficult to get out of a Marriot timeshare, it is not impossible to do so. There are more than enough options to get out of the deal. The following are some of the options you can explore to get rid of your Marriot timeshare.

1. Rescission
You just got your Marriot timeshare, but you immediately regret buying it. Fret not! You have an easy route out of the deal. You can return the timeshare, but there are a few steps you must take.
Marriot Vacation will guide you on what to do. You should follow the process as it unfolds. You can then sit and await the outcome. Getting out of a Marriot timeshare through this option would terminate the timeshare contract as if it never existed.

However, we must inform you that there is no luxury of time to explore this option. Like most other timeshare companies, Marriot Vacation Club does not have an extended period for rescission. Once you miss out on this opportunity, it will be more difficult to terminate the contract. However, you may still qualify for the company’s Deedback program!

2. Marriot Vacation Club’s Deedback Program
Marriot Vacation Club also offers their customers the deedback program. Marriot Vacation Club may offer to take back your timeshare, but only if you are all caught up on your payments and fees. If you still owe a mortgage on your Marriot timeshare, you can try to sell it on Marriot’s website.

3. Selling on Marriot Website
One of things that makes Marriot Vacation Club different from other timeshare companies is that they allow their customers to advertise and sell their timeshares on the company’s official website. This creates a marketplace for their customers to see if they can find a buyer. Before you enter any other resale market, you should contact Marriot Vacation Club first. This is likely safer, in terms of stress and money, than giving the timeshare to the outsider for a resale.

4. Selling your Marriot Timeshare on a Resale Market
In furtherance to what we said earlier, owning a Marriot timeshare is different from owning a real estate property. Here is why. While owning a real estate property is a lucrative investment, owning a timeshare has never been a good investment. Unlike a real estate property, which can triple in value as time goes on, your Marriot timeshare value will keep depreciating, starting from the moment you sign the contract.

This is why you will see that many Marriot timeshare owners willing to sell their timeshares for as little as $1. This is because there are too many other timeshares on the market. However, this does not mean you cannot sell your own timeshare on the same market. You could be the last to come to the market and the first to leave depending on the location of your timeshare. But keep in mind that you will never recoup as much as you have spent on the timeshare.

Hire a Timeshare Exit Company

Another option is hiring a timeshare exit company. A timeshare exit company will argue your case and get you out of your Marriot timeshare. There are two types of timeshare exit companies: ones that make use of attorneys and ones that do not. Those who use attorneys charge higher than the companies that only use experts.

Nevertheless, whether you hire one that uses lawyers or one that does not use lawyers, make sure you hire a timeshare exit company that uses the escrow payment option. A company that uses escrow as a payment option will be more reliable since you won’t have to pay the company until the contract termination is completed.

Some exit companies will still help you even if you owe a mortgage. Make sure you disclose everything about your timeshare during the consultation program. The best timeshare exit companies offer this program.

In conclusion, when trying to hire a timeshare exit company, there are a number of things you should consider. One is the company’s years of experience, and another is the company’s rating on BBB. We advise you to hire a company that has an A+ rating on the website. Look for client testimonials, especially video testimonials. Video testimonials are usually more genuine than written ones.


If you are looking to get rid of your Marriot timeshare contract, check out the options above.

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