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Omni Ellis Review

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Located in San Francisco, California, Omni Ellis is a timeshare exit company that claims it can help distressed timeshare owners overcome their timeshare troubles. As we have been able to gather, this company has been in operation since 2015.


  • Offers Free Consultation
  • User-friendly website
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • No attorneys
  • No escrow

Omni Ellis Timeshare Cancellation

It must be noted that Omni Ellis does not provide any specific explanation regarding the procedure they will follow in helping a client resolve his or her timeshare issues. However, there are certain pieces of helpful information provided on the company’s website, indicating what you can expect once you sign up for their service. We must also note that Omni Ellis does not handle timeshare cancellation or transfer alone but helps eliminate student loan debts as well.

If you are stuck to a timeshare mortgage, special assessment fees, or annual maintenance fees, then Omni Ellis says it is here to help. The company assures that they will ensure to “take care of each step” for you.

To be specific, they have explained: “After the order for your timeshare closing is placed, we ask that you complete a few simple forms allowing us to work with the resort and county agencies to facilitate the transfer of title to or from your name.”

So, after your title transfer has been completed, you will return to your burden-free life without a timeshare. To corroborate this, Omni Ellis gives the assurance of helping to erase your resorts first rights of refusal. Quite a great way to escape your worries if you ask us!

You probably know that opting for the timeshare resale market is not an advisable thing, especially because most timeshares get listed for a ridiculous amount of money that could be as low as $1.

Interestingly, this company’s timeshare cancellation services are not restricted to the U.S.; the company also extends its services to other places like Mexico, Europe, and the Caribbean.

We should note that this company does not mention that it uses attorneys. While this might be a bit of a concern, it is essential to understand that this does not necessarily mean fraud.

As a matter of fact, the company has explained that they offer free consultation, which is one way by which timeshare cancellation companies get a deep understanding of your issues as well as the best solution to your problems.

Omni Ellis Cost & Fees

The company does not disclose the costs and fees for its services; however, this is not unusual among timeshare exit companies. Nevertheless, it is clear that Omni Ellis offers a free consultation and gives a 100% money back guarantee, even though there is no escrow payment option. Therefore, you may have to give the company a call to know about their price but remember to haggle well.

Omni Ellis Reviews

Starting with a general overview of the official Omni Ellis website, we must establish the fact that the website is professional, and user-friendly; more so, it is easy to navigate. As a matter of fact, all these are confirmed to be true across various review websites.

On the homepage, we find a section containing some info about the company, which is important. Aside from that, one particular part of the home page is interesting: the outright mention of “No Removal No Fee,” which simply suggests that if the company is unable to relieve you of your resort contract, you won’t have to pay a dime. This is a plus!

Moreover, as found on the “Our Mission” page, the company makes mention of the timeshare rescission period, which is the period immediately after a timeshare purchase during which you can cancel your timeshare and get a complete refund from a resort company.

Really, the fact that Omni Ellis has not shied away from mentioning this suggests a level of honesty. We must note, however, that a rescission period typically involves up to 3 to 14 days in most states, contrary to the 3 to 7 days stated on the Omni Ellis website.

Another key area is the company’s FAQs page which contains several important questions that a potential customer might want to ask, and the necessary answers are provided.

It must be mentioned that Omni Ellis has a very high success rate in terms of the fact that the company has helped more than 15,000 timeshare owners eliminate their resort contract. This is according to statistics provided via some of their internet ads and TV commercials. No doubt, if this is true, then it is good news for any client seeking a reliable timeshare exit company.

Omni Ellis Ratings

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  • Better Business Bureau

Average Rating: 4.66

  • Glassdoor

Total Reviews: 3

Average Rating: 2.0

  • Facebook

Total Reviews: 17

Average Rating: 1.0

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Omni Ellis Scam

As you can see, Omni Ellis has got a mix of positive and negative reviews, which is quite normal. While the company’s rating is relatively low on Glassdoor and Facebook, their BBB rating is a boost. The fact that Omni Ellis gives the assurance of 100% money back guarantee is a plus that one might want to consider.


Omni Ellis might be the company for you if you are seeking a timeshare cancellation/transfer company with a proven track record. Be sure to contact them and get all necessary information.

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