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Preferred Cancellation Services

Preferred Cancellation Services Review

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Preferred Cancellation Services has its headquarters in Central Florida. The timeshare exit company started in 2014, assisting only few selected timeshare owners who wanted to come out of their timeshare contracts. But after working with different clients and being able to help them with their timeshare issues, the company started to explore other options, taking in more customers who wanted to exit their timeshares. In 2018, the company succeeded in moving their operation outside by helping “a variety of resort owners” who needed their services. And ever since, the company has been growing in strength, as they have kept gathering positive reviews over the years.

We believe Preferred Cancellation Services has a good background judging by their encouraging start and progression into the life of timeshare exit business. For this reason, you may try hiring them for your timeshare cancellation contract if their solid background could be anything to go by. But while that could be a positive sign that you may trust them with the termination of your timeshare contract, many more points are needed to prove they are the right fit for you. Hence, we have done the reviews of the various aspects of the company’s timeshare cancellation services. So, we start with the review of their cancellation process.  


  • Indirectly Uses Bar-certified Timeshare Attorneys
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee
  • Uses a General Counsel
  • Works with Advisors
  • Has a Successful Foundation/ Background

Preferred Cancellation Services Timeshare Cancellation

You may want to ask, “how does Preferred Cancellation Services go with its cancellation process? Does it make use of attorneys or have another team of professionals who perform a similar role during the course of your cancellation? Does the timeshare exit company have a plan in place to guarantee customer satisfaction? These among many other questions are answered in the subsequent paragraphs.

First, in aiming to cancel your timeshare contract, Preferred Cancellation Services will not allow you to have your personal attorney. They believe this is not necessary in a case that has nothing to do with “a civil court timeshare fraud.” The company even believes that only a very few lawyers are trained in this field. Instead, the company makes use of a general counsel who will assist them in their cancellation process. PCS also works with advisors and “bar-certified timeshare attorneys.” The company only works with the attorneys indirectly during the cancellation process.

Again, Preferred Cancellation Services states that they cannot guarantee the outcome of the process, arguing further that even certified attorneys in the field could not vouch for that. For that, we give the company an “A” because very few would say that. However, the company does have a plan to guarantee customer satisfaction through a program. And the service under the program states that “if you are not released within one year time, you will receive a full refund from escrow upon certified request.”

Mind you, although Preferred Cancellation Services does have legal education as they help you in your timeshare termination process, it does not offer legal advice, and neither does it render legal services.

Preferred Cancellation Services Cost and Fees

Preferred Cancellation Services’ fees are not online, and all effort to set a price range for them proved unsuccessful. We advise you get in contact with the company if you want to know about their charges.

Does the company make use of an escrow? We have no definite answer. However, with the statement that they have “designed a program that has the best of both worlds” in addressing the issue of customer satisfaction, we think the company demands upfront payment. Also, the statement that “if you are not released within one year time, you will receive a full refund from escrow upon certified request” further corroborates our claim. But the recent development on their website stating they now make use of escrow still leaves us searching for a definite answer.

Preferred Cancellation Services Reviews

The company’s website looks decent enough as there are certain sections for certain information about them. One of the few sections that caught our attention is the section titled “Our Purpose”. There, Preferred Cancellation Services states that their purpose is to use their knowledge of timeshare cancellation to the benefits of their customers by lifting them up and out of their timeshare obligations. Also on this page, the timeshare exit company recommends that timeshare owners should first contact their resorts through any provided link before contacting them for help. We feel this is an indication that Preferred Cancellation Services may not be after your money.

In the FAQS section, we found the company’s claim that it’s not easy to get your money back after your timeshare cancellation. This is true, and this is an indication that the company is transparent. Many timeshare exit companies will avoid this subject to ensure people do not run away from them.

In conclusion, under the “Our Attorney” Page, the company says the Attorney it uses does not represent its customers but rather the company. And a look into the background of the Attorney by the name Richard J. D’Amico, Esq., does not reveal any positive reviews.

Preferred Cancellation Services Ratings

As usual, there are only positive comments about the company on the official website. However, a look into some popular third-party websites reveals the following.

  • Google

Total Reviews: 36

Positive Reviews: 36

  • BBB

Total Reviews: 18

Negative Reviews: 1

  • Best Company

Total Review: NIL

  • Trustpilot

Total Reviews: 7

Positive Reviews: 7

Average Rating: 4.1/5.0

  • Yelp

Reviews: NI

Preferred Cancellation Services Scam

Preferred Cancellation Services seems to be a legitimate company because it offers 100% money-back guarantee. Also, a company recommending that customers should first contact their resorts before contacting them is an indication that the company is not after your money. But the fact that we are unable to establish whether the company offers escrow payment option or not is cause for concern.

Nonetheless, there are many other factors to consider, like the company’s transparency in stating that you are not guaranteed a favorable outcome.


 Hiring Preferred Cancellation Services for your timeshare cancellation may not be a bad choice considering its positive reviews on Trustpilot and Google.

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