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Cancel Timeshare Review

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Cancel Timeshare is a timeshare exit company that may be able to get you out of your timeshare contract. Cancel Timeshare started off in Myrtle, SC, and has since continued to grow its home office. The company claims it has been backed by outstanding partners, and this may be an indication that Cancel Timeshare has been a real influence in timeshare exit industry.

According to a statement on its official website, Cancel Timeshare has, since its inception, been working to improve the lives of thousands of timeshare owners. In fact, Cancel Timeshare has reportedly helped thousands of clients out of their timeshare problems. This is because the company has always worked “aggressively” to solve its clients’ problems. The company puts “great care and passion” into what it does.

Cancel Timeshare initially started by “fixing the way the timeshare exit industry (was) run.” Thus, the company has come so far by building “the simplest and most affordable timeshare cancellation process” in the industry. This means that Cancel Timeshare’s process of timeshare exit is not only simple, but the cost is affordable.

So, with Cancel Timeshare, according to its claim, you do not need to go through some rigorous process before you get your timeshare contract cancelled.

We shall examine this by going into a full detail of how the company runs its process. This is to help you make an informed choice since the final decision rests solely with you.  So, let us start with the review of the company’s cancelation process/principles.


  • Uses Attorneys
  • 98% Success Rate
  • A 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Makes Use of Case Managers

Cancel Timeshare Timeshare Cancellation

In addition to the claim that it provides “the most transparent, affordable, and reliable timeshare cancellation service, Cancel Timeshare also boasts that its process has a 98% success rate. The question is, how does the company go about its cancellation process?

Researching on that, we came across a statement on the company’s official website saying Cancel Timeshare “leverages powerful technology that gets result.” Then, we wondered, “does the company leave the whole process to technology, or does it complement its process with the use of technology?”

No further details about the company’s claim of the use of technology were revealed. But of one thing we are sure, Cancel Timeshare does have an application which it uses to get its customers updated as it works on their cases, 24/7.

Although there may be other aspects the company’s designed application could aid in the facilitation of its cancellation process, the company only reveals that it is to keep customers updated. Either way, we feel having an application in the company’s name is a great step ahead, and that won’t do any harm to the company’s rating.

For almost all timeshare exit companies, consultation seems to be the very first step, delving into timeshare exit process. However, Cancel Timeshare mentions nothing related to the important step on its official website. Also, accessing its LinkedIn page, nothing was found on consultation program. If that is truly the case, we still feel there should have been a prior mention of it. This is because a top timeshare exit company usually starts their process with that step since it will give them opportunity to know everything about the case they want to take.

The step will also give them an opportunity to explain to their clients in details, the position they want to take. So, we will advise you contact the company to know whether it offers consultation program or not. We will not encourage you to hire a company which doesn’t offer consultation program. But since the company reiterates that its mission is to help those clients who were lied to, during the selling process, we feel the company is selective in accepting cases. And how will a timeshare exit company knows all those details without holding a consultation?

In addition, Cancel Timeshare also makes use of specialists and case managers. That means every client is entitled to a case manager who, maybe along the company’s app, will always keep you updated throughout the cancellation process. Cancel Timeshare is not a law firm and do not practice law.  It is just “a group of dedicated consumer advocates.” The company, however, works with lawyers.

Cancel Timeshare Cost and Fees

Unlike most timeshare exit companies, Cancel Timeshare displays the amount it charges on its official website. The company claims everyone pays the same fee. There is a 12- month payment plan for every customer at a charge of $249 per month, making it the total amount of $2,988 in twelve months. The company says it does not charge an upfront fee.

Cancel Timeshare Reviews

The company says it does not charge an upfront fee but has a 12-month payment plan for its customers. According to the company on its website, a timeshare exit process could take 4 to 24 months. Let’s say a case lasts for 24 months and there is a payment plan of 12 months. Wouldn’t the timeshare owner have paid all the money before those 24 months elapse? Again, why offer a 100% money back guarantee when you don’t charge an upfront fee?

Also, on the company’s website section titled “timeshare cancellation process preview,” what we expect is that the company should go into details about the steps it takes in getting its customers out of their timeshare contracts. However, we were surprised that the discussion under the title is no where related to that.  The page only focuses on the company’s advice to timeshare owners who are planning on getting themselves out of their burdening timeshare contracts.

The company’s FAQ page looks decent, as it contains pieces of relevant information that the company believes could be of help to its prospective customers.

Cancel Timeshare Ratings

The company is BBB accredited and has an A+ rating. The following are the breakdowns of the company’s customers’ reviews and ratings on some popular third-party rating websites.

Ratings on Third-Party Platforms

  • Google

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Defaulter

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Best Company

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Yelp

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Trustpilot

Total Reviews: 17

Positive Reviews: 17

Average Rating: 4.5/5.0

Cancel Timeshare Scam

The fact that Cancel Timeshare makes use of attorneys may suggest that the company is not a scam. This is because no attorney will want to soil their name by working with an illegitimate company. Also, that the company dedicates a whole section to advising timeshare owners on how to get rid of their timeshare contracts without even positioning itself as a must-hire company, is an indication that the company may not be a scam.


You may hire Cancel Timeshare because it has a 98% success rate. The company also makes use of attorneys.

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