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Villa Del Palmer Timeshare Cancellation

Villa Del Palmer Timeshare Cancellation

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Villa Del Palmer Timeshare Cancellation

Do you think you were forced into buying your Villa Del Palmer Timeshare, and now you are looking for a way to cancel the deal? Were you impressed during the presentation and thought the reality of owning a timeshare would be exactly the way they showed you? Oh no! More often than not, there is a glaring discrepancy between what you see before you sign a timeshare contract and what you see after the contract has been signed. Most timeshare deals are similar, and even Villa Del Palmar timeshare is no different.

So, if you believe you are facing problems with your current timeshare deal because it is not like other timeshares, it is high time you stopped and faced the reality. Do not plan on getting another timeshare deal signed somewhere else. Get out of Villa Del Palmar timeshare first.

For example, Del Palmar is not the only timeshare that has a growing maintenance fee. All timeshare maintenance fees are a burden, especially when you no longer use them. No timeshare is a good investment, no matter the resort. You cannot make money because the value will never grow. Buying timeshare is more like buying a car than buying a real estate property. In the long run, there will certainly be a decrease in the price because of a loss of value.

If you want to have a restful life beyond your vacation period, then you must consider going for a accommodation package instead of buying a Villa Del Palmar timeshare. Are you afraid to consider this option because you are usually on vacation with your family members? Ultimately, Villa Del Palmar Resort should be able to accommodate you all the same.

Based on our research on the company, Villa Del Palmar offers more than just a timeshare service. Good news, right? In case you never knew when you signed your first Villa Del Palmar timeshare contract, you can still choose to spend your next vacations at the same resort even after you are out of this current deal.

We know the maintenance fee is the problem. We know you love everything else about the resort. But first thing first: you need to get out of this current deal. So, the question is, how do we go about the cancellation? But before then, let’s do a short review of Villa Del Palmar Resort and Timeshare.


Villa Del Palmar Resort

Villa Del Palmar is a popular resort, all inclusive, located around the beaches of Cancun. The resort boasts of having five outside swimming pools, a fitness facility and more than fifty other amenities. One of the goals of Villa Del Palmar is to give their customers a Caribbean experience and several other delightful things about Mexico.

In fact, most of the current holders of a timeshare at the resort got their timeshares because of these tempting amenities and experiences at the resort when they visited. Truth be told, Villa Del Palmar is an excellent place to spend a holiday—but not a timeshare contract.

The Villa Del Palmar Cancun is a beach front oasis that is family-friendly and “blends seamlessly with Cancun’s immense natural beauty.” The Cancun “offers luxury suites with contemporary décor” that has a “fresh and vibrant feel.” The Resort has an “AAA Four Diamond-rated resort” which includes perfect service as well as stellar amenities and four gourmet restaurants with “award-winning spa.”
Villa Del Palmar Vacation Club offers vacationers an escape route from the regular routine of cold weather, traffic, and long hours of works. Spending your vacation at Villa Del Palmar Vacation Club is not a bad idea. Spending it on a timeshare contract is. You can have a good vacation experience at Villa Del Palmar Vacation Club without committing yourself to a burdening timeshare contract.


Villa Del Palmar Vacation Club Timeshare and Fees

While signing a timeshare contract, oftentimes you are told about the benefits in buying a timeshare. Your resort will also tell you about the dues and fees payable on your timeshare contract for joining their membership club, and for the maintenance of your timeshare. However, few resort developers will go into details about the problem you are likely to face in the future, especially since they want sell you a timeshare; we are sure Villa Del Palmar Vacation Club will not operate differently.


Can You Cancel Your Villa Del Palmar Timeshare?

It possible to cancel your timeshare contract with Villa Del Palmar Vacation Club. But to do that, you will have to follow any of the options provided in the following paragraphs.

You can Get Out Through a Recession Window
Count yourself lucky if you recently purchased your Villa Del Palmar timeshare—and here’s why. In your Villa Del Palmar timeshare deal, there is a clause in the deal that allows you to terminate your timeshare contract without having to pay for such termination. Not only that, cancelling your timeshare via that option will also allow you to lay claim to a full refund. And what is that clause? It is a “recession clause.”

A few days after you sign your timeshare contract, starting from the day the contract is signed, you have the right to have your deal rescinded. And that is because the state law allows it. The state law guarantees that a timeshare owner who feels they cannot cope with the demands of a timeshare be allowed to quit if they are still within their recession period. Recession periods are very short, typically several days. Therefore, you need to act quickly if you truly do not want to miss out on such opportunity. Depending on the state you have your timeshare, there is a recession period of four days or there is a recession period of one week.

Once you get the right days of Villa Del Palmar timeshare recession window, you should ensure you get your exit approved. Mind you, there are also requirements you must fulfill before you will be granted an exit out of your timeshare contract. One of those requirements is getting your recession letter sent to your resort on time. A late recession letter will lead to a disqualification. If you do not want to be disqualified, you will have to get your letter ready as soon as you decide to explore this option.

For other requirements, reach out to Villa Del Palmar Vacation Club. Make sure you get every instruction right to prevent any mistakes that could make you forfeit this opportunity. However, we understand that not all Villa Del Palmar timeshare holders still have the opportunity to exit through this option. In that case, you can try contacting Villa Del Palmar Vacation Club if you are among the holders who have passed their recession days.

• Contact Villa Del Palmar Vacation Club for the Next Available Options
Before you take any other step if you have already missed out on the first option, contact your vacation resort and find out if there is another way you could exit your timeshare. Some timeshare companies offer a Deedback program while some allow their customers advertise their timeshares on their websites. And whatever program Villa Del Palmar will offer you, you must not owe the vacation club. Timeshare companies help only those who do not owe them fees via any of those programs.

 Also, you may have to pay to be allowed to participate in any of the programs, which depends on your resort developer.

If you find out you cannot exit through this option as well, that is still not the end. Then, you may have to hire a broker or brokers.

• You can Sell Your Vila Del Palmar Timeshare Through the Brokers
Brokers will help you advertise and sell your Villa Del Palmar timeshare to the members of the public, but on commission. One good thing about this option is that you won’t pay your broker until they sell your timeshare. The deal will happen in a such way that they will be entitled to a certain percentage on the total amount of money they realize on your timeshare.

On the other hand, one major issue with this option is that brokers will not decide to sell a timeshare they know does not hold much value to protect their own investment. The question is, how many timeshares hold enough value worthy of being considered by brokers? Well, you can still hire a timeshare exit company.

• You can Hire a Timeshare Exit Company
Another good option is hiring a timeshare exit company, especially if you still owe a mortgage on your current deal. Some timeshare exit companies will still be able to help you get out of the Villa Del Palmar timeshare contract.

While trying to hire a timeshare exit company, hire a company which makes use of attorneys. That is because a timeshare exit company with attorneys is safer since the timeshare exit industry is full of scam companies.


Follow any of the ways provided above to exit out of your Villa Del Palmar timeshare contract as your timeshare condition dictates.


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