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Resort Legal Team Review

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Resort Legal Team is a timeshare cancellation company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company, which was established in 2016, has a website and YouTube page. Resort Legal Team emphasizes its ability to provide timeshare clients with expert attorneys, and even provides advice to prospective clients on how to avoid timeshare scams.


  • Experienced Timeshare Specialist Attorneys
  • Insufficient Details about Company Executives
  • No fixed cost
  • Requires Upfront Fees
  • Free Consultation services
  • Friendly Customer Service Representatives
  • Mixed Customer Reviews
  • Bold Display of Contact Details

Resort Legal Team Timeshare Cancellation

Resort Legal Team demonstrates their wealth of experience on their Homepage. Instead of just saying that they have expert attorneys and sharing their certifications, the company lists all the common problems that timeshare owners encounter and presents its services as the solution.

The company offers a free consultation to prospective clients, and partners with attorneys to resolve timeshare contracts. Timeshare exit companies without experienced attorneys often take a lot of time to cancel timeshare contracts. That’s why we advise timeshare owners to prioritize hiring companies that work with experienced attorneys.

Resort Legal Team also states how timeshare companies get clients to purchase their services. On the Resort Legal Team Homepage, there is a step-by-step outline of what timeshare companies say and do to acquire new customers. However, there is no information about the names of the company’s executives and their years of practice on the website.

Resort Legal Team Timeshare Cost and Fees

  • No Fixed Cost: Resort Legal Team does not state the cost of their fees on the website. However, further research shows that the company charges between $3000 – $6000 for their timeshare cancellation services. Since Resort Legal Team has a no fixed price policy, you can negotiate prices with your assigned Resort Legal Team attorney.
  • Upfront Fees: Since Resort Legal Team offers a 100% money-back guarantee, we assume that the company requires its timeshare clients to pay their fees upfront. It is crucial to remember that few timeshare cancellation companies stay true to their 100% money-back guarantee. As a result, we do not recommend this.

Resort Legal Team Timeshare Reviews

  • Friendly Customer Service Representatives: According to numerous timeshare owners that have hired this company in the past, Resort Legal Team’s customer service representatives are always helpful, and they are ready to assist customers with timeshare-related problems. They also advise customers on the best method to exit their timeshare contract.
  • Mixed Customer Reviews: Research shows that reviews from past clients of the Resort Legal Team on the company’s website and across various platforms are mixed with approvals and complaints about the organization’s services.

Resort Legal Team Timeshare Ratings

All the reviews on the Resort Legal Team’s testimonial page are positive. The comments are full of praises for the company’s ability to terminate timeshare contracts in record time. Read on to discover the breakdown of the Resort Legal Team timeshare ratings on third-party platforms:


Number of Reviews: 3

Positive Reviews: 2

Negative Reviews: 1

The only negative review on Resort Legal Team’s Google page stated that the company has yet to resolve the client’s timeshare cancellation case even though she had paid her fees about a year ago. In their reply to the dissatisfied client, the company declared the case took so long to finalize because of complications arising from COVID-19.


Resort Legal Team doesn’t have a page on Yelp. This might be because the timeshare cancellation company is fairly new.


No Resort Legal Team client has posted a review on Trustpilot.


Number of Reviews: 3

Positive Reviews:1 (5/5 star rating)

Negative Reviews: 2

One of the unhappy clients on BBB claimed that the company abandoned her after her assigned attorney went out of business. However, the Resort Legal Team replied that they were not notified early enough about the closure of the legal office. So, they thought that the attorney was still working on the client’s case.

The other client who posted a negative review stated that the company refused to terminate her timeshare exit contract when she asked for a cancellation. Soon after the complaint, Resort Legal Team reported that they had resolved the problem.

Resort Legal Team Timeshare Scam

Information gathered on the Resort Legal Team’s website and reputable third-party rating platforms suggests that the company is not a scam. Such pieces of evidence include:

  • Bold Display of Contact Details: Resort Legal Team clearly outlines their contact address and phone number on the ‘Contact Us’ page on their website. Most timeshare scam companies conceal their contact details to prevent their victims from finding them after receiving payment from them.
  • Free Consultation Services: Offering free consultation services to their prospects implies that Resort Legal Team does not accept all the cases that come their way. Rather, they interview interested clients to determine if their services can solve the client’s timeshare problem. Timeshare scam companies are not known for this, since all they are after is money.


Since Resort Legal Team offers clients access to attorneys who are experienced in the timeshare industry, you’ll have a high chance of exiting your timeshare contract quickly if you hire the company. That said, the fact that the company doesn’t use escrow for payment and the absence of the company owner’s name on the website remain is concerning.

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