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Helping Timeshare Owners

Helping Timeshare Owners Review

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Help Timeshare Owners is a timeshare exit company based in Orlando, Florida. Helping Timeshare Owners has been in timeshare cancellation business for the past eleven years, and the company has since made itself one of those popular names to be reckoned with in timeshare cancellation industry. Our research revealed that Helping Timeshare Owners’ affiliate locations are in California, Texas, Washington, Missouri, among all other US states.

According to the BBB, Helping Timeshare Owners has a very strong connection with another timeshare exit company with the name “Orlando Ventures.”  This, in a sense, may suggest that Helping Timeshare Owners is not just a timeshare exit company. After all, no timeshare exit company would like to maintain a strong relationship with another timeshare exit company unless they are worth it.

Helping Timeshare Owners must be a respectable timeshare exit company considering its relationship with another company from the same industry. So, hiring Helping Timeshare Owners for the cancellation of your timeshare contract may not be a bad decision, going by the above claim. Nevertheless, we will walk you through the reviews and the different aspects of this company’s timeshare exit principles. Let’s start with the company’s timeshare cancellation principles.


  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Offers Free Consultation
  • Does not Make Use of Attorneys
  • Selective in Accepting Cases
  • Puts Clients First

Helping Timeshare Owners Timeshare Cancellation

When a company says it can help you cancel your timeshare contract easily, and without any hold up, we tend to think such a company might have helped many of its clients cancel their timeshare contracts in the past. What else could have necessitated such a bold claim? But we want to know few details about a company’s cancellation process, first before we contact them.

For instance, when Helping Timeshare Owners claims it has helped thousands of clients cancel their timeshare contracts, we are quick to ask the question, “how?” Here is how the company helps its clients with the cancellation of their timeshare contracts.

First, Helping Timeshare Owners starts by offering you a free consultation. Through this program, the company learns as many pieces of information as possible about your timeshare contract. At this stage, you will have to be open so as to allow the company has all the necessary information to cancel your timeshare contract. One great thing about Helping Timeshare Owners is that it does not just accept any contract.

The company only decides whether to accept your contract or not if it has thoroughly assessed your case through the consultation it has provided. No wonder the company has a good winning rate! Helping Timeshare Owners only helps the clients it knows their cases are winnable.

If this principle is anything to go by, we feel it is safe to hire this company for the cancellation of your timeshare contract. There is a low winning possibility for a company which accepts all cases that come its way.

According to the claim on the company’s official website, however, it does not make use of attorneys. The company believes that retaining an attorney is not a guarantee of success in any timeshare cancellation case. In fact, the company claims that the cost of hiring an attorney could even prove more expensive than the cost of the services it renders.

Again, the company claims that hiring an attorney is not advisable because attorneys are trained to do more than timeshare cancellation. So, their knowledge of timeshare cancellation case may not be as deep as that of a fully-focused organization like theirs, whose concentration is only on timeshare cancellation. Although Helping Timeshare Owners does not make use of attorneys, it does have a substitute group of experts who are believed to be reliable than most attorneys.

While we believe some timeshare exit cases may need the help of attorneys during their cancellation process, we still think Helping Timeshare Owners is not entirely wrong claim in this, as this shows the level of the company’s organization’s expertise, and the level of confidence it has in its own process of timeshare cancellation.

Helping Timeshare Owners Cost and Fees

Helping Timeshare Owners does not display the amount it charges for its timeshare cancellation services on its website. But a look into the comments of some of their customers on BBB gives us an idea of the price range. Helping Timeshare Owners may charge between $2000 and $4000 for its services, depending on the conditions of your timeshare contract. However, we urge you to reach out to the company via its contact links to confirm the actual fees it charges.

Helping Timeshare Owners offers a 100% money back guarantee in writing. Although the best is to hire a company on escrow, hiring a company which provides a 100% money back guarantee in writing may also not be a bad idea.

Helping Timeshare Owners Reviews

Going through the company’s official website, there are certain sections we think need reviewing. However, the only section that caught our attention the most is the timeshare-cancellation page. On this page, it is revealed that Helping Timeshare Owners does not make use of attorneys, as the company believes attorneys are not necessary for a successful cancelation of timeshare contracts.

It is also on this page we observed that the company is not likely to charge a high fee because of its exclusion of attorneys. This is because there is a high possibility that a company which does make use of attorneys charges lower fee. And according to the company, the cost of hiring an attorney may prove more costly than the cost of the services itself.

Also, the claims that the company guarantees a 100% money back in writing, and that it puts its clients first, are all on the homepage of the company website. On the company’s “about us” page, there are certain information about the founder of the company, Bill Howell.

Also on this page, we learned the reason why the company was founded:  to help timeshare owners get rid of their timeshare contracts. We feel knowing how the company evolved is important especially when the basics of its existence is to help timeshare owners. This is why the company always puts its clients before anything, hence, the name “Helping Timeshare Owners.”

Helping Timeshare Owners Ratings

Helping Timeshare Owners does have an F on BBB with a number of worrying complaints all on the company’s deficiency in communication. However, the company does take time responding to those complaints in an effort to have them solved. We feel this is a good sign, and an indication that the company truly puts its clients first. The following are the breakdowns of the company’s ratings on other third party rating websites.

Ratings on Third-Party Platforms

  • Google

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Best Company

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Yelp

Total Reviews:2

Positive Reviews: 1

Average Rating: 3.0/5.0

  • Trustpilot

Total Reviews: 8

Positive Reviews: 7

Average rating: 4.1

Helping Timeshare Owners Scam

The fact that the company offers a 100% money back guarantee in writing, coupled with the fact that the company is selective in accepting cases show that the company is not after your money. Also, that the company reveals you can cancel your timeshare yourself “if you fall within the state’s recession period” is another instance that the company may not be a scam. Hence, you can hire the company should you need a company to help cancel your timeshare contract.


You can hire Helping Timeshare Owners for your timeshare cancelation if you find any of the above points convincing.