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Silverleaf Timeshare Cancellation

Silverleaf Timeshare Cancellation

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Best Ways to Cancel Your Silverleaf Timeshare Contract

Silverleaf is one of the many timeshare resort companies out there through which vacation lovers have a chance to actualize their vacation aspirations. With 13 different resorts all over the United States, Silverleaf has its resorts divided into two different types, which include the Getaway Resorts and the Destination Resorts.

The difference between these two is that, while Getaway Resorts are located close to major urban areas, Destination Resorts are situated close to remote areas. So, clients have several options to choose from in available states such as Texas, Virginia, and Nevada.

Moreover, unlike other timeshare resort developers that use point systems to determine their clients’ place and time of vacation, Silverleaf lets you choose your destination of choice, although you may have to keep the designated week you already bought. Because of this system, the resort chosen by you influences your fees.

As lovely as all these timeshare options might seem, there is no doubt that many people who have bought a timeshare from Silverleaf are trying to get rid of their timeshare. It is no news that most timeshare owners slip into buyer’s remorse weeks or months after getting or using their timeshares, and this could be due to many different reasons.

One major reason could be the various hidden fees in addition to maintenance fees and HOA fees. Even though you might decide to take care of the fees, financial situations can change, and in that case, cancelling your timeshare might be step towards financial relief.

Some circumstances are even beyond a client’s control, which might inform a client’s decision to terminate his or her Silverleaf contract. Age, illness, or any other things are possible factors that might prevent you from traveling as you used to. As such, terminating your contract could become necessary, since you wouldn’t want to keep paying for a timeshare you wouldn’t be able to use.

How Reputable is Silverleaf Timeshare?

Sliverleaf has a number of customer reviews across various review platforms. We can confirm from research that, while some of these reviews are positive, many more are negative. While different clients may have different experiences with Silverleaf, the overall low rating calls for caution when the rating levels are too low in relation to the total number of reviews found on various review platforms on the internet. One clear red flag against Sliverleaf is that the company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In all, they have a paltry 1.1 average rating from 138 customers.

On Yelp and Glassdoor, the ratings are not only very low, but they also pale in comparison to the total customer reviews. On Yelp, Silverleaf has a 1.5 average rating cumulated from 12 reviews in total. On Glassdoor, which is typically meant for staff, Silverleaf still has a meager 2.8 average rating based on 265 total reviews.

On yet another review website known as PissedConsumer, Silverleaf’s clients’ satisfaction level is again proven inadequate, with an average rating of 1.8 coming from a total of 339 dissatisfied customers.

Apparently, the company Silverleaf does not seem to have a good reputation, all the more so because various reviewers have accused the company of illegitimate activities, such as: violating consumer rights, engaging in deceptive sales practices, giving misleading information on purpose, and so on.

All these, of course, are enough reasons for anyone to seek the cancellation of his or her Silverleaf timeshare contract. So, if you are one of a client looking to get rid of your Silverleaf timeshare, the answers you need are here.

Ways to Cancel your Silverleaf Resort Contract

If you own a Silverleaf timeshare that you no longer want, rest assured that there are various ways through which you can cancel your contract. Naturally, some of these methods of cancellation are more reliable than the other.

Below are specific means to terminate your Silverleaf timeshare:

• Take advantage of the rescission period
The rescission period is a stipulated period of time within which a timeshare owner is permitted by state laws to rescind his or her timeshare contract without any questions or explanations. It is usually valid between 3 to 14 days of purchase, which means that you have to act swiftly if you recently acquired a timeshare.

However, it is important to note that the validity period of your rescission rights varies from state to state and from country to country. Thus, it is highly advisable that you make sure to know about the specific timeframe available in your state of purchase. Your timeshare contract document should contain this information.

Generally, exercising your rescission rights will only require that you declare your intention to your resort developer. While some timeshare companies may accept oral declaration, it is always better and safer to send a letter and follow any necessary procedures stated in a contract.

Once the letter is successfully sent and the timeshare company receives it, then you can sit back and expect a refund of your money. They won’t be able to say no since rescinding you timeshare is your legal right, as long as the letter is not sent after the available time for the rescission.

We must nonetheless acknowledge the fact that many Silverleaf timeshare owners cannot claim their rights regarding the rescission period. This is largely because Silverleaf has been acquired by HICV (Holiday Inn Club Vacations) since May of 2015.

• Contact the resort for a deed back
The deed back program, otherwise known as buy back or take back, is another route a Silverleaf client might want to take to get rid of his or her timeshare. Typically, the program is a way by which timeshare companies allow timeshare owners to relinquish their contracts.

To be eligible for a deed back, though, a client who wants to return his/her timeshare would be expected not to owe maintenance fees or owe a mortgage. To know if Silverleaf, or any other timeshare resort, has the deed back program, you can contact the company or check the contract document you were given when you purchased your timeshare.

• Try reselling the timeshare
Reselling your unwanted timeshare is another possible—but difficult—way to get rid of it. Unfortunately, timeshares hardly have any value again once after purchase.

Contrary to what you might have been told by crafty sales reps, timeshares do not qualify as investments. Their values diminish after their purchase. Many owners find selling timeshares frustrating, as many timeshares are listed at a price as low as $1 on websites like eBay.

However, if you think this is a choice you might try, then you should note that this can be done in two ways:
   1.) You could use a listing website or platform (such as eBay, Craigslist, Redweek, SellMyTimeshare, Facebook marketplace, etc.) and find a buyer who is ready to purchase your timeshare.
   2.) On the other hand, you could hire a timeshare resale company to help you get a buyer, which means that they will be responsible for marketing the timeshare property and also closing the deal once an interested buyer has been found. If you choose this option, be careful not to make any upfront payments and never listen to a company that tells you it’s easy to sell your timeshare—no, it’s not.

• Hire a reliable timeshare exit company
If you are looking for an effective means of canceling your timeshare contract after the rescission period and the deed back, you can enlist the service of a reputable timeshare exit company.

What is especially reassuring about timeshare exit companies is that they go through legal means to help you get out of your contract. This is because many tried and tested timeshare exit companies make use of highly experienced solicitors or attorneys as well as professionals who are well-versed in dealing with timeshare cases.

Moreover, timeshare cancellation companies understand that each timeshare owner’s case is different. The companies assess a client’s situation before deciding if a timeshare owner’s case is redeemable and to know exactly the person needs. This is done through a free consultation, ensuring effectiveness.

We should warn that there are many con artists in the timeshare exit industry. Make sure to do adequate research about a company before choosing to take your timeshare issues to them.

Generally, we only recommend timeshare exit companies that make use of escrow as their mode of payment. This is because escrow ensures that whatever money you pay is not released to the company until they have canceled your timeshare contract. So, if the company fails, you won’t have any money to lose, although most reputable companies do not fail if they have decided to take up your case.


You definitely don’t want to remain stuck to your Silverleaf timeshare contract, do you? So, you’ve got to make the right move at once. Remember, employing a timeshare exit company is one reliable means you can go for, asides utilizing the rescission period and the deed back program, but be careful not fall prey to scammers in the guise of exit companies.

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