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No More Fees LLC

No More Fees LLC Review

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No More Fees LLC is a family-owned timeshare cancellation company based in Wisconsin. To be specific, this company is owned by a man, his wife, his two daughters, and son. As found on their official website, the company says it has been “helping people get out of their timeshares for over 8 years.” It also states that the company is ready to listen to your timeshare worries, and help you get through the cancellation process. In this article, we will carefully show you all you need to know about No More Fees LLC to help you make the right decision.


  • Offers Free Consultation
  • User-friendly website
  • Does not work with attorneys

No More Fees LLC Timeshare Cancellation

No More Fees LLC does not provide a specific explanation of their timeshare cancellation process — which is not a new thing among timeshare cancellation companies. However, they do give a considerably clear breakdown of what you will need to do to start the process. This is located in the “How it Works” section on the homepage.

Specifically, they have made it clear that your first step will be to complete a form that will help you schedule a “free consultation” with the owner of the company, Clyde, who’s said to be available “7 days a week.” The next step is tagged “Consultation & Assessment,” and this is where you will speak with Clyde and be given necessary advice regarding the transfer or cancellation of your resort contract, depending on your situation.

The final step is tagged “The Process” which discusses the actions that will be taken by the No More Fees LLC team. But like we’ve earlier said, the company has not mentioned what particular moves they will make, and they have only stated that they “will consult and guide you until you are timeshare free!”

We must, however, and that No More Fees LLC does not only do timeshare cancellation; they also offer timeshare transfer services. So, after your free consultation with them, they decide which would be the best solution for you. On the one hand, if you have a timeshare that is paid off, what they do is help you transfer the timeshare, as they have warned that reselling your timeshare is a bad idea (and that’s true, if you ask us). On the other hand, if you owe a mortgage and feel cheated by the resort company, the No More Fees LLC team will take the cancellation route.

Furthermore, the company has taken it upon itself to assure that they can help you notwithstanding your location, even outside the U.S., on the premise that they work “over the phone.” In the same vein, they have claimed to work with most timeshare companies— which is a good thing. They don’t seem to use attorneys, however, as nothing like that is mentioned anywhere on their website; as a matter of fact, they have asserted that they are not “lawyers” and “do not provide legal advice.” While this really is an honest declaration, we think it is a bit of a letdown too.

No More Fees LLC Cost & Fees

There is no specific mention of how much the No More Fees LLC team charges for their timeshare transfer or cancellation services, although they have clarified that their consultation service is free. It is also not stated if they take upfront payments, operate a 100% money back policy, or use escrow payment option— which is concerning to us. You may have to give them a call to get relevant info in this regard.

No More Fees LLC Reviews

This company’s website is really user-friendly and has been designed in a way that allows for easy navigation. Although the company is proclaimed as a small family-owned business, the careful details they seek to collect through the consultation form portrays them in good light. Indeed, this is a notable indication of their precision. And it goes to show that they are conscious of your time, as well as theirs.

Moreover, there is a noticeable sense of sincerity in the way they have presented themselves, especially when we consider the about page. The owner of the company, Clyde, is not afraid to share details about himself and his family. And this, we can understand, perhaps is his way of establishing trust and confidence in his clients. In fact, we realize that there is even a “Gallery” page that contains pictures of Clyde and his family, with the addition of explanatory captions where necessary.

No More Fees LLC also has a number of positive reviews on their website. Interestingly, most of the reviews are in form of screenshotted emails, while few others are videos. Of course, these kinds of testimonials portray a good level of believability. But then, given the unimaginable advancement in technology the world continues to witness, we may not be able to vouch that the testimonials are not fabricated.

Furthermore, we must note that we couldn’t find any page or section for FAQs. It is equally baffling to realize that while it is stated somewhere on the website that “your information is never shared with any third party,” Clyde has contradicted that statement by saying somewhere else that he “will send over 200 previous client documents for your review,” and even with “full names and contact information.”

No More Fees LLC Ratings

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No More Fees LLC Scam

Considering what we have been able to gather from various sources, No More Fees LLC seems to be a reliable timeshare exit company. And that’s in spite of the very few number of ratings found about it. More so, there are a number of positive reviews on, but not without some negative ones. We should note, also, that this company is not BBB-accredited, although some sources indicate that they have an A rating. All in all, you may try your luck with them, as our findings suggest that they can be trusted.


No More Fees LLC may not be a bad try for you. But, in general, we recommended that you weigh your options carefully.

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