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Give Up My Timeshare

Give Up My Timeshare Review

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Give Up My Timeshare is a Nevada-based company that deals in the cancellation of unwanted timeshare contracts. If you are an owner who wants to get rid of your timeshare ownership, this company might be able to help. Founded by Alexandra Olson, who has been described as a “15-year veteran of the timeshare industry,” the company seems to position itself as a reliable and experienced player in the business.

The company claims that they are here to revolutionize the timeshare relief industry “with a unique and sustainable option for owners seeking a legal timeshare exit.” Not only that, but they have also claimed that they ensure this timeshare exit “with zero money due up front,” and “risk free” too.


  • Offers free consultation
  • User-friendly website
  • Uses attorneys
  • Uses escrow
  • Minimal risks

Give Up My Timeshare Timeshare Cancellation

It goes without saying that the job of a timeshare exit company is the termination of timeshare contracts for owners who are no longer be interested in their resort ownership. Consequently, it is normal for such a company to have a clear step-by-step process through which they execute the task.

However, it is common to find many timeshare termination companies deciding not to share their cancellation process publicly. Why they do this, we cannot say. But then, it is always better for them to state their process publicly since this establishes a level of transparency.

Interestingly, the company in review, Give Up My Timeshare, does not go with the crowd. Rather, they share their timeshare cancellation process which they have named “4 Simple Steps to Freedom.”

The first step this company takes in helping a timeshare owner out of his or her timeshare contract is a free consultation. Of course, many timeshare exit companies like to know their clients’ situation first, as this will help them know the best next move. According to the company, the free consultation involves a “personalized one-on-one discussion about your specific situation and goals.”

Subsequent to the free consultation is “Open Escrow.” Escrow will be opened for you through a third-party title company that sees to the timeshare ownership transfer. The company, Give Up My Timeshare, briefly explains that this is where “legal documents are prepared, and the exit process begins.”

The third step is tagged “Transfer Title.” This seems self-explanatory, as one can understand that this is where the timeshare exit finally occurs and a title transfer takes place while another owner assumes ownership. To be specific, the company has mentioned that this happens “in 30 days,” and that the resort will be notified.

Then comes the ultimate step that they have named “Experience Freedom” which is where you “relax and get back to enjoying your life” because by then you’ll be “done with timeshares forever.” Generally, we must say that it is good to know that this company follows the legal route, which suggests that they make use of attorneys in their timeshare exit process.

Give Up My Timeshare Cost & Fees

As it is the normal thing with most timeshare exit companies, the price of Give Up My Timeshare’s service is not stated on their website. It is clear that they offer free consultation and make use of escrow, which is a highly reliable and risk free payment system.

Give Up My Timeshare Reviews

To start with, we must note that the company’s website has a clean interface with easy navigation. What is more, it contains a commendable amount of informative content spread across different pages.

Give Up My Timeshare seems to have a considerable level of online presence. This is based on the fact that the company has a YouTube channel with a few videos, as well as a Facebook page with 456 page likes. Their last YouTube post was 6 months ago, while their last Facebook post was 4 months ago. We think this online presence is a good sign, but the fact that it has been a while since they updated their handles signifies inactivity to an extent.

Also, there are several testimonials and attestation stories found on the company’s official website. These are found on the “Testimonials” and the “In the News” pages respectively. While these testimonies and/or stories seem real to an extent, we cannot ascertain their authenticity, especially since such information could be fabricated.

There is a Frequently Asked Questions page through which the company has supplied answers to a number of key questions that a client might want to ask. We must mention that there is a noticeable tone of sincerity in the way the company has provided answers. To prove this, we see that there is a particular point where the company encourages clients to attempt returning their timeshare ownership to the resort first before seeking the company’s timeshare transfer service.

Furthermore, because we know third-party reviews can be quite important and more believable, we have looked around for off-website reviews and ratings of the company Give Up My Timeshare. However, we have realized that there are no available reviews on Yelp, Trustpilot, and the like. On top of it all, the company is currently not BBB accredited.

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Give Up My Timeshare Scam

Of course, the fact that external customer reviews of this company are not found is a potential red flag. Nevertheless, the fact that the company provides an escrow payment option for clients is an assuring thing because it simply means the company cannot run away with your money even if they wish to. So, Give Up My Timeshare may be worth a try.


All in all, Give Up My Timeshare might just be able to help you out of your timeshare without any risk, especially because of their provision of escrow. However, we recommend that you weigh your options well, and be sure to make the best choice.

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