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Linx Legal is a timeshare exit company we believe can help you get out of your timeshare contract. Linx Legal has been in the business since 2009, making it a timeshare exit company with over 10 years experience. According to the company, they have served thousands of clients. This has allowed the company to make a case for itself as the best in the industry when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Linx Legal is duly accredited with BBB (Better Business Bureau). And according to a claim on the company’s LinkedIn page, the company works “on behalf of timeshare owners and timeshare purchasers in the United States in making legal claims against timeshare companies, and counselling people on their options in divesting oneself of ownership of timeshares.”

This means that Linx Legal does not just go on with the process to cancel its customers’ timeshare contracts. It first counsels them on available options.. We find this method encouraging and can say Linx Legal could be a good choice. One more interesting thing about this company is that it has a “full-service staff” who can help clients in dire need of its service, nationwide. At Linx Legal, every client deserves special attention.

Linx Legal has its offices located in Charlotte, Myrtle Beach, and Scottsdale Arizona. The company has a slogan, “Only the best is Good Enough.” And going by that slogan, we may be proved right if we say Linx Legal does not settle for less unless it gets its customers out of their worrying contracts.

Does the company truly live up to its claim? Let’s start with the review of the company’s cancellation principles.


  • Offers Free Consultation
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • High Success Rate
  • Makes Use of Experts and Attorneys
  • Client Focused

Linx Legal Timeshare Cancellation

To have claimed to be the industry’s premier timeshare cancellation company, Linx Legal must have had its reasons. Again, digging into the company’s slogan, we could only arrive at a conclusion that Linx Legal must have one of the best system plans to get their customers out of their timeshare contracts. So, how does the company go about its cancellation?

Unlike many other timeshare exit companies, the very first step Linx Legal’s prospective client takes is completing the questionnaire provided on the company’s official website. Without doing that, no client will qualify for the company’s free consultation program. And having submitted the questionnaire, “a consulting director will contact you to answer any additional questions,” and inform you of the next step in the consultation process. This means that Linx Legal will only continue with you if it discovers your case looks promising, even before the actual consultation.

Next is a consultation program. This is where the company will assess your case and decide whether it is tenable or not. Linx Legal does not accept just any case. And that may be part of the reasons the company boasts of a high success rate. Mind you, Linx Legal does not buy, sell or rent timeshares. All it does is assist “families in exiting their timeshares with or without a mortgage obligation.” This, however, is to say that Linx Legal also “specializes in partially or completely cancelling out timeshare debt, including any outstanding financial obligations owed directly to the timeshare developer.” However, all other processes to get you out of your timeshare contract will follow only after a decision has been made during the consultation stage.

Linx Legal is not a law firm, it only plays the role of an intermediary between an attorney and you—if your case requires an attorney. For this claim, we give this company credit. That is because not all timeshare exit companies provide attorneys. Some timeshare exit companies don’t use attorneys at all. We still believe some timeshare exit cases need the help of an attorney as it is evident in the claim made by Linx Legal. If there is the need to use an attorney, the company pays for it, not you.

In the addition to the use of attorneys, Linx Legal also makes use of timeshare exit experts. It makes use of case managers who will always keep you updated as your case progresses. The case may take up to three years or even few months, depending on your contract.

Linx Legal Cost and Fees

Linx Legal does not display the amount it charges on its website, and our effort to set a price range fell short. However, the company does provide contact links for clients who want to know the actual amount it charges.

The company does not make use of an escrow payment option, but it does guarantee a 100% money back to its clients if it’s unable to get them out of their timeshare contract. That means Linx Legal may demand an upfront fee.

Linx Legal Reviews

The company’s official website looks astonishingly professional, as every piece of information about the company and its services is neatly sectioned and designed. Boldly written on the company’s homepage is a claim that Linx Legal is the premier timeshare exit company in the industry, and we feel this claim is good for a first-time impression.

Again, as you begin to go down, checking all other pieces of information that may be helpful, you will constantly come across quizzes which are perfectly designed in such a way that the company will get to know more about you. We find this impressive, as it is a better way to get more from its customers without them knowing it. You never get bored while searching through the company’s website because there will always be some interesting sections you will want to read.

There is a section for FAQ, and that is where we learned more about the company’s principles of timeshare cancellation. It’s on this section we learned the process and the likely time span of the company’s cancellation process. There is also a section where the company displays the photos of all its working teams. This is also a positive sign that the company may be a real deal. It does not hide the identities of its working teams.

Linx Legal Ratings

There are only positive reviews on the company’s testimonials page as there is an obvious display of customers’ good comments, commending the effort of the company in getting them out of their timeshare contracts. However, a look into some popular third-party rating websites shows the following.

Ratings on Third-Party Platforms

  • Google

Total Reviews: 44

Average Rating: 4.7/4.0

  • BBB

Total Reviews: 59

Positive Reviews: 57

Average Rating: 4.9/5.0  

  • Best Company

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Yelp

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Trustpilot

Total Reviews: NIL

Linx Legal Scam

Linx Legal has an A+ rating on BBB- one of the most reliable online rating websites. The company also has a very strong rating point on Google. Again, Linx Legal does not hide the identities of its staff. And when we consider all those points, we say that Linx Legal is not a scam. A scamming company will not go as far as disclosing any information about any of its workers. What more, the company has a strong online presence.


You may hire Linx Legal for the termination of your timeshare contract because it has a high success rate. The company also has an encouraging number of positive reviews online.

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