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Integrity Solution Group Review

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Integrity Solution Group is a timeshare exit company that may be able to help you get out of your timeshare contract. Founded in Santa Fe in New Mexico, Integrity Solutions has its headquarters in the same place. The company has its offices in Downtown Santa Fe.

According to the company’s official website, Integrity Solution Group’s mission is to help timeshare owners who are “trapped in a timeshare that is causing financial hardship.” The company also helps those who were “given false promises,” and those who were mislead, and lied to, during their timeshare contracts.

Integrity Solution Group, according to a claim on its official website, offers “one of the oldest and most successful timeshare cancellation programs there is with over 25,000 timeshare owners in the program.”  

However, it is not clear whether it means it has helped over 25,000 timeshare owners with the program, or it has over 25,000 timeshare owners in the program. That is not the only “difficult” statement on the company’s website.

When the company claims its team has “worked with over 30,000 timeshare owners that need help,” we also do not find that easy to interpret. Does the company mean it has helped all those “over 30,000 timeshare owners,” or does it mean it just worked with them without necessarily helping them get out of their timeshare contracts?


  • Free Consultation
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Demands an Upfront Fee
  • Consumer Satisfaction
  • Makes Use of Case Specialists

Integrity Solution Group Timeshare Cancellation

Integrity Solution Group says it is “100% devoted to helping timeshare owners get released from the financial burdens of their timeshare contract.” The company also claims that its program has helped thousands of distressed…owners.” How does the company go about its cancellation process?

First, the company offers its clients a free consultation program. This program is designed purposely to create a form of interaction between you, timeshare owners, and the company. This is to get certain pieces of information about your timeshare contract to determine whether your case will be accepted or rejected.

Integrity Solution offers “a range of services to meet every type of need,” and it is during this consultation the company will know what you need and how best handle your contract. The company can either help you with mortgage cancellation, mortgage-free cancellation, or deed transfer. Although each of those services has it methods, there is only one goal–getting you out of your timeshare “permanently without any further obligation.”

One thing about Integrity Solution Group is that it only accepts customers after a free consultation. This means that Integrity Solution Group does not accept all cases even though it offers a range of services. And for any of those services, the company will assign you a case analyst who will explain the situation of your timeshare contract to you. This means that Integrity Solution Group makes use of analysts in the process to get you out of your timeshare contract.

Integrity Solution Group is aware that most timeshare owners were victims who were pressured into buying timeshares through salespersons’ tactics. And this is because some salespersons give false information about a timeshare all in a bid to persuade them from buying. This, however, is among many other holes the company will dig to help your case. The company believes its cancellation process is one of the most effective, as there are many other steps involved in the process. You will get to learn more about that during your consultation program.

However, because the company does not go into full detail on how it helps its customers cancel their timeshare contracts, we are unable to guess whether the company makes use of attorneys or not. Also, there is no mention of the use of experts.

Integrity Solution Group Cost and Fees

The company does not display the exact amount of money it charges for any of its timeshare exit programs, and our effort to set a price range was not successful. We advise that you contact the company to get the price quote for its services.

The company does not make use of an escrow payment option. Nevertheless, the company guarantees its customers a 100% money back should it fail to get them out of their contracts. Promising a 100% money back guarantee is an indication that the company demands an upfront fee.

Integrity Solution Group Reviews

The company’s official website, although neatly designed, is not comprehensive enough. While there are only four main sections on the company’s menu, little information is still given under thoe meager sections. The most surprising thing is that the company does not provide any adequate information on how it cancels the contracts. It only drops its contact links for any customer who needs to know how it will get them out of their worrying contracts.

But thanks to the company’s homepage, we were able to get as many vital information as possible about the company and its services. It is on the homepage we learned that the company has worked with over 30,000 timeshare owners, and that the company has “75 years combined experience” in timeshare. Not only that, but the company also does “a program overview” which we think is aimed at making timeshare owners understand relevant things about the company. The page is also used to expose timeshare resorts and their salespeople.

Ratings on Third-Party Platforms

The company’s official website does not have “testimonials page,” so we were unable to get any reviews about the company’s service. We checked through some reputable-third party rating websites and found the following.

  • Google

Total Reviews: NIL

  • BBB

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Best Company

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Yelp

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Trustpilot

Total Reviews: NIL

Integrity Solution Group Scam

Integrity Solution Group’s mission is to help timeshare owners who are “trapped” under worrying timeshare obligations may also be an indication that the company really wants to help its clients. This is because it is unlikely that a company that knows more about the plight of timeshare owners, and make it public, will still go ahead to dupe them. Our only concern is that the company lacks a real physical presence online.


You may try hiring Integrity Solution Group for your timeshare exit contract because the company is fully focused on helping its customers.

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