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Easy Timeshare Relief

Easy Timeshare Relief Review

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Based out of Meridian, Idaho, Easy Timeshare Relief is another timeshare termination company that may be able to relieve unhappy timeshare owners of their burdening resort contracts. Interestingly, the company claims to have over fifteen years of experience successfully cancelling timeshare contracts. Not only that, but they also claim to have served over 10,000 customers, cleared more than five million timeshare debts, and saved an average of $21,870 for clients.

Of course, these are big claims and enticing too. Here we provide you with a careful review of the company Easy Timeshare Relief in the subsequent paragraphs.


  • Offers Free Consultation
  • User-friendly website
  • Legal process
  • Transparent
  • No upfront payment

Easy Timeshare Relief Timeshare Cancellation

When it comes to the timeshare cancellation process, the common thing among timeshare exit companies is that they fail to reveal the exact procedure they follow. As a result, clients are often left in the dark as to what cancellation steps they can expect from the concerned company.

We cannot overemphasize how important it is for a timeshare relief company explain their process. Such information, if provided, establishes a level of trust and confidence in the clients. It is interesting to know that Easy Timeshare Relief seems to understand this, as they have provided a considerable amount of info in this regard.

As we have gathered from the website through the homepage, as well as through the “Cancel Your Timeshare” and the “How It Works” pages, the first step you can expect is a free consultation with a representative from the company. This is after you have filled out and submitted your application via a particular form provided on the website.

In line with this, the company has explained that “every client has a unique timeshare experience,” which means that each situation is to be addressed differently. This will help the company “focus on providing exactly what you need!”

After consultation is the processing of your files, whereby your application is reviewed and sent to the company’s legal and professional team to formally begin the process of your contract cancellation. As they have explained, this is where the collection of paperwork occurs. Thus, the company will have to get “crucial documents” like a copy of your deed, purchase contract, maintenance fees statement, special assessment fee bills, among other things that might be necessary.

What next? The company promises to keep you updated every step of the way, as they have claimed to have “excellent customer service”. They have in fact said, “you could be rid of your timeshare in as little as 180 days,” which we think is mostly unlikely though, and seems more like a sales gimmick. Finally, the company “will send you the title documents and proof of your timeshare cancellation” at the end of it all when you must have been relieved of your resort contract.

Easy Timeshare Relief Cost & Fees

Easy Timeshare Relief’s cost and fees are not revealed on their official website, which is understandable since timeshare exit services are normally case-by-case. They have made it clear via the How It Works page that they will tell you about their “fee structure” during consultation— and we think this is transparent enough.

Moving on, we can gather from the company’s About Us page that they do not request upfront payments. It is not stated whether they use escrow or not. For more detailed information, you should give the company a call.

Easy Timeshare Relief Reviews

Generally, this company has earned a good first impression in that they have a sleek, well built, professional website. Moreover, the website contains a good amount of relevant content, among which the info on the company’s cancellation process and their Blog page takes the cake. Their provision of helpful info is enough to show that they transparent and customer-centered, although some pieces of info are unnecessarily repeated.

We must state that certain statements on the website seem to be contradictory. A case in point is the fact that the company has claimed to have “15+ years of successful timeshare contract cancellation” even as they have stated on the About Us page that the company was founded in 2009. This raises a red flag…

But on second thought, could it be that the founders, Steve and Michelle Cuccia, have summed together their years of working with another company and the years their own company has been in business. Perhaps that’s truly the case, as it is stated on their website that they “founded ETR in 2009, after six years of working in the travel industry as reps for another company.” If that’s the case, then we think they should have made it clear.

It is good that the company has a testimonial page on their website, where we see a few video reviews and a number of written reviews from “satisfied” customers. While the reviews are positive, and with a mix of 4 and 5 stars, we cannot vouch for their authenticity.

Easy Timeshare Relief Ratings

  • Google

Total Reviews: 1

Average Rating: 5.0/5.0

  • Better Business Bureau

Total Reviews: 4

Average Rating: 5.0/5.0

  • Glassdoor

Total Reviews: N/A

  • Facebook

Total Reviews: 1

Average Rating: 5.0/5.0

  • Yelp

Total Reviews: N/A

  • Trustpilot

Total Reviews: 5

Average Rating: 4.1/5.0

  • Bird Eye

Total Reviews: N/A

Easy Timeshare Relief Scam

It is clear from the ratings provided above that this company has only a few third-party customer reviews, which are mostly positive. But it poses a bit of concern that a company that claims to have been in business since 2009, and served over 10,000 clients, would have such a low number of reviews.

Nonetheless, one comforting fact about this company is their promise of not collecting upfront fees.


Overall, we must acknowledge that this company seems to be trustable to an extent. However, we should state, again, that their silence as regards whether they use escrow or not is quite perplexing, although their no upfront payment policy is at the same time comforting.

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