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Help Me Exit is a timeshare cancellation agency that might be able to help you exit your distressing timeshare contract. This company is based in the United States, and, as we have gathered, they are in two different places which are Carlsbad, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. Interestingly, the company claims to have over 30 years experience in the business, which suggests that they have experience.

However, not to throw caution to the wind, we have helped you with a careful review of this company, with especial interest in helping timeshare owners like you make an informed decision.


  • Offers Free Consultation
  • User-friendly website
  • Informative content
  • Conditional attorneys
  • Transparency

Help Me Exit Timeshare Cancellation

Needless to say, every activity in life has a process. As such, there is no doubting that the cancellation of a timeshare contract must have a particular. So, a prospective client might be interested in getting this info to help him or her make an educated decision.

Help Me Exit has provided a detailed explanation of what they do to help timeshare owners terminate their resort contracts. Commendably, they have two different pages dedicated to this alone: these include an “Our Process” page which gives a brief highlight, and a “Details of the Process” page which goes in-depth. This portrays the company as being transparent while putting their customers first.

In general, we have gathered that the first step taken by Help Me Exit is to get necessary information from you via a free consultation. Here, you will be assigned a “personal Senior Analyst” who is tasked with attending to your questions as a customer.

After that comes the stage where you will be asked to submit certain essential documents which your Senior Analyst will work on. According to the company, “The team will decide the most efficient way to get your name off of that ownership.”

It is great to know that the company has promised that their clients will “receive regular updates throughout the process,” as they have in fact clarified that the clients will be “notified in writing approximately every 45 days until all Resort Notifications are completed.” This is comforting, but one can only hope they keep to their word.

Still on the cancellation, Help Me Exit has explained that not even a deed can stop you from exiting your timeshare. They have claimed that, in case there is a deed, they are going to ensure that the deed is transferred back to the timeshare developer by working with the title and transfer company.

Finally, they have assured that you will be sent a letter indicating your official exit from your timeshare’s financial burdens, as you will no longer be obligated to the developer.

Help Me Exit Cost & Fees

As is the norm among timeshare relief companies, the company Help Me Exit does not give information as to how much they charge for their services, and they have also not mentioned any availability of escrow. They do offer a free consultation. Moreover, with regards to upfront payments, the company has explained that “No client is charged a fee until they have been 100% approved for a transfer. “ You should contact them to get full information regarding cost and fees.

Help Me Exit Reviews

A general look through the company’s website reveals that the company is concerned about providing adequate information, which is a good sign. The website, however, tends to seem somewhat clumsy at first, but the informative content makes all the difference.

The company mentions something striking on their homepage, that, “We don’t want customers.” Instead they want “raving fans.”

They explain that “a customer is someone that feels they have to do business with you” while “a Raving Fan, however, is someone that is excited to do business with you because they know they are infinitely better off for having a relationship with you.” Perhaps this is why the company has provided a considerable amount of informative content on their website.

Further in line with this, the company has dedicated a page to educating their website visitors as regards what the company isn’t. Clearly, they have asserted that they are not a resale company or law firm, while also noting that they “do not always need an attorney.” This indicates sincerity, as it means they will most probably not need to charge you too much.

Moreover, the company has established that they are not interested in describing themselves as a consumer protection firm. To them, timeshare cancellation companies that call themselves so are not being honest, as they might mislead the customer into thinking “they’re similar to a non-profit organization whose sole interest is protecting you the consumer.” To dispute this, Help Me Exit has explained that while timeshare relief companies may be out for the clients’ sake, they “are all in business to make a profit.”

As a general comment, we think Help Me Exit has done a great job with providing helpful information as transparently as they can. No doubt, a prospective customer can know almost all they need, or can expect, before deciding to go all in with the company.

We should note that this company does not have any reviews on their website, and we cannot find any outside the website— not even on their social media handles (Instagram and Facebook) which have small followings. We think this is strange for a company that claims to have more than 30 years of experience.

Help Me Exit Ratings

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Help Me Exit Scam

Given that there are no reviews found regarding this company, one could be suspicious of their authenticity. Nonetheless, it is equally assuring to perceive that there is a strong sense of transparency and sincerity in how the company has projected itself.


Based on the details gathered from their website, Help Me Exit seems to be a reliable company. However, we cannot guarantee that they are the right company for you.

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