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Fastest Exit Review

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Fastest Exit is a newly established timeshare cancellation company. The company started its business operations in April 2019, and it has two years of experience in timeshare contract cancellation. According to the information on its website, Fastest Exit claims it provides timeshare cancellation services anywhere in the U.S.

Our curiosity about the company was triggered by several cold calls and emails that the company churns out. Many clients said Fastest Exit calls them occasionally, requesting them to work with them in lawsuits against some timeshare cancellation companies. This action is quite strange, since timeshare exit companies are not usually active in cold-emailing. As such, we were motivated to conduct a proper investigation about the company to confirm if they are a legitimate timeshare exit company.


  • Legitimate Timeshare Cancellation Service
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Works with In-house Attorneys
  • Works with Third-party Attorneys
  • Flexible Pricing System
  • No available ratings or review

Fastest Exit’s Timeshare Cancellation Process

After reviewing different pages on the website, we found some information on how the company’s timeshare cancellation services work. Fastest Exit claims that it offers 4-stage swift and effective timeshare cancellation services.

Fastest Exit’sTimeshare  Cancellation Stages

In the first stage, a consultant at Fastest Exit will contact you to understand the details of your timeshare contract. The timeshare exit specialist will discuss the property’s location, ownership type, financial obligations, etc., with you. Starting a timeshare exit process with a consultation is highly recommended. Hence, we commend Fastest Exit here.

Afterwards, members of Fastest Exit’s legal team will assist you in creating a strategy to help you complete your timeshare exit. This strategy will identify lawful means of cancelling your timeshare contract.

The third stage is the primary timeshare cancellation process. Fastest Exit said that its team of Associates will handle your timeshare contract termination. At this stage, a timeshare expert will guide you with the proper documentation and deal with any rising issues.

The last stage is when you finalize the timeshare contract termination. At this stage, all financial and legal obligations about the timeshare ownership will be removed. Fastest Exit also says that they help clients provide written or formal declarations from the timeshare resort to verify that the contract has been terminated.

Fast Turnaround Time

Fastest Exit says that its timeshare contract termination takes three to nine months. This timeframe is extremely fast compared to other timeshare exit companies, and believe the company could take more time to resolve typically complex cases.

Team Composition

Fastest Exit does not provide information about its team of attorneys. Although the company claims that they have reputable and credible lawyers who work for them, it is difficult to verify this claim. We recommend that you hire timeshare exit companies with competent attorneys, since timeshare contracts are complicated and hard to resolve.

In-house Associates or Third-party Legal Firm?

Fastest Exit says that they engage the services of external parties to provide verification documents that your timeshare contract has been resolved. This lead us to conclude that Fastest Exit contracts third-party Attorneys for the termination of timeshare contracts.

However, engaging a third-party law firm can be an inefficient approach at times. The reason is that some of these third-party attorneys take outsourced contracts with levity because the success of the cases doesn’t affect them.

Besides, it may take longer than usual for third-party attorneys to complete the termination of the timeshare contract. We highly recommend that you proceed with timeshare exit companies that handle all contract termination in-house, with no outsourcing arrangement.

Fastest Exit Cost and Fees

There is no information about the exact amount this company charges for its services. Fastest Exit’s service charge depends on the complexity of the timeshare contract.

Limited Information about the Pricing Structure

Beyond its website, we also checked out some online discussion forums to find relevant information on its pricing structure, but we could not find any information about it online. This could be that the company is relatively new in the business. We strongly recommend that you tread carefully when dealing with companies with no defined pricing system.

Fastest Exit Reviews

There are many positive reviews on the company’s website. According to these reviews, Fastest Exit terminates timeshare contracts within a short period, and their cases are managed by experienced specialists.

However, we cannot confirm if these reviews are authentic and objective. Many companies pay clients to post good reviews about their services in order to attract more clients. Also, most companies only post positive reviews,, keeping negative ones off of their website. Unfortunately, we could not find reviews about Fastest Exit’s service on third-party platforms.

Fastest Exit Ratings

There are no available ratings on Fastest Exit – another concern for us. We always recommend that timeshare owners engage with timeshare exit companies accredited by recognized rating agencies to avoid falling victim to a scam.

Fastest Exit Scam

Despite being a new company with limited reviews and no ratings, the company seems to be legitimate. Fastest Exit has no record of scam, inefficiency, or any criminal offence. Nonetheless, lack of information about the company’s team of attorneys, the use of third-party attorneys, and persistent cold emails and calls are concerning.


We maintain our position that timeshare owners should be cautious when choosing a timeshare exit company. We also recommend that you avoid any form of upfront service charge (except when escrow is involved) to avoid losing money to fraudulent timeshare exit companies.

We are available for further discussion if you need further clarity on Fastest Exit, its processes, and other timeshare exit companies.

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