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EZ Advocates Review

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EZ Advocates is a consumer protection company that also deals in timeshare exit services. They are based in the United States and operate in Portland, Maine, and Tampa, Florida. Like every other timeshare relief company out there, they claim to be able to help distressed timeshare owners get rid of their resort contracts.


  • Offers Free Consultation
  • User-friendly website
  • Social media presence

EZ Advocates Timeshare Cancellation

Any timeshare relief company that claims to be able to help must have a solid process of realizing these claims. And indeed, you as a client would want to be aware of how exactly the company would help you.

It is disappointing to say that this company, like most other timeshare termination companies, has not given helpful information in this regard. Unfortunately, this means you may have to contact the company to learn about its process.

We must emphasize that it is desirable and promising for a timeshare exit company to reveal its process, all the more so if it is provided in a step-by-step way. The reason for this is that it gives prospective clients an idea of what to expect from the company. Consequently, a level of trust is established.

Even though this company has not shared their timeshare cancellation process publicly, we can chisel out few relevant pieces of information. We can confirm for instance that the company  offers a free consultation, which is the normal first step in the timeshare cancellation industry.

Moving on, we realize that the company has explained that they operate a one-client-one-advocate style of service, as they have said, “Each of our clients are assigned their own personal advocate to answer any questions or provide any assistance.” Moreover, they claim to have a team of dedicated experts and professionals— which is a good thing.

EZ Advocates Cost & Fees

The price of the services offered by EZ Advocates is not stated on their website, and this is more a norm in the industry because of the differences in clients’ timeshare situations. Nonetheless, we can confirm that the company offers a free consultation, but we don’t know if they consider escrow payment system or give a money back guarantee. You should contact the company over the phone to get clearer info in this regard.

EZ Advocates Reviews

EZ Advocates has a professional website with a sleek, user-friendly interface, which gives a good first impression. However, one thing that we noticed after a careful look through the website is that it contains repeated content across some of its webpages. For instance, almost everything that is on the About page can already be found on the homepage.

But we noticed another thing where the company claims to be trustworthy. What is precisely concerning here is that the company has made that statement on the spurious basis of being located in Maine.

In the company’s words, “EZ Advocates, LLC is a consumer protection agency based out of Portland Maine. Maine is a state that has been built on trust, integrity, and hard work. Mainers have a true belief in staying true to their word. At EZ Advocates you can expect nothing short of these expectations.”

There is something interesting on the Our Service page: we observe that the company seems to help clients with funds recovery. The company mentions, somewhere, that they have advocates that provide “the resources necessary to hopefully recover funds from the business your consumer rights were violated with.”

However, this does not seem clear enough, as the provision of “resources” here seems somewhat vague and ambiguous. By “resources”, do they mean tips, or tools, or reading materials, or what exactly? We think better clarity of expression is needed here.

Furthermore, there are a few customer reviews on the website’s Testimonials page. And, as you would expect, the reviews are positive, so we don’t know if they are real. Outside of the website though, we can see that this company also enjoys an impressive amount of positive third-party reviews and ratings, the most notable of which is the fact that they are BBB accredited.

Apart from ratings, it is good to know that the company has a considerable social media presence. They have a Facebook page named EZ Advocates LLC which currently has 704 likes. The company has LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram pages too, but with little or no activity.

EZ Advocates Ratings

  • Google

Total Reviews: 36

Average Rating: 4.6/5.0

  • Better Business Bureau

Average Rating: 4.56/5.0

  • Glassdoor

Total Reviews: N/A

  • Yelp

Total Reviews: 1

Average Rating: 4.0

  • Trustpilot

Total Reviews: N/A

  • Facebook

Total Reviews: 23

Average Rating: 5.0/5.0

  • Bird Eye

Total Reviews: 100

Average Rating: 4.6

  • AVVO

Total Reviews: N/A

EZ Advocates Scam

The customer reviews and third-party website’s ratings are mostly positive, and this goes to show that the company may be considered reliable. We should note, however, that the company has had its dose of negative reviews too, accusing it of being fraudulent— as we have gathered.

Moreover, the fact that the company has not mentioned the use of escrow poses serious concerns. Escrow is the safest means of payment, which is 100% risk free, so it would have been highly assuring, had the company mentioned their use of it.

While there certainly are reasons for one to doubt the company, the positive are considerably assuring too.


In all, EZ Advocates seems to be a reliable company that you can trust with helping you out of your timeshare troubles. We are, however, still concerned about the fact that there is no indication that they use escrow. Maybe you will be able to get information regarding that during consultation.

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