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Lonestar Transfer

Lonestar Transfer Review

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Lonestar Transfer is a family-owned timeshare cancellation company based in Rockwall, Texas. The company is managed by Bryan and Karen Holloway.  In its nine years of operation, the Lonestar Transfer company has successfully cancelled over 4,000 timeshare contracts. In this article, we evaluated Lonestar Transfer’s timeshare cancellation services to guide you in your choice of a competent timeshare cancellation company. Let’s get started.


  • Transparency Timeshare Service
  • Strong Media Presence
  • Free Consultation Service
  • 100% Refund Policy
  • No Negative Review
  • Flexible Service Charge
  • Reliable Caseworkers
  • Absence of Escrow Payment Option
  • Affordable Fees
  • No In-house Attorney

Lonestar Transfer Timeshare Cancellation

  • Transparent and Protective Timeshare Cancellation: Lonestar Transfer timeshare cancellation procedures are clearly stated on this company’s website. The company uses two methods for terminating timeshare contracts: loan mortgage cancellation services and title transfer services.

Lonestar Transfer uses the loan mortgage cancellation method when a client owes a mortgage balance to a resort. It terminates the timeshare transactions of loan mortgage debtors by removing the clients’ debt. Sometimes, your timeshare may be transferred to your children in the future, even if you cancel your contract now. Lonestar Transfer ensures that your family members are removed from the timeshare deed when terminating your contract.

With the title transfer method, the company cancels your timeshare contract by transferring your title to a third-party company or timeshare owner who receives the timeshare at no cost. Lonestar Transfer requires upfront payment from timeshare clients who want to use the title transfer method.


The owners of the company admit that their services may not suit everyone. That’s why they conduct a free consultation service with their prospective timeshare clients to determine if the company’s cancellation services fit the client’s needs.

  • International Timeshare Cancellation Service: In rare cases, Lonestar Transfer offers timeshare cancellation services to clients located outside the USA. It is on record that a Canada-based client enjoyed the company’s timeshare service and complimented the company for its effective approach to timeshare cancellation.
  • No In-house Attorney: Nothing on the Lonestar Transfer website suggests that they use experienced attorneys for their timeshare cancellation services. This is concerning.

Lonestar Transfer Timeshare Cost and Fees

Lonestar Transfer offers free consultation services to all its timeshare cancellation clients. However, it charges an upfront fee which is 100% refundable if the company fails to terminate a timeshare contract. We are concerned that the company doesn’t accept payments with escrow.


There is no fixed price for Lonestar Transfer’s timeshare service. Information on the company’s website says the company charges between $3000 -$5000 to cancel a timeshare contract. Nevertheless, you may want to haggle the price to get a better deal.

Lonestar Transfer Timeshare Review

  • Reliable and Trustworthy Timeshare Caseworkers: Caseworkers at Lonestar Transfer invest tremendous effort into terminating their clients’ timeshare contracts. They listen to their timeshare client’s fears, assure them of their support, and work hard to achieve the desired result.


  • Strong Media Presence: Lonestar Transfer has the endorsements of famous TV personalities like Hugh Hewitt and Michael Medved. Also, a popular TV show in Texas named ‘Good Morning Texas’ once featured the owners of the company. In a video recording of the TV show, managers of Lonestar Transfer discussed how they started their timeshare cancellation company. Lonestar Transfer has also advertised its business on other radio and television shows like Fox Business and Fox News. Similarly, the company has a YouTube channel that contains videos explaining their timeshare cancellation services.

Lonestar Transfer Timeshare Rating

All of Lonestar Transfer’s reviews are positive. Many of their past timeshare customers marveled at the company’s reliability and professionalism. On the company’s website, for instance, there are many positive testimonials. However, none of these testimonials contain pictures of the happy timeshare clients. So, it is difficult to confirm whether the reviews are genuine.

Here is a breakdown of Lonestar Transfer’s reviews across various platforms:


Positive Reviews: 11 (5-star rating)

Negative Reviews: NIL


Positive Reviews: 607 (4.95/5 star rating)

Negative Reviews: NIL


Positive Reviews: 66 (4.8/5 star rating)

Negative Reviews: NIL


Positive Reviews: 5 (4/5 star rating)

Negative Reviews: NIL

Lonestar Transfer Timeshare Scam

There are a number of facts suggesting that Lonestar Transfer is not a scam. Some of them are:

  • Open Advertisement: The owners of Lonestar Transfer have granted interviews on popular TV shows. This means that this timeshare company is very transparent about its services – an attribute that is uncommon with scam companies.
  • Endorsements from Famous Personalities: This company enjoys endorsement from notable media personalities like Hugh Hewitt. No respectable individual would be willing to risk their reputation for a scam company.
  • Free Consultation Services: The fact that Lonestar Transfer doesn’t charge any amount for holding a consultation session with its prospective clients points to its legitimacy. Usually, timeshare scam companies want to wring out all your funds before you catch on to them.

Finn Law Group mentioned on their website that they have a Consumer Watch Team that helps clients in tracking all timeshare scam cases across the U.S. and Mexico. They achieve this by reviewing compliants (secondary and third-party cancellation schemes) from customers. This further affirms that Finn Law Group is a legitimate timeshare cancellation company.

Lastly, National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA) certified that Finn Law Group is a legitimate timeshare exit company. In fact, the company won the Clients’ Choice Awards in 2019.


The benefits Lonestar Transfer offers its timeshare clients make it a worthy option to consider. However, the company might take a long time to cancel your timeshare contract because it doesn’t work with an experienced attorney.

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