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Redemption and Release

Redemption and Release Review

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Redemption and Release is a timeshare exit company that can help you solve your timeshare issues. Redemption and Release is based in Richmond, VA, and was started in 2011. So, hiring this company for your timeshare cases may mean hiring an experienced company, and that may come in handy.

However, while on our research about this company, we observed that the principal for this company is the same as the one for the company by the name “Resort Exit Team,” and another company by the name “Resort Release.”  What then could this mean?

Could it be that this company operates under different brand names, or could it be that there is a strong connection between this company and other two timeshare exit companies? And either way, should this be a good sign about Redemption and Release? Well, as far as we know, operating under different brand names does not necessarily portend something bad, and neither is having a strong connection with another timeshare exit company is an indication of something negative.

Rather, we see either as a sign that such company is not just a pushover. And as such, hiring such a company to help settle your timeshare issues may be a shrewd move, as the company may be a perfect solution to your timeshare exit problems.

Do not get us wrong. We are not saying the company is perfect, and therefore you must hire them. We only suggest you consider hiring the company if you find any of the information provided above convincing. While our duty is to do a honest review about a timeshare exit company, it is up to you to make the final decision.

After all, you are a timeshare owner who will bear the burden of fees. To help you in making a good choice of timeshare exit company, we will do a general review of this company. We’ll start with the company’s cancellation principles.


  • Offers Free Consultation
  • Offers a 100% money back guarantee
  • Offers a Price Match Guarantee
  • Works with Inventory Aggregates
  • Charges an Upfront Fee

Redemption and Release Timeshare Cancellation

Redemption and Release claims it can help its customers solve their timeshare problems. But the question is, “how does it do that?”

While we were unable to get as many pieces of information as we would like about the company’s cancelation process, we were still able to learn that the company also offers a free consultation. And recently, we have observed that any company that offers a free consultation most probably does not accept just any case. This is because during consultation, most timeshare exit companies assess their customers’ cases and then decide once they find out the required information they need to do so.

And more often than not, companies with this method have a high possibility of winning.

One thing that is also worthy of notice about Redemption and Release is that the company takes a somewhat different approach in helping their customers out of their timeshare contracts. The company claims it helps “redeem” your timeshare rather than cancel it. Maybe that is why the company has partnerships with inventory aggregates that buy timeshares from the owners.

We learned that the inventory aggregates make use of the timeshares they buy in  “their travel club programs.” Even though the process is somehow different, what matters the most is the result. Timeshare owners walk out of their timeshare contracts and other obligations attached to them.

With this unique way of getting timeshare owners out of their unwanted timeshare contracts, we feel Redemption and Release deserves an extra rating point. Thus, we give them an A.

Redemption and Release Cost and Fees

In the timeshare exit industry, if there is one thing that is almost commonplace, it is the issue of price fixing. Most timeshare exit companies do not state the exact amount they charge for their cancellation services, and Redemption and Release is not an exception. The company does not show the amount it charges on its website, and our effort to set a price range pay off. We advise that those who want to know the cost and fees of hiring Redemption and Release should contact the company directly.

However, Redemption and Release does not offer an escrow. It does demand an upfront fee but offers a 100% money back guarantee.

Redemption and Release Reviews

First under our review pen, going through the company’s website, is the company’s homepage section. There, we saw a quote of the company which says it will help its clients remove the “perpetuity of ownership” so that their children will be prevented from taking over their “timeshare headaches.” But as much as we have stated in the past, your children cannot be forced into inheriting your timeshare contacts unless they want to do so. This may be a trick to make you think such thing is possible, and to make you patronize them.

In addition, it’s also on the company’s homepage that we learned that the company “redeems” their customers timeshares rather cancelling it. We also learned on this page that Redemption and Release has partnerships with inventory aggregates. On the company’s “testimonials” page, we only saw good reviews of customers about the company based on the jobs the company has done in the past. It’s on the FAQ page that we discovered the company demands an upfront fee.

Redemption and Release Ratings

As stated above, there is no single negative review about the company on its official website. All we’ve got there are 5-Star ratings which is a sign that the company may be trusted. However, the following are the reviews of the company on some popular third-party rating websites.

Ratings on Third-Party Platforms

  • Google

Total Reviews: NIL

  • BBB

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Best Company

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Yelp

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Trustpilot

Total Reviews: NIL

Redemption and Release Scam

We may be right to say that Redemption and Release is not a scam if we consider the fact that the company offers a 100% money back guarantee. Also, that the company works with inventory aggregates to help its clients get out of their contracts seems real enough than to suggest otherwise.

Lastly, Redemption and Release offers a free consultation program which means the company does not just accept any case. A fraudulent company will not be this careful, as they will run at any deal that can fetch them money even if they know they cannot win the case.


You may hire Redemption and Release to help cancel your timeshare contracts since the company offers you one of the easiest routes to get out of a timeshare debt.

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