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Attorney Advocates of America

Attorney Advocates of America Review

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Attorney Advocates of America specializes in the debt relieving business. As an actual law firm, the company also offers “foreclosure defense, short sales and bankruptcy services.”  By “an actual law firm,” we mean the company does not just deal in timeshare exit business. The company claim about their service extension to “foreclosure defense” and “short sales” is proof. While the company being an actual law firm has drawbacks, it does have some benefits as well.

One clear drawback is that a law firm usually charges more than a real timeshare exit company. Nevertheless, you can trust them more because they work under license. Advocates of America has its location in Aventura, FL. However, the big question may be, “Can I really hire this company for my timeshare mortgage reduction?” Well, we will let you to answer the question yourself after you read through our review of the company. We start with reviewing their relief mitigation process.


  • Uses Attorneys
  • Offers Free Consultation
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • High Number of Cases

Attorney Advocates of America Mitigation

The company, according to the information on its official website, was established as “a full service debt relief law firm.” For that reason, Attorney Advocates of America first evaluates your case to determine the best step to help you out in the mitigation of your timeshare debt in providing debt relief. How do they do this? The first step is to enroll you for a free consultation program. The consultation, however, comes in different modes.

There is an online consultation and there is a “physical one.” For an online consultation, you may choose to meet them via phone call or video conference. You can meet them in their office if all you prefer an in-person meeting. Through the company’s free consultation program, Attorney Advocates of America will be able to access your timeshare contract problem as you give them the necessary information about the timeshare case. They leave consultation to one of their “experienced staff members.”

Attorney Advocates of America believes that by offering the option of a video conference—which is, most times, confidential—it will be able to bridge the gap “between a phone call conversation, and driving serval miles for an in-person meeting.” The company also believes that such option is necessary in your timeshare debt mitigation process as it will foster a “strong attorney-client relationship without inconveniencing you.”

After the consultation, you proceed to documentation. The experts will guide you through paperwork and documents that require your signature. You can complete this step online or offline. Then, the company will file all the documents on your behalf. Attorney Advocates of America makes use of lawyers who will help fight to settle your timeshare issue, since the company is a law firm. So, it shouldn’t be short of competent attorneys who will pull you out of your timeshare debt, barring any impediment.

However, although the company claims to be a law firm, it does assert it doesn’t offer legal advice on any of the services it renders. Could this mean the company does not want to take any responsibility if any of the information provided on its website is taken as a piece of legal advice in case it leads to errors or omissions, or yield bad result? Maybe yes, maybe no. All we can say is that any timeshare owner who hires Attorney Advocates of America should make good use of their free consultation and should not take any action without the company’s knowledge.

Attorney Advocates of America Cost and Fees

The company does not display the amount it charges for it services. There is also no lead into the actual amount the company charges, despite the effort we expended to set a price range. Nonetheless, the company does offer flexible payment options to accommodate the needs of its “valued customers.”  There is no mention of an escrow payment option.

Guaranteeing its customers a 100% satisfaction may mean an upfront fee will be charged. While we are uncertain of this, we urge any prospective customer to reach out to the company to learn the details about the company’s cost and fees.

Attorney Advocates of America Reviews

Going through Attorney Advocates of America’s website, we first read through the company’s homepage. We can say with some level of certainty that the homepage provides customers with what we can call “the sketch” of the services the company renders, as well as some more general information you need to know about the company itself.

Boldly written on the homepage is the statement, “compassionate and understanding debt relief solution.” According to other information we gathered about the company, the statement seems to be a summary of everything you need know about the company. The company claims they are ready to help their customers get a fresh financial start.

Furthermore, on this page we learn the company offers more than a debt relief service. The company offers foreclosure defense and bankruptcy services as well. Moreover, there is a page dedicated to a piece of relevant information about one of the attorneys of the company. His name is Henry N. Portner. This attorney seems to be Attorney Advocates of America’s lawyer on debt relief issues.

During our further research, we discovered Henry Portner  has a strong connection with a timeshare exit company by the name US Consumer Attorneys, a company with several negative reviews on BBB, Yelp and Google. Why would this attorney be operating under two different brand names? Maybe because of the negative status of US Consumer Attorneys. Or does this tell us something about Attorney Advocates of America? The answer? We leave this to you.

Guaranteeing its customers a 100% satisfaction may mean an upfront fee will be charged. While we are uncertain of this, we urge any prospective customer to reach out to the company to learn the details about the company’s cost and fees.

Attorney Advocates of America Ratings

Since there is no page on the company’s website for “testimonials,” it is difficult for us to place the company on a particular rating scale. We were only able to find a generous 5-star rating on the company’s Facebook Page.

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Attorneys Advocates of America Scam

Any company claiming to have handled over 10,000 cases would have amassed a wealth of experience to help timeshare owners settle their timeshare debt easily. If we also consider that the company is a law firm, we may be right to say that the company may not be a scam. Surely, no one knows the gravity of the offense of scam under law better than the custodians of the law. Scamming people under the cover of law would be a serious offense on its own.

However, the fact that the company is not popular enough on recognized online rating platforms like BBB, Yelp and Google, leaves much to be desired. And the lack of testimonies from any of the services they have rendered in the past is even more worrying. All in all, you will be the one to make a choice. So, choose your company wisely.


Our only advice to any timeshare owner using our platform is to always hire a company which offers an escrow payment option. That is because using escrow means “there will be no money when there is no service.”

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