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Nationwide Settlement Solutions

Nationwide Settlement Solutions Review

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Nationwide Settlement Solutions is a timeshare exit company in Springfield, Missouri. The company has been in business for almost 10 years now, but it has yet to get to get Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) accreditation.

The company claims to understand “the darker sides of timeshare.” They outline the problems of timeshare and, of course, present themselves as the solution. In their own words, “We know firsthand the darker side of the timeshare industry and we’re committed to freeing our clients from these unscrupulous business practices.”

What sets this company apart is its promise to help you end your timeshare contract faster and, thus, relieve you of the burden of debt you will otherwise have to bear. Let’s get into the details of Nationwide Settlement Solutions’ service details.


  • Legitimate Timeshare Cancellation Service
  • Works with Attorneys
  • 10 years’ experience
  • Not Accredited by BBB
  • Verified Customer Reviews

Nationwide Settlement Solutions Timeshare Cancellation

  • 100% Legal Operations

Nationwide Settlement Solutions timeshare cancellation service is legally sound. The company takes the lawful route to free you from the financial burden of any timeshare you wish to cancel. Operations of this company start with an initial assessment of your status to determine how best to approach your case. This is fair enough, but it could also be a method of luring you in to determine your seriousness.

  • Promise of Competency

The company states clearly on their website how they plan to help you resolve your timeshare contract. First, they begin by looking at your situation to determine if you are eligible for a Resort Timeshare Fraud Victim status. According to Nationwide Settlement Solutions, timeshare companies use several tactics to sell their offer. They could create a false sense of urgency, be untruthful about tax incentives, or conduct unnecessarily extensive tours at the time of sales.

This company also claims to understand all the illegal practices used in the timeshare industry. In all, they promise to use their expertise to get your timeshare ended – permanently! They also state clearly on their website that, if you have multiple properties, they can help you solve the timeshare cancellation on every one of them.

Nationwide Settlement Solutions Cost & Fees

This section focuses on Nationwide Settlement Solutions’ cost and fees. Let’s get into the details of how much you’ll likely pay to hire this company as well as how the payment system is structured.

  • Flexible Service Fee and Refund Policy

Nationwide Solutions’ costs and fees are not displayed online on the company’s website. However, a careful look at comments of some customers on Better Business Bureau (BBB) shows that the company charges anywhere between $2, 500 and $8,995 to cancel a timeshare contract.

You need to make an upfront payment to enjoy Nationwide Settlement Solutions’ service, even though the company doesn’t seem to have a 100% refund policy. This means that there’s no guarantee you will be getting your money back if the company’s effort to cancel your timeshare doesn’t materialize. We do not recommend this.

  • Costly Service Charge

Nationwide Settlement Solutions’ service charge has been described as “a little on the high side” by customers. You may decide to choose another company whose fee is cheaper if your budget is low but going for Nationwide Settlement Solutions could be a better option if you have the money.

Nationwide Settlement Solutions Reviews

  • Mixed Reaction on Customer Service

While some Yelp reviews sing praises of this company’s professionalism, most have nothing good to say. A majority of the customer reviews on Yelp complain about unsolicited calls from Nationwide Settlement Solutions’ customer care agents. Some even said the company’s customer care representatives are rude.

Nationwide Settlement Solutions Ratings

  • Verified Customer Reviews

Yelp seems to be the review company favored by most past and present customers of Nationwide Settlement Solutions. The company has both positive and negative reviews on Yelp and other platforms. The summary of Nationwide Settlement Solutions’ good reviews is that the company cancels timeshare contracts in good time. However, there are negative review suggesting that the quality of company’s service is below standard despite charging a high fee.

Below is a breakdown of Nationwide Settlement Solutions reviews across different platforms:


Nationwide Settlement Solutions has an F rating on BBB.


There are a whopping 42 reviews posted by customers on Yelp.

Most of them are negative and have the same form of complaint: receiving unsolicited telemarketing calls from Nationwide Settlement Solutions and poor service delivery.

On the average, the company’s rating on Yelp is 1.5.


They have 75 reviews on Google. The average rating is 4.0. Good enough!


There are 48 reviews, but 10 of them have no ratings. The average rating on this platform is 3.8.

Nationwide Settlement Solutions Scam

Nationwide Settlement Solutions seems to be a legitimate company, although it has a lot of negative reviews. There are confirmations from past customers that the company has successfully cancelled some timeshare contracts. Indeed, the company is confident enough to offer prospects a free consultation session with no commitment to hire them afterwards. This is not common with companies that want to scam people. Lastly, the company works with attorneys, which further affirms the legitimacy of their business.

Notwithstanding, we strongly recommend that you are very careful in your dealings with timeshare exit companies that require an upfront fee without a refund clause.


We hope this review has been helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further clarifications. We are always ready to assist you in cancelling your timeshare contracts.

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