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Newton Group Review

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Also known as Newton Group Transfers, the Newton Group has over fifteen (15) years of experience in timeshare cancellation, which explains the company’s excellent record of success. The company has its headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and they partner with DC Capital Law for personalized legal representation for each of their clients.

The company claims on their website that they are “the nation’s longest standing timeshare exit company.” Also on the website, the company boasts to “have helped thousands of timeshare owners just like you.”  These unmatched records distinguish Newton Group Transfers from other timeshare exit companies, and they give you a reason to strongly consider hiring the company for your timeshare cancellation.


  • Legitimate Timeshare Cancellation Service
  • Works with Attorneys
  • 15 years’ Experience
  • Accredited by BBB in 2011
  • Verified Customer Reviews

Newton Group Transfers Timeshare Cancellation

  • Legal and Personalized Registration: One thing that sets Newton Group apart is its ability to legally register your case. The company pursues the cancellation of your timeshare contract by working with its law firm. Our review of Newton Group’s website revealed that the company personalizes every client’s registration, which increases your chance of getting your timeshare contract terminated as soon as possible.
  • Customer-Centered Timeshare Exit Service: Newton Group prioritizes the satisfaction of their clients. As such, the company communicates with clients regularly. Newton Group is committed to its policy of always carrying its walking its clients through in the process of terminating their timeshare. This is necessary because it shows that the company is honest and transparent in its dealings. Besides, with constant information, good communication between the company and clients is essential to a successful cancellation. It is no wonder the company has high ratings and positive reviews on various reputable platforms.
  • Satisfactory Services: Newton Group’s approach to timeshare cancellation makes it easy for the company to satisfy its clients. The company offers double services. The first one is the company’s recommendations of ways to exit your timeshare, and the second is the use of lawyers to defend its clients.

Newton Group Transfers Cost and Fees

Like many other exit timeshare cancellation companies, Newton Group Transfers does not reveal the fees for its services. It is reported that the company charges between $4,000 and $11,000. You will, however, learn how much the company charges during your free consultation session. Meanwhile, Newton Group promises 100% money back guarantee, and it does so in writing to demonstrate its commitment to the promise.

Newton Group Transfers Reviews

  • Free Consultation: Newton Group Transfers has a section where you can book a free consultation session with the company. This section is situated at the right-hand top corner of the company’s website. The company’s phone number is also available on the page. A free consultation session enables you to speak with an expert who guides you on how best cancel your timeshare contract.
  • The Consumer’s Guide to Timeshare Exit: The display of an e-book, Consumer’s Guide to Timeshare Exit, on the company’s homepage caught our attention when reviewing Newton Group’s website. According to the company, the eBook is a free guide meant to be an eye-opener for timeshare owners seeking to get their timeshare contract terminated. The eBook provides tips on timeshare cancellation and timeshare scams. We encourage you to download this guide and read it to before hire a timeshare cancellation company. It is an excellent resource.
  • Scam Alert Section: It worth noting that Newton Group is committed to helping timeshare owners avoid scams. The company has a section where concerns about scams are raised and addressed. In the section, there are lists of indicators that hint that a timeshare company is a scam. You will want to explore this section to familiarize yourself with how timeshare scams are perpetrated and how to avoid them.

Newton Group Transfers Rating

  • Google Rating:

Total Reviews: 82

Positive Review: 80

Average Rating: 4.4

  • Trustpilot Rating:

Total Reviews: 443

Positive Reviews: 430

Average Rating: 4.7

  • Glassdoor Rating:

Total Reviews: 45

Positive Reviews: 40

Average Rating: 4.2

  • SoTellUs Rating:

Total Reviews: 164

Positive Reviews: 160

Average Rating: 4.9

  • BBB Reviews:

Total Reviews: 228

Positive Reviews: 228

Average Rating: 4.71

Newton Group Transfers Scam

Based on what reviewers have said on different rating platforms, it’s safe to conclude that Newton Group is not a scam.  The company seems to be transparent and honest in their dealings with timeshare owners. In fact, Newton Group has an initiative against timeshare scams. This explains why the company wrote a guide that explains how to avoid timeshare scams and dedicates a section of its website to the same cause.

In addition, Newton Group Transfers has been featured on news platforms like CBS, US NEWS, FOX, ABC NEWS, FORBES, NBC, and QUICKEN LOANS. The company also has a positive presence on Google, BBB, Glassdoor, So Tell Us, Trustpilot, etc. Lastly, different testimonial videos and comments made by the company’s clients or customers on different platforms is also testament to the fact that Newton Group Transfers is not a fraudulent company.


Timeshare exit companies that use escrow are the safest to work with. Even though Newton Group does not use escrow, the company has a track record of success in terminating timeshare contracts. As such, Newton Group is a timeshare exit company you should consider hiring for your timeshare cancellation.

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