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Heartland Transfer Review

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Located in Crown Point, Indiana, Heartland Transfer is a timeshare exit company that is jointly owned by JC Skidmore and Linda Skidmore. As found on their official website, the company boasts 10 years of experience in the business of helping timeshare owners get rid of their timeshare troubles. And, having worked with a number of clients whose written testimonies are up on the official website, Heartland Transfer claims to be able to “show you how easy it is to be timeshare free with the Heartland Transfer Guarantee!”

Also, the company has a team of devoted members who are ready to help you achieve that. Let’s start by taking a general look at the company’s timeshare cancellation service.


  • Positive BBB rating
  • Uses Attorneys
  • Offers Free Consultation
  • Doesn’t Charge Upfront Fees
  • High Professionalism

Heartland Transfer Timeshare Cancellation

It is essential to note that Heartland Transfer’s timeshare cancellation process is not expressly stated on the official website. That is, they have not provided information as to what step-by-step process they will follow to help you exit your timeshare. There are certain pieces of information found on their website that point to what you can expect regarding their timeshare exit service.

So, during our online scroll through the website, we have picked up some items that you might find informative. First off, you might be interested in knowing that, in the process of getting their clients freed from timeshare issues, Heartland Transfer does not charge an upfront payment. And as a matter of fact, they have tried to make that clear by explaining that they are “not a listing company, or a marketing company.”

Rather, the company is focused on getting clients transferred out of their burdensome timeshare. At least, this goes to show that their ultimate goal may not necessarily be to get money from your pocket, but to ensure the successful termination of your timeshare contract. The company also offers a free consultation.

Another important aspect of Heartland Transfer’s cancellation service is the fact that— as claimed on their website — they have a “network of closing companies, title companies, and attorneys” who are tasked with ensuring that the clients’ titles are legally transferred and handled accordingly by ensuring best practice.

Moreover, it is clarified that once your name has been transferred off the deed, the resort is notified of the termination of the timeshare, so you do not need to go through the stress of notifying them yourself.

By the way, we should state as well that not all resorts are eligible for Heartland Transfer’s timeshare cancellation service. While no specific details are given as regards this, the company advises that clients call their toll-free number to inquire about this.

On top of it all, should your deed or ownership documents be lost, Heartland Transfer will secure a copy of your deed or your ownership certificate. And for your information, they claim to know the right steps to take in ensuring that they track your documents by means of access to proprietary software.

Heartland Transfer Cost & Fees

Heartland Transfer does not specify the amount they charge. They also have not stated whether they use escrow or have the policy of a 100% money back guarantee. However, they offer free consultation and will not request that you make an upfront payment. So, if you want to get other key information as regards cost and fees, you should give them a call.

Heartland Transfer Reviews

To give an adequate review of Heartland Transfer, we will consider the information contained on their website, focusing on certain key aspects:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Page

Going through their FAQs, we realize that Heartland Transfer has supplied honest answers that are very much to the point. They do not make far-fetched promises that you might typically find on most scam websites. For instance, in answering a particular question, they state that they “will not mislead you by claiming your timeshare is valuable and can be easily sold.”

In reality, this is a hard truth; Heartland Transfer has not shied away from mentioning it. The company has gone a step further to add that supposing timeshares were truly valuable and easy to sell,” you would have already found a buyer”.

  • Testimonials

There is a convincing number of positive testimonies from previous clients on the company’s website. While two are found on the homepage, there are few more on the page specifically designed for testimonials. So, judging by the wordings and tone of the given testimonies, in addition to the names, designations, and pictures attached, the testimonies seem to be real and convincing enough.

A particular answer in the FAQs section further proves that testimonies on Heartland Transfer’s website are genuine, as it is boldly expressed that names and phone numbers of some past customers can be provided on request. Despite this, we discovered that the company has some negative reviews on platforms like Google and Yelp. These complaints point to bad communication and unfulfilled promises.

Heartland Transfer Ratings

  • Google

Total Reviews: 2

Average Rating: 1.0

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Total Reviews: 35

Average Rating: 5.0

  • Best Company

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Yelp

Total Reviews: 3

Average Rating: 1.0

  • Trustpilot

Total Reviews: NIL

Heartland Transfer Scam

Considering their sincerity of information, as well as their readiness to provide previous customers’ numbers, we can say that Heartland Transfer could be a safe bet for you. However, the few negative reviews leave room for some doubts.


You might want to consider trying out this company as it seems promising and trustable in several ways. Just be sure to weigh your options carefully.

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