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Founded by Michael Finn, Esq., Finn Law Group is a Florida-based timeshare cancellation company with over 50 years of experience. The company refers to itself as a consumer protection law firm specializing in protecting your rights as a timeshare owner.

We agree with this claim, since Finn Law Group is accredited by the National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA), renowned for its consumer-centred policies.  Besides, Finn Law Group has an established presence on Avvo and BBB.

But is Finn Law Group a good fit for your timeshare cancellation needs? You’re about to find out. Let’s explore the peculiarities of Finn Law Group’s operations, its reviews, service fee, and ratings.


  • Legitimate Timeshare Cancellation Service
  • Works with competent in-house Attorneys
  • No Upfront Fee
  • Award-winning Timeshare Cancellation Company
  • Experienced Timeshare Exit Firm
  • Impressive Reviews and Ratings by Recognized Agencies

Finn Law Group Timeshare Cancellation

Lobby against Unfriendly Legislations

The company puts its customer first, and always strives to help them terminate their timeshare contracts in the quickest way possible. At times, the company engages in some lobbying activties that can improve the welfare of consumers. Some of the bills they lobby for include opposing laws that favor creditors and cause distress to customers.

For instance, Finn Law Group was actively involved in a 2015 campaign against a bill that favored timeshare developers at the expense of the customers. We commend Finn Law Group for taking that bold step. There is probably no better way to demonstrate commitment to customer satisfaction.

In addition, Finn Law Group boasts of competent and experienced lawyers who can be trusted with timeshare cases. Under the learning center on the company’s official website, Finn Law Group shared some insightful educational writeups about timeshare contracts that can benefit their clients. The writeups are well-structured, intellectual, and clearly articulated. This reinforces the fact that Finn Law Group is made up of experts that handle timeshare contract cancellation professionally.

Finn Law Group Cost and Fees

It seems that most timeshare cancellation companies prefer to keep details of their charges private. Finn Law Group is no exemption. The company does not give details about their service charge on their website.

We researched deeper to get an estimate of Finn Law Group’s service charge, and we discovered that Finn Law Group charges anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 to terminate timeshare contracts.

No Upfront Payment

It is interesting to see Finn Law Group advise timeshare contract owners to avoid engaging timeshare exit companies that ask for upfront payment on their website. This statement indicates that Finn Law Group does not request upfront payment, and the company is not likely to do so any time soon. We agree with Finn Law Group’s advice because it aligns with our philosophy of working with only timeshare cancellation companies that do not charge an upfront fee.

Referrals from other Attorneys

Finn Law Group encourages Attorneys from all parts of the U.S. to refer timeshare contract cases to them. This arrangement is not a bad idea in its entirety, but it can affect the pricing structure. The reason is that Finn Law Group will have to give a commission to the referring attorney. As such, the service charge for such timeshare cases may be higher compared to regular timeshare contracts.

Finn Law Group Reviews

Finn Law Group enjoys worldwide acceptability from customers. People that have used the company’s service did not hesitate to recommend them to the general public. Additionally, there are positive comments about the company’s service in different platforms.

Finn Law Group Ratings

Finn Law Group has excellent reviews on recognized websites including the ones below:

BBB Review: On BBB, Finn Law Group has an A+ rating, reflecting that the company is well known as a legitimate timeshare cancellation company.

AVVO: Finn Law Group has a 5-star rating with over 120 reviews. The company has 4.9-star ratings (out of 5.0).

The company also has impressive reviews on other websites such as Google, Facebook, among others.

Finn Law Group Scam

Our research on the company (both on the company’s website and online forums) indicates that Finn Law Group is not a scam. Rather, it has a good reputation in the timeshare exit industry. In addition, Finn Law Group provided adequate details about their attorneys. One of the attorneys, Andre Meyer, is a member of the Federal Bar Association. It is evident that Finn Law Group is NOT a scam.

Finn Law Group mentioned on their website that they have a Consumer Watch Team that helps clients in tracking all timeshare scam cases across the U.S. and Mexico. They achieve this by reviewing compliants (secondary and third-party cancellation schemes) from customers. This further affirms that Finn Law Group is a legitimate timeshare cancellation company.

Lastly, National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA) certified that Finn Law Group is a legitimate timeshare exit company. In fact, the company won the Clients’ Choice Awards in 2019.


We know you can’t wait to put your timeshare case behind you, and we are always happy to assist you with unbiased reviews of timeshare exit companies. Reach out to us for further enquiries.

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