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Genius Exit Review

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Genius Exit is another timeshare relief company that might be able to help timeshare owners get rid of their distressing resort contracts. Located in Los Angeles, California, the company is owned and controlled by attorneys Adela Ulloa and Austin Shufelt — where the former is known to be the founder of a particular legal tech company known as Genius Law. Interestingly, Genius Law is considered a parent company to the timeshare exit firm Genius Exit.

What is more, Genius Exit touts itself as being “100% legal, ethical, and honest” with a “100% success rate.” Now, you are probably wondering how true this could be. Well, we are too. And that’s exactly what we are about to assess in the subsequent paragraphs.


  • Offers Free Consultation
  • User-friendly website
  • Attorney-handled
  • 100% money back
  • No escrow

Genius Exit Timeshare Cancellation

Typically, a timeshare relief company is expected to have a certain step-by-step process through which it actualizes the elimination of a timeshare contract. Indeed, it is most desirable to have such information transparently provided on the websites of timeshare exit companies, although many companies often fail to do this.

Contrary to what is the common practice though, Genius Exit provides a step-by-step explanation of what procedure they will follow in cancelling an unwanted timeshare. This is commendable, especially given that it is a rare phenomenon in the timeshare elimination industry. This indicates a level of transparency.

Genius Exit gives its potential clients a whole page dedicated to explaining the necessary steps to eliminate the timeshare contract. The page is named “Our Process” and contains a seven-step procedure. As found on this page, the company’s first move will be to understand your situation by getting “the facts on what got you into the timeshare and why you want out.” After that, they get all necessary documents from you.

The next step is getting your signature so they can contact the concerned resort. After this, they may have to teach you what they call “expert-crafted communication” because some resorts may not be cordial. After this, providing legal backup could be the next step, especially if the resort refuses take back the timeshare or if you have a timeshare that is already paid off.

Now as a final step, the company might help fight for a refund from your timeshare developer, although this is not common. To prove this, they have stated that they helped their first client get back $4,900. All in all, it is good that the company has provided information concerning their cancellation process.

Genius Exit Cost & Fees

The price of the company’s services is not displayed anywhere on their website, which is no big deal, since timeshare exit companies generally leave that information out. This is often due to the fact that clients are attended to on a case-by-case basis. We can confirm, however, that the company Genius Exit offers a free consultation, as well as a 100% money back guarantee. However, we still recommend an escrow payment option.

Genius Exit Reviews

Starting with the company’s official website, we commend the fact that the interface is sleek and quite appealing enough. It comes with easy navigation and there is a commendable amount of relevant content provided on its different webpages.

On the “Who We Are” page for instance, we find key information regarding the brains behind the company, in the lawyers Adela Ulloa and Austin Shufelt, as well as the Director of Resolutions, Diane Cassidy. Likewise, it is also explained on this page that Genius Exit is a subsidiary of Genius Law, which is a key piece of info.

Moreover, there is an Our Guarantee page where the company assures that they won’t fail their clients, and that they are ready to return a client’s money in full, when necessary. While these are not bad, we think you should be wary of the money back guarantee because most companies renege on this so-called guarantee and run away with people’s money.

Also with regards how fast they can help an owner eliminate his or her timeshare, the company has given a 9-month guarantee for a paid off timeshare and an 18-month guarantee for a timeshare that is not. These are well within the average timeframe. It is however interesting to note that the company also says later that “in reality, most cases are resolved in three to six months,” which we think might be a little bit of an overestimate.

It must be noted that the Our Process page is highly laudable, especially as it contains the steps through which the company helps timeshare owners. Likewise, it is interesting to know that there is a page through which Genius Exit is compared to fellow companies in a bid to establish the company’s uniqueness and reliability.

One noticeable letdown regarding this website is the lack of FAQs or any form of testimonials. Moreover, our check for third-party customer reviews shows that this company also does not have many reviews; it is also not registered on BBB yet. Understandably, this could be because the company has not been around for over a year.

Genius Law also does not have many reviews, but it has a 4.1/5.0 rating on Trustpilot with the total reviews of 18. The Law Offices of Adela Z. Ulloa has a rating of 5.0/5.0 based on four total reviews on Yelp, and a 7.0/10.0 rating on AVVO. Likewise, Austin Thomas Shufelt has a 6.1/10.0 rating on AVVO.

Genius Exit Ratings

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Genius Exit Scam

A helpful amount of Genius Exit reviews/ratings are not available. However, as we have gathered, there are a few reviews of Genius Law, The Law Offices of Adela Z. Ulloa, and Austin Shufelt, which are mostly positive. This indicates that Genius Exit might be a reliable timeshare cancellation company after all. However, the company’s lack of escrow payment option is something you might want to be cautious of.


Overall, Genius Exit does not seem to be a bad company. So, if you think they might be good for you, don’t hesitate to ask any key questions during their free consultation stage. And always make sure to negotiate the price as favorably as possible. But then, remember that the 100% money back guarantee is one risk should prepare your mind to take.