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Resort Consulting Advocates

Resort Consulting Advocates Review

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Resort Consulting Advocates is a timeshare relief company that might be able to help you out of your distressing timeshare contract. This company is located in Altamonte Springs, Florida, and it began operating in 2018 and is owned by a man known as Charriez Jean Paul.

Just like every other timeshare cancellation or transfer company out there, Resort Consulting Advocates claims to be capable of saving timeshare owners from their troubles. But how reliable are they? This article will answer just that.


  • In-person Consultation
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • No escrow

Resort Consulting Advocates Timeshare Cancellation

Just as is the case with any activity, it is expected that the process of cancelling a timeshare contract involves specific steps. For instance, some of the things that many timeshare exit companies do may include listening to a client’s problems and noting them, bringing in a capable legal practitioner, among other necessary acts.

However, we have been able to find information in this regard, as the company has not provided enough helpful information about what particular actions prospective clients can expect from them. This does not bode well, but there are a lot of other timeshare exit companies that have this problem.

A deeper search around reveals that Resort Consulting Advocates has its own way of offering consultation services to customers. To be specific, they organize physical meetings with timeshare owners. Those who attend these in-person meetings are taken through some essential things needed in helping them exit their resort contracts. In the same vein, the participants are also given the offer of purchasing a Resort Consulting Advocates vacation club.

That is not all. We have also been able to learn that the companyprovides free gifts as incentives. Some sources say a gift may be a $50 USD Visa gift card and an Android tablet. This has however been criticized as being similar to the tricky means by which timeshare resorts lure and capture unsuspecting victims. While such criticisms hold water, we leave you to be the ultimate judge.

Resort Consulting Advocates Cost & Fees

Resort Consulting Advocates does not specify the price of their timeshare exit service. This is not uncommon among companies in this industry, so it is no big deal. However, the company offers a 100% money back guarantee, which we may not be able to vouch for, because the use of an escrow payment option is always a better choice. Likewise, the fact that there is a money back guarantee suggests that upfront payment may be unavoidable; as such, the company simply expects you to trust them. Should your timeshare exit not work out as planned, then you will get your money back.

Resort Consulting Advocates Reviews

In short, there isn’t enough information provided on the official Resort Consulting Advocates website, as the available content is quite sparse. Needless to say, this is not good for a business. However, there are some pieces of information on the Frequent Asked Questions page, through which the company has attempted to provide certain explanations and the assurance that their service is designed to help you get rid of your timeshare.

As found in one their answers on the FAQ page, Resort Consulting Advocates claims that being in a resort contract translates to being in a “LIFELONG agreement that requires you, your heirs, successors, or assignees to pay all timeshare fees. Forever.” So, in other words, the company thinks your children may have no choice but to inherit your burdening timeshare as a result of some so-called “perpetuity” clause. But this claim is false.

In truth, an owner’s timeshare contract can be rejected by his or her kids without any form of repercussion. If the heirs or successors are not interested in the timeshare, they have the right to reject it outright.

We must note that this faulty claim made by Resort Consulting Advocates is common among timeshare relief companies, probably as a way to ensure that owners patronize them.

Apart from the info found on the FAQ page, there is no other notable information found on the website. There are no phone numbers, no testimonials, or any other details you might want to look out for, although third-party websites like and may be able to help regarding the company’s contact number and address.

Although we have not been able to find any specific ratings or reviews online, in addition to the fact that we cannot find the business’s Facebook page, there are a few online sources indicating that Resort Consulting Advocates has three one-star ratings on Facebook, and a few complaints on their Better Business Bureau (BBB) page.

Resort Consulting Advocates Ratings

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Resort Consulting Advocates Scam

As we have mentioned already, there is very little information available regarding Resort Consulting Advocates, and this does not look good. The few complaints on BBB and the one-star Facebook reviews also call for some caution.


In sum, we must emphasize that the safest and most dependable payment option a timeshare exit company can offer is escrow. However, you may want to consider the 100% money back guarantee offered by Resort Consulting Advocates. Whichever way you look at it, we advise that you carefully consider all that has been discussed above.

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