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Tahiti Village Timeshare Cancellation in 2021

Tahiti Village Timeshare Cancellation in 2021

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Tahiti Village Timeshare Cancellation In 2021

Those who plan a vacation think buying a timeshare is a good way to enjoy their getaway. They probably think that, by having their own timeshare, they can secure their accommodations. They might think owning a timeshare will be better because they don’t know there is another way to enjoy a vacation without being committed to a long-term deal. They are going with their families, right? But that doesn’t still mean buying a timeshare is under compulsion. They must have a place in Tahiti Village? That is still possible without owning a timeshare. Here is a better way to do that without getting yourself into the trouble of owning a timeshare: If you must have a space in Tahiti Village, you can rent an accommodation in the same place and still enjoy your vacation. The experience you crave will all be yours.

The essential difference lies in the fact that you have a short-term deal with Tahiti Village instead of the long-term timeshare deal. Ultimately, this short-term rental will be better for you. Do not think that buying a Tahiti Village timeshare is a shrewd business deal—it is not! In fact, no timeshare is ever an investment. No matter the developer, you will eventually lose money because the timeshare value will depreciate. Tahiti Village timeshare is not in any way different.

What about those already in the deal and want an exit route? Well, there may still be hope for them. But first before anything, let’s examine Tahiti Village itself.

Tahiti Village Resort

Tahiti Village Resort is a hospitality company “based out of 7200 LAS VEGAS BLVD S, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.” Tahiti Village has a different options available for its customers including its “Bora Bora vacation packages for couples” and its “all inclusive Tahiti vacations” for a whole family. Tahiti Village ensures that those who dream of having a romantic night in Tahiti are satisfied, doing everything possible to make sure their customers have a beautiful experience.

There is a provision for daily breakfast at quaint café on Moorea, if you so desire. If having “a crystal clear lagoon view from an overwater bungalow on the island of Bora Bora” is what you want, you will have no problem getting that with Tahiti Village. “No matter what you want, from Bora Bora all-inclusive vacations for families to Tahiti vacation packages…on a remote private island,” you can have all of these experiences.

According to the company on its website, Tahiti Village Resort uses experts in every vacation package it offers in Tahiti as well as in the vacation options in French Polynesia. The couples who will enjoy something different such as living in a remote “motu” will find the company’s “an all-inclusive trip to Bora Bora” perfect and soothing. Food options are also included with “resort spa accommodations and a view of Mount Otemanu.”

At Tahiti Village Resort, there are plans and accomodations for everyone. “Large families of adventurers” who may need “causal accommodations and nearby diving spots and hiking trails” will also have their needs met at the resort. All in all, the top packages that Tahiti Village has for their prospective customers include honeymoon, diving, family, cruise, guesthouse, and sailing packages. That means you can enjoy any of these options from Tahiti Village on your vacation without necessarily buy a timeshare.

Tahiti Village Timeshare and Cost

Tahiti Village timeshare is no different from other timeshares. Almost all timeshare companies have a fixed process of acquiring new members. And, more often than not, any prospective buyer will have time to check on the resort and decide whether they will buy or not. This step follows a decision to invite the customer and tell them more about the timeshare they want to buy.

A resort is expected to provide detailed information to its client about its timeshare so that the customer will not have any reason to blame the resort should they find out later that some things were hidden from them. Once you sign a purchase document, you will become a Tahiti Village timeshare owner.

As expected, you will need to pay timeshare fees to fulfill your obligation to the timeshare contract. The fees will start to accrue after you start using the timeshare, and possibly before. And, just like every other timeshare fee, Tahiti Village fees could be a hassle for you in the long run. So, before it gets too late to take any action at all, the following are some of ways you can cancel your Tahiti Village timeshare in 2021.

1. Rescission Window
If you are a new member of Tahiti Village Club, then you have hope of getting out easily. The first few days after your purchase, you can make use of rescission law. Rescission law demands that a new timeshare owner who wants to cancel their timeshare should be allowed to do so and be paid back in full. If you follow the appropriate steps and get the process completed before the window closes, you can take advantage of this law.

Some timeshare companies, as part of eligibility, require that a timeshare owner provides a letter of cancellation. This letter should be a written letter to the company. They will likely ask you to mail the letter in, or even deliver it in person. So, whatever Tahiti Village asks of you while you’re trying to explore this option, make sure follow their instructions and be conscious of time. The recission period is usually very short. Once you miss out on this opportunity, we fear you may never find an easier and cheaper option ever again, since the effort is minimal and no fee is required.

Aany step you take after the period is already over may not yield any good result. However, you can visit Tahiti Village Resort and find out if they offer a deed back program.

2. Deed Back Program
If you missed out on Tahiti Village’s rescission period or you have possessed your timeshare for a long time, you can still consult the company and find out if it offers this program. A deed back program is a take back program. In pursing this option, Tahiti Village Resort may demand that you bring back your timeshare. As a result of that, you may be told to pay certain amount of money as fees for the program.

One problem with this program is that not all Tahiti Village timeshare owners will be allowed to benefit from the program. The program is usually made available for those who do not owe a mortgage on their contract. Owing maintenance fees could prevent you from being a beneficiary of this program as well. In this is the case for you, then you will have to visit a resale market.

3. Resale Market
Platforms like eBay and Craigslist can offer you a chance to get out of your Tahiti Village timeshare. While eBay charges no fee for allowing you to advertise your timeshare on its website, Craigslist usually charges timeshare owners. One problem with this method is that it may take a long time before you’ll be able to sell off your Tahiti Village timeshare. And even if you eventually sell it, you may not regain much money since the value of your timeshare would have relatively decreased.

4. Timeshare Exit Companies
The last option you may have if you still hold a Tahiti Village timeshare is to hire an experienced timeshare exit company. If you will consider our recommendation, we advise that you hire a timeshare exit company which makes use of attorneys. In addition, ensure you do not hire a company which charges a high upfront fee. If you ask us which company will be safe for you, we will recommend a company which offers an escrow payment option.

The timeshare exit industry is full of scams, and many desperate timeshare owners have fallen victims in the past. So, by following our pieces of advice, you should be protected from those people who have a scamming agenda. Once you hire a timeshare exit company, with a little luck, you should be out of your Tahiti Village timeshare within a year.


We understand that getting out of Tahiti Village timeshare may not be easy, especially when you miss a rescission window. However, not being easy does not mean it is impossible. And as such, if you try any of the above methods, you may finally find a way out of the timeshare deal.

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