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Resort Advisory Group Review

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Established in 2011, Resort Advisory Group is a timeshare exit company that guarantees optimum satisfaction through its proper process of handling your timeshare cancellation.   One thing that sets this company apart is its partnership with US Credit Bureau. With this, Resort Advisory Group has been able to put its clients’ personal credit in check. This company’s insatiable appetite for freeing vacation owners from unwanted timeshare has positioned Resort Advisory Group as an authority in the timeshare industry.

Resort Advisory Group, on their official website, calls itself a leading timeshare exit company. Amazingly, the integrity and the track record of success of this company have fetched them an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This is why we deemed it appropriate to review the company’s timeshare cancellation service.


  • Escrow payment option
  • Customers satisfaction
  • Attorneys
  • Positive Reviews
  • Free Consultation
  • Credit Protection
  • Partner with US Credit Bureau

Resort Advisory Group Timeshare Cancellation

Resort Advisory Group’s priority is the satisfaction of timeshare owners. This is why the company puts tineshare owners’ interest first in their attempt to terminate timeshare contracts. Let’s examine how exactly the company achieves this.

  • Gethering of Information: The first stage of Resort Advisory Group cancellation process is the collection of information regarding your timeshare contract. This often comes in form of a free consultation session with a prospective. In this stage as well, Resort Advisory Group allows its potential customers to go through its past clients’ comments before signing an agreement with them. This is meant to give prospects a sense of trust in company. We commend Resort Advisory Group on this because not many companies operate with such level of transparency.
  • Documentation:  Having submitted your information to Resort Advisory Group, and completed your consultation with the company’s specialist; the next line of action is documentation. This involves Resort Advisory Group reviewing your file so as to know how best to go about the cancellation of your timeshare contract. The review also enables the company to assign you befitting advisors who explains to you different options available.
  • Deliberation and Processing of Timeshare Cancellation: This marks the commencement of the termination of your contract. Depending on the nature of your timeshare case, your advisor will discuss fees and duration of the cancellation with you. If the company’s pricing system is flexible, it’s your right to haggle the fee. And to exit your timeshare, it is legally essential to sign service agreement with Resort Advisory Group. The signing of the service agreement means that you have given the company a go ahead with the termination of your timeshare.
  • Termination of Timeshare and a Demand of Testimonial: With Resort Advisory Group, rest assured that your timeshare contract will be terminated no matter how complex your contract is. As soon as the company successfully get rid of the contract, it issues you a letter to formally inform you about the positive outcome. Resort Advisory Group will then request a testimonial on the quality of their cancellation process.
  • Works with Attorneys: We highly regard companies that use attorneys in the cancellation process of their customers’ timeshares. One major advantage of this is that it smoothens the legal process of timeshare cancellation. However, there are many exit timeshare companies that do not buy the idea of using lawyers. These timeshare exit companies rather employ the service of experts or consultants. We concern about hiring experts is the high cost that comes with it.

Resort Advisory Group Cost and Fees

The knowledge of exit timeshare industry does not call for public display of fees. This is simply because different timeshare terminations attract different methods. And aside, timeshare exit companies do not know how much time their specialists, professionals or analysts will spend on timeshare cases. This is one thing why exit timeshare companies do always find it difficult to have a list of certain amounts charge their clients on their websites. However, based on our review on various valuable sites, we detected that Resort Advisory Group charges between $2,000 and $7,000 for timeshare cancellation. Resort Advisory Group also uses an escrow payment option with no up-front payment. With this payment option, and for the fact that the company offers no-front payment, we highly recommend this company for you.

Resort Advisory Group Reviews

If there is one thing that clearly sets Resort Advisory Group apart, it is that they only accept the contracts they know they will win. This, in a way, is a clear indication that once this company accepts your deal, know that your timeshare cancellation is as good as done. For this, Resort Advisory Group has an extra rating point from us. We,  therefore, strongly recommend that you hire this timeshare exit company with 100% winning assurance. The following also go under our reviews.
  • Frequently Asked Questions Page: This page is solely designed to answer questions that are often asked by their prospective customers. This is because Resort Advisory Group understands that you may have different enquiries to make about their services. However, do ensure you explore this page before contacting the company.

  • Moreover, we see this provision of Resort Advisory Group laudable as it will be greatly needed to educate some timeshare owners who know little about the cancellation process even though they want to cancel their timeshare deal.
  • Credit Protection for its Clients: In fact, one of the major reasons you should choose Resort Advisory Group as your ideal timeshare exit company is because they offer their clients credit protection. And this is possible because of their partnership with US Credit Bureau, as the partnership empowers the company to protect their clients’
  • Clients Review Page: This session deals with past customers and their comments on the timeshare cancellation services that Resort Advisory Group has rendered for them. Even our group are surprised to see only positive comments and reviews from the clients on the company’s website. Some even went as far as relaying their experiences on how they had struggled to exit their timeshare contracts before they came across Resort Advisory Group.
  • Its Display on Various News Network: We saw during our review that this company is popular on different news platforms such as Fox News, Wall Street Journal, CNN, USA Today and ESPN. That Resort Advisory Group is seen on these reputable platforms shows how reliable and trustworthy the company is.

Resort Advisory Group Ratings

Left with only positive responses from its customers on its official website, Resort Advisory Group made us very curious. So, to satisfy our curiosity on how good the timeshare exit company really is, we checked the reviewer websites, and the following ratings (which made us happy) are what we saw.

  • Google

Total Reviews: 33

Positive Reviews: 30

Average Ratings: 4.3/5.0

  • Trustpilot

Total Reviews: 18

Positive Reviews: 15

Average Ratings: 4.5/5.0

  • Facebook

Total Reviews: 22

Positive Reviews: 22

Average Ratings: 5.0/5.0

  • Glassdoor

Total Reviews: 6

Positive Reviews:5

Average Ratings: 3.5/5.0

  • Yelp

Total Reviews:1

Positive Reviews:1

Average Ratings: 5.0/5.0

  • BBB


Resort Advisory Group scam

Resort Advisory Group is not a scam. In fact, the company represents the prototype of the ideal timeshare exit company that vacation owners should target. Not only is the company recognized by popular news networks like Fox News and Wall Street Journal,  the timeshare exit company is also backed by The  US Credit Bureau. What more? The company also uses escrow payment option and it charges no up-front fee.

All these are clear signs that the company is a legitimate one. No illegal timeshare exit company will be that much recognized, not even by The US Bureau. Positive Reviews from different customers is also a testament that Resort Advisory Group is a genuine and legal timeshare exit company. Also, that the company uses Attorneys during their timeshare cancellation process is another strong evidence that the company is not a scam.

We therefore recommend that you trust this company and give them your timeshare exit contract if truly you want to cancel your timeshare deal.


We are of the opinion that opting for  Resort Advisory Group to help cancel your timeshare contract won’t be a bad idea considering the “all positive” status of the company in terms of ratings and reviews. We advise you hire the company as their status fits into all you will need in a timeshare exit company, to hire one.

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