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Centerstone Group Review

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Centerstone Group is a family-owned timeshare cancellation company located in Costa Mesa, California. Although the organization was just established in 2020, its lead officers have about 33 combined years of timeshare cancellation experience under their belt. Let’s explore the company’s timeshare exit service in detail.


  • Multiple Timeshare Cancellation Strategies
  • Endorsed by Reputable Broadcasting Networks
  • No Fixed Pricing
  • Escrow Payment Option
  • Free Consultation Services
  • No Credit Score Required
  • Quick Timeshare Cancellation
  • Empathetic Agents

Centerstone Group Timeshare Cancellation

  • Free Consultation Services: Centerstone Group offers free consultation services to all prospective clients to determine if its exit services suit the client’s timeshare needs. They also advise the client on how to cancel their timeshare contract as soon as possible.
  • Effective Timeshare Cancellation Methods: Centerstone Group has two approaches to timeshare cancellation. The first approach involves transferring your title to another individual or company, while the second is contacting a resort or timeshare developer for termination. Both methods use licensed attorneys for best results.

If you have not already paid the initial fees for your timeshare purchase before requesting a termination, Centerstone Group will immediately attempt to transfer your title to another company so that you can easily get out of your timeshare contract as soon as possible. Since the company has executives who are experienced and well-connected in the timeshare industry, you can rest assured that your title transfer process will be a speedy one.

In contrast, if you have paid your initial fees before hiring the company, Centerstone Group will write a letter to your timeshare developer as part of the process of terminating your contract.

  • Endorsed by Reputable Broadcasting Networks: Many broadcasting networks have endorsed the service of Centerstone Group. On its homepage, the company proudly displays endorsements from ABC, CBS, ESPN, MSNBC, and NBC.

Centerstone Group Timeshare Cancellation Cost and Fees

  • Escrow Payment Option: Centerstone Group allows its timeshare cancellation clients to pay for its services through escrow. This means that the company will not be able to access your payment until it has successfully terminated your timeshare contract.
  • No Fixed Pricing: Centerstone Group states on its FAQ page that there is no fixed service fee for their timeshare cancellation services. Rather, each client’s timeshare cancellation cost depends on the terms and location of their contract. Since Centerstone Group has no fixed cost for its services, we advise timeshare clients to ask for a fee reduction when obtaining a price quote.
  • No Credit Score Required: Centerstone Group does not discriminate based on credit score. On its FAQ page, the company assures clients that it will offer its timeshare cancellation services to them irrespective of their credit rating.

Centerstone Group Timeshare Cancellation Reviews

We explored Centerstone Group’s website, and discovered the following:

  • Quick Timeshare Cancellation Process: Many of Centerstone Group’s past timeshare clients commend the company’s ability to resolve timeshare cancellation cases within a few months.
  • Proactive Customer Care Service: Centerstone Group’s customer care agents are committed to answering questions from the company’s clients and helping them resolve different technical problems they have regarding their exit process.

Centerstone Group Timeshare Cancellation Ratings


Number of Reviews: 7

Positive Reviews: 6 (4.4/5 star rating)

Negative Reviews: 1

Most of the Centerstone Group clients who posted Google reviews note that the company terminate timeshare contracts in record time. Others commended the excellent customer service that the company’s agents offer to prospective and existing clients.

The only negative Google review was from a prospective client who expressed their disappointment in the company for not taking her case. While replying to the unhappy reviewer, Centerstone Group’s agent reiterated that they are unable to take all the cases that their prospects offer them. We consider this a good development rather than a bad one since it shows the company’s transparency.


There are no customer reviews for Centerstone Group on BBB, which is understandable since Centerstone Group is a relatively new company. Nevertheless, BBB awards the company an ‘A-‘rating.


Centerstone Group does not have a Trustpilot page.


There are no customer reviews for Centerstone Group on Yelp.

Centerstone Group Timeshare Scam

From the evidence on the Centerstone Group website, we conclude that the company is not a scam. Below are some justifications for our conclusion.

  • Endorsements from Popular Broadcasting Corporations: Centerstone Group enjoys approval from prominent broadcasting corporations like ESPN and CBS. These companies would be willing to risk their reputation for a scam company.
  • Visible Company Details: Centerstone Group boldly displays its owner’s and executive officers’ names, contact details, and address on its Homepage. No scam company would make it so easy to find them.
  • Escrow Payment Option: Using escrow as a payment option means that the company won’t receive your payment until they’ve successfully canceled your timeshare contract. Usually, scam timeshare companies always find ways to receive your fees in the fastest time possible because they cannot terminate your timeshare contract.


Although Centerstone Group is a new company, it offers many added benefits that its novelty is worth overlooking. Besides, the company’s executives have sufficient practice and social connections in the timeshare industry.

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