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How to Get Rid of Massanutten Timeshare

How to Get Rid of Massanutten Timeshare

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How to Get Rid of Massanutten Timeshare

It is never a good idea to purchase a timeshare while on a vacation. You may think it is safe while you are still enjoying your vacation, but what about your financial safety in the long run?
Paying a hefty fee for the maintenance of what you no longer use quickly becomes a burden. What if you decide to change the location for the next vacation? What if your resort does not offer a service that allows you to use your current timeshare contract at another location?
This is usually when timeshare owners realize they have made a mistake. There are many factors that can make a timeshare owner want to get rid of their current timeshare contract. One is a change of location, and another is a change of mind. A timeshare owner may decide to change his mind because he didn’t enjoy the last vacation at a resort. In that case, switching to another resort will mean he will have to first get rid of the current timeshare contract.
On the other hand, when a timeshare owner who has a timeshare in their current location decides to move to another location, that owner will have to look for a way to get rid the current timeshare. Failure to get rid of the timeshare will mean they will keep paying for the maintenance fees.
If you already feel trapped in a Massanutten timeshare contract, reading this article means you are looking for ways out of your current timeshare contract. Worry not! You in the right place. We have gathered important information about Massanutten timeshare contracts and how you can terminate one. But before that, we will do a short review of Massanutten Resorts and Timeshare.


Massanutten Resorts

Massanutten is located around a valley situated at the southern edge of Massanutten Mountain. The company is in Rockingham County, Virginia, in the United States. Massanutten is surrounded by ski resorts and several different timeshares. Massanutten is the most popular timeshare in this area as many prefer visiting the resort for their vacation. The resort is known for its attractiveness and it features snow skiing, fishing, golfing, and fine dining. The resort also offers horseback riding lessons and some locations feature indoor water parks.
Massanutten Resort is known for having satisfied customers. The resort hosts “an estimated 1 million visitors annually,” by providing “a family-friendly vacation destination with a variety of recreational amenities.” In an effort to exceed the expectations of their customers, Massanutten requires every team member to be fully committed to ensure “safety and excellent service.” The company makes sure its team members interact with their customers so they know how to improve their services and add to the vacation experience.
According to the company’s LinkedIn page, their goal is to use their interactions to share what makes the resort truly special, including their staff members, their culture, and the place they call home—the resort.
Massanutten is a great resort where you can enjoy your vacation. However, the company offers more than a timeshare service, and you should opt for a different package that will also allow you to have a memorable vacation experience. You do not need to be a Massanutten timeshare owner.


Massanutten Timeshare and Fees

Massanutten timeshare requires you to pay maintenance fees whether you use the timeshare regularly or not. There are also dues for a membership club, which increase your financial obligations to the company. Although there is no mention of a specific amount payable for both the maintenance of the timeshare and dues for being a member, we advise you to stay current on all of your dues to the resort so you can qualify for its exit program if there is any.
Just like other timeshare contracts, there are ways you can exit your Massanutten timeshare contract. The following are some of the ways you can take to terminate your contract.
• Exit through a recession window
Every timeshare resort has a period where it can take back a timeshare from a customer for free. All states have laws that allow a timeshare owner to return the timeshare for any reason within a limited timeframe–this is known as the rescission period. If your timeshare falls within the rescission window, the resort must rescind your contract if you ask them to. You can take this route to get out of your Massanutten timeshare.
One requirement for exiting through this option is writing a recession letter. For some resorts, there are formats you must follow when drafting the letter. Ask the resort if they require a specific format for a rescission letter. Please note that this step must be done on time, since the period is very short. In some states, the recession window is only for five days, while some states provide less.
Try to find out the number of days you have as within the recession period before you take any steps. This will allow you to meet all the requirements before the window closes. If you missed the rescission window, you can still explore the following options.
• Exit through a deed back program
A Deedback program also allows a timeshare owner to return their timeshare to their resort. Unlike an exit via a recession window, the timeshare owner will have to pay some fees to their resort to to cancel the contract. One major issue with this option is that not all timeshare owners are eligible to participate in this program. You must be current on all maintenance fee and dues.
If you do not owe any astounding debt on the timeshare, contact Massanutten Resort and ask if they offer a “take back program.” Even though you may have to spend money to get rid of your Massanutten timeshare, exploring this option is cheaper and safer compared to some other options.
Some timeshare resorts offer a different program that is similar to a Deedback program. This will allow customers to advertise the sale of their timeshare on the company’s website. By doing this, the company helps create its own resale market to help its customers get out their timeshare contracts.
To see what programs Massanutten offers, contact the resort and find out if you are eligible to participate in any of those programs. However, if you owe a mortgage on your current contract and are unable to participate in such program, there are still options for you. Take a chance on the resale market or hire a timeshare exit company.
• Visit a resale market
EBay and Craigslist are two popular platforms to advertise your Massanutten timeshare for sale. There you will see a number of timeshare owners who are on the same platforms for a similar reason. Some are even ready to give out their timeshares for free. Even free timeshare are left unsold. Why? People know that timeshares come with a huge of financial burden with dues and fees–even if they do not pay for the timeshare.
It may take some time to get rid of your Massanutten timeshare on a resale market. Note that if you eventually find a buyer, there is a high possibility that you will not recover the amount you originally spent on the timeshare. In the long run, timeshares are always a bad investment.
• Hire a timeshare exit company
Even if you owe a mortgage, there are timeshare exit companies that will help you get out of your contract. Timeshare exit companies look for loopholes in your contract to help argue your case. If you want to hire a timeshare exit company, be sure to hire one that uses attorneys and makes use of an escrow payment option.


Your Massanutten timeshare has become a huge burden. Check out the options below to get out of your timeshare contract.

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