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Vacation Village Timeshare Exit

Vacation Village Timeshare Exit

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Vacation Village Timeshare Exit

So many factors can make a Vacation Village timeshare owner want to exit their timeshare contract. One is the worrying dues and fees which the owner of a Vacation Village timeshare must pay, even when they don’t use the timeshare regularly. In fact, the majority of timeshare owners who insist on getting their Vacation Village timeshare contracts terminated list this as the sole reason for wanting to exit their timeshare contract. Some never believed that the Vacation Village timeshare dues and fees could grow unbearable.

Some of them might have had another plan in mind for their vacation period, perhaps because they were tricked by salespersons or they changed their plan and got something more personal. Maybe they rushed into signing the timeshare contract without giving it a second thought. Now they want out because they can no longer fulfill the timeshare’s obligations. They know they would be better off not owning a timeshare at all.

Loss of interest is another factor that may make a timeshare owner want to cancel their Vacation Village timeshare. Some owners may have a change of heart about Vacation Village if they didn’t enjoy their stay at the resort during their last vacation. And as such, they may want to get out of the contract and pursue another timeshare contract with another resort developer. Some might have even lost interest a few days after they had signed the contract.

Can a timeshare owner truly get out of a Vacation Village timeshare contract? Our first step is to review Vacation Village.

What is Vacation Village?

Also known as Vacation Village Resorts, Vacation Village is an employee-owned vacation ownership company which offers “deeded real estate Interests at more than 40 resort and affiliate properties.” The company has a range of beautiful resorts in some of the finest locations in the United States with “enticing array of amenities and services.”

Vacation Village Resorts was founded more than 38 years ago. The company has its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida–the same place where it was founded. Vacation Village is known as “a leader in the vacation ownership industry.” The company does not only deal in vacation ownership, it also specializes in timeshare, hospitality, Real Estate, Travel, resorts, and vacations.

Vacation Village Timeshare and Fees

While signing a timeshare contract with Vacation Village, the company will help you understand what it means to own a timeshare, and how “timeshares positively affect the economy of the community, family values, and vacation fun.” We feel this is the stage where most timeshare owners get motivated to sign the contract. Timeshare companies will only tell you positive things about timeshares.

The company will only talk about the benefits you will enjoy when you buy Vacation Village timeshare. Mind you, there are dues and fees you will be charged annually–whether you use it or not.

Now you’re trapped in the deal and you can no longer pay the fees, or maybe you simply no longer have interest in owning a Vacation Village timeshare. The good news is that there may still be ways you can get out of the contract. Here are the options you have one after the other.

1. Rescission Eligibility
If you recently purchased your Vacation Village timeshare, you are likely to be eligible for rescission. For those who are desperate to get out of their Vacation Village timeshare, it really is good news. Most states allow timeshare owners who bought their timeshares within a certain time period to return their timeshare to the resort with a mandatory refund. Vacation Village Resorts is required to allow this by law.

In other words, you can rescind your Vacation Village timeshare purchase as long as you are still within your rescission period. Vacation Village will then take back the timeshare with no questions asked. It is now left to you to do the work and make sure you do not miss any steps. You will have to follow the process and complete it without error. This is how you get a full refund.

However, since the recession period is only within the first three weeks of the purchase, you will have to be very fast and ensure the opportunity does not pass you by. Some Vacation Village timeshare owners miss out on this opportunity because they don’t know this option exists. You should act swiftly, because once you miss this chance, you will have to explore the next option and offer the timeshare on the resale market.

2. Resale Option
If you are not eligible for the first option, you can sell your Vacation Village timeshare on the resale market. However, finding a good buyer can be difficult. Actually, finding a good buyer may be a bit of an overstatement. Finding a buyer at all should will be hard enough.

If you visit eBay, you will find a number of Vacation Village timeshares on display with no bid. This is because many Vacation Village timeshare owners have come to the realization that owning a timeshare is not a good investment, and they want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. However, you might still have other options.

3. Direct Contact with Vacation Village
If the above option fails, you can directly contact Vacation Village and see if they would be willing to take back your timeshare. Even after the rescission period is over, you may be able to get your timeshare contract cancelled by the company itself. Some timeshare companies offer this service. We urge you to try your luck with this company, for Vacation Village may be willing to help you out. This could be even better than offering it on the resale market.

Vacation Village will at least value the timeshare better than an outsider. After all, you got the timeshare from them, they should be able to value it better. However, if Vacation Village shows no interest in taking back the timeshare, you can then turn to a timeshare exit company to help you make your exit happen. That could be your last option.

4. Timeshare Exit Company
Just as the name implies, a timeshare exit company is a company that deals in timeshare exit business. Some timeshare exit companies are legal, while some are in the industry only to scam owners. And as a timeshare owner who is desperate to get out of Vacation Village timeshare, you could be vulnerable to scammers. Do not just walk up to any timeshare exit company you see. You should check out some of our reviews of timeshare exit companies on our website. We have done the reviews solely to help you make an informed decision, and not get scammed along the line.

Among the most reliable timeshare exit companies are the ones which make use of attorneys and do not charge an upfront fee. You can try them and see if your Vacation Village timeshare contract can be cancelled.


We understand what you go through being in an unwanted Vacation Village timeshare contract. We are fully aware of this and we have dedicated this article to showing you some of the exits you could take in getting out of the contract. You should take the best possible option and get out of the contract ASAP. You should exhaust all options until you find success.

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