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Go Away Timeshare Review

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Go Away Timeshare is a timeshare exit company for the past 11 years. The company started its timeshare transfer business in 2010, making itself one of those few companies that come to mind at the mention of timeshare exit industry. The company, which has its base in Crown Point, Indiana, claims to to work with more than 32,000 timeshare owners in and around the United States. However, we do not clearly understand whether the company means it has successfully helped all those customers transfer their timeshares or not.

Was the company only able to help few of those customers get their timeshare issues solved? Or was it able to help all the customers involved get out of their timeshare problems? Well, the answers are uncertain. In addition to these unanswered questions, Go Away Timeshare does not clearly specify whether it is into a resale business or a cancellation business.

The information on the company’s home page and the one at the “Owner’s Message” section sometimes say different things, which makes understanding the company’s purpose more complex. But while we may not be sure whether the company offers a resale service or not, we are very sure that the company deals in timeshare contract termination.

We have taken the review of this company seriously to ensure we do not push you into the wrong arms so that you can make the best choice. Now, follow us as we honestly review of the company, starting with the company’s  Timeshare cancellation process.


  • Uses Attorneys
  • Doesn’t Charge Upfront Fees
  • Offers Free Consultation
  • Highly Rated on BBB
  • Provides Virtual Information Video

Go Away Timeshare Cancellation

Not only does the company claim they have worked with more than 32,000 timeshare owners on their timeshare issues, the company also states on their website that they have “assisted  thousands of clients with timeshare transfers from more than 1800 resorts worldwide.” We are left wondering the following: How does the company process that? How did they achieve those feats with those customers?

Although there is not much information about the company’s cancellation process on the homepage, our further review showed us that the company makes use of professionals in cancelling their customers’  timeshare contracts. This is evident in a line on their website where the company boasts of having a team of  “dedicated professionals who help timeshare owners legally end their contracts.” The company makes use of senior executives who have worked with  timeshare owners “across The United States.” The company also offers free timeshare exit consultation and has a provision for virtual information videos.

Go Away Timeshare does some processing on your behalf, such as securing a copy of your deed, ownership certificate, or other documents, if you lose them. Title company has “access to proprietary software” which helps them locate your documents.

One thing we find encouraging about Go Away Timeshare are their experienced executives. Thus, you can rely on a company with seasoned professionals who will help terminate your timeshare contract. Working with a company that has experienced attorneys is one possible way you can get your timeshare contract cancelled quickly and easily. Losing your ownership certificate may not even be a barrier!

Go Away Timeshare Cost and Fees

The company does not display the amount it charges on its website, which may be due to differences in the terms and conditions of individual’s timeshare contracts. Although there is no mention of an escrow payment option, the company does not charge an upfront fee. However, you can contact the company via one of the numbers provided on the official website if you need to know the cost before entering into a contract with them.

Go Away Timeshare Reviews

  • A BBB Accredited Company: Going through the company’s website, we realized that the company has the backing of BBB. The company was accredited in 2012. We think Go Away Timeshare may be a nice choice judging by its good status with BBB, a third-party website which is one of the most popular and trustworthy rating sites.
    • Owner’s Message Section: Our painstaking review of the company’s website led us to “Owner’s Message” section. On this page, the owner relays his experience and tells a story of how he was once duped while trying to get himself out of a timeshare contract. He later attended a seminar where he got his timeshare problems solved. The owner thus confesses that part of the reasons he started the business was to save timeshare owners from being the victims of some companies’ scams.

However, while we find this story interesting and motivating, there are many confusing claims and some irrelevant information. This is not to say that you cannot trust the company—we only feel that every piece of information on an official website should be relevant and explicitly clear.

    • FAQS Page: This page is the most comprehensive, as it gives us more information about the company. There are questions whose answers help us understand some of the things we might not know by mere going through the homepage. For instance, in the FAQS section, we learn the company does not charge an upfront fee. In addition, this section shows us that Go Away Timeshare may still be able to help cancel your timeshare deal even if you owe a mortgage.

On the other hand, one thing we find doubtful in this section is the claim that one’s heir will definitely inherent one’s timeshare liability. We know this is not totally true, as there could be a way out for heirs who do not want to inherit their parents’ timeshares.

Go Away Timeshare Ratings

All we have on “Testimonials” are positive comments from different overjoyed customers because the company successfully helped them terminate their timeshare contracts. After going through some popular third-party websites as well, the following are the ratings and reviews we gathered.

Ratings on Third Party Platforms

  • Google

Total Reviews: NIL

Positive Reviews: NIL

Average Rating: NIL

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Total Reviews: 35

Average Rating: 4.8

  • Best Company

Total Reviews: NIL

Positive Reviews: NIL

Average Rating: NIL

  • Yelp

Total Reviews: NIL

Positive Reviews: NIL

Average Rating: NIL

  • Trustpilot

Total Reviews: NIL

Go Away Timeshare Scam

If we consider that Go Away Timeshare makes use of attorneys and works with reputable resorts like Diamond, Hilton, Bluegreen, Disney, as well as Hyatt and Silver Leaf, we feel comfortable saying the company is not a scam. The readiness of the company to give out the contacts of those clients whom they’ve worked with in the past indicates their trustworthiness as well. The company also doesn’t charge an upfront fee.


You may hire Go Away Timeshare for your timeshare cancellation if you consider the reasons above convincing enough.

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