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Interval Exit Services Review

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Interval Exit Services is one of the few timeshare exit companies that is fully committed to helping timeshare owners get out of their timeshare debts. The company, which started its operation in 2019, has had significant success in helping timeshare owners win their cases, if the claim on their official website is anything to go by.

Interval Exit Services claims it has helped win thousands of customer cases as well as helping its clients recover more than $2,000,000. The company is based in Tampa, Florida and Charlotte, in North Carolina. You may contact them if you need their help on any of the timeshare services they render.

But while we are massively impressed by their record boldly written on their website, there are a few things we find suspicious. For a timeshare exit company which started just a couple of years ago, how possible is it to have won thousands of customers’ cases so quickly? Have they won all of the cases they have taken up over such short period? Or does it accept only the case it knows it can win? If this is the case, then winning thousands of cases over those periods may not be impossible after all.

Again, we find the Interval Exit Services’ claim that it has helped customers win refunds of over $2,000,000 a bit difficult to believe. While it may be possible to help customers eliminate their timeshare debts, helping them get a refund as well may be a utopian project. Nonetheless, we leave you to make a decision of your own after reading through our review. We’ll start with the company’s cancellation/elimination principles.


  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Protects Customers’ Credits
  • Offers Free Consultation
  • Money Recovery
  • Uses Timeshare Exit Experts

Interval Exit Services Timeshare (Debt) Cancellation

Interval Exit Services states on its website that the sole purpose of the company is to provide elimination service for those customers who are unable to help themselves. They believe many consumers are forced into buying their timeshares through various pressures and other illegal tactics. The company investigates these tactics to help free their customers from the shackles of debts. The question is, how does the company manage to get its clients out of their timeshare problems?

Knowing that every case is different, Interval Exit Services uses their vast experience to devise a personalized and appropriate means to help cancel your debt. They start with free consultation. This step in their process allows the company to know the details about your timeshare contract. They will need the knowledge of where and when you bought your timeshare. The company claims that no resort is beyond its reach in their efforts to eliminate your timeshare debt or reduce your exiting timeshare mortgage. At this stage, the company will take its time to give you all the information on how they will help cancel your timeshare debt via their “expert staff”.

While on the process to help eliminate your debt, Interval Exit Services will also fight to help you attain “financial freedom.” What Interval Exit Services means by “financial freedom” is its “refund service.” The company says it will not only help eliminate your timeshare debt but also help recover all the money you have spent. They claim they are “one of the only companies that will continue the fight to help recover all the money you have spent.” While we think that will be a great move that favors timeshare owners, the possibility of getting this done is slim.

Furthermore, the Interval Exit Services will help protect your credit so that you will be safe even if you stop paying to your timeshare company during the process of getting your debt cancelled. Interval Exit Services claims it offers two forms of credit protection to their clients, but it doesn’t go into details on what those forms are.

Interval Exit Services does not make use of attorneys, as it believes timeshare debt cancellation is not the work of lawyers. It believes that such service is for the experts who know the in’s and out’s of timeshare debt issues. So, rather than making use of attorneys whom they claim have no knowledge about the service, Interval Exit Services makes use of timeshare experts.

We find some of those claims made about attorneys true, as some are not even licensed to work in the area you buy your timeshare. Every state and every timeshare company have different timeshare guidelines and contacts. So, to tackle that, you may need a seasoned timeshare expert. But, the truth is attorneys are not totally useless in timeshare exit business—some timeshare exit cases do need the help of competent attorneys.  

Interval Exit Services Cost and Fees

The cost and fee of hiring Interval Exit Services is not currently online; the company does not post the amount it charges on its official website. And there is also no hint, whatsoever, about the cost and fees, as our effort to set a price range eventually fell through.

 However, Interval Exit Services offers a 100% money-back guarantee, which means the company charges an upfront fee. Our candid advice has always been that you work with a timeshare exit company that offers an escrow payment option. This means you can only pay if your timeshare exit is done. Some companies claim they offer a 100% money-back guarantee but do not actually return their customers money. Interval Exit Services is not one of these companies.

Interval Exit Services Reviews

Virtually everything you need to know about the company is on its official website. In fact, the company’s website is designed so you easily get a specific piece of information about a specific subject because the website is organized according to subject sections. The most detailed section is titled “timeshare debt cancelation”. This section takes the reader through the steps involved in the company’s timeshare exit service. It is in this section, we learn that the company does not make use of attorneys.

The “mission page” is all about the company’s sole goal upon accepting their customers cases. It is also at this page we know they offer a 100% money back guarantee. At the company’s homepage, there is a claim that the company “is successful in approximately 95% of the cases” they “choose to take.” This claim is an indication that the company selectively accepts cases.

Interval Exit Services Ratings

The company does not really have a strong online presence, nor is there any section for testimonies on the website. Below are few of the ratings we gathered about the company on some third party rating websites.

  • Google

Total Reviews: 3

Positive Reviews: 3

  • BBB

Total Reviews: 1

Positive Reviews: 1

  • Trustpilot:

Total Review: NIL

  • Yelp

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Best Company

Total Reviews: NIL

Interval Exit Services Scam

The fact that Interval Exit Services does not just accept any case may be an indication that company is not a scam. When we consider the company’s winning rate within such few years, as it is displayed on its official website, we may not be wrong to conclude that the company owes their reputation to its selective nature in accepting customers’ cases.

Nevertheless, we do not like the company’s demand of an upfront fee, which will always leave us with some sense of  doubt. Not all timeshare exit companies which claim offer a 100% money back guarantee really honor the claim. For that reason, we will urge you to weigh your options before finally making a decision.


Interval Exit Services may not be a bad choice, but we at our company can only recommend a timeshare exit company which offers an escrow payment option.

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