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Resort Release

Resort Release Review

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Resort Release is another timeshare exit company that may be able to help you get out of your distressing timeshare contract. Based in Rockford, Illinois, this company was started in 2013, and has been noted to be a Platinum member of the Rockford Chamber of Commerce.


  • Offers Free Consultation
  • Legal cancellation
  • Money back guarantee
  • Filed for bankruptcy
  • No website

Resort Release Timeshare Cancellation

Nothing happens without a process or certain specific steps, and that’s just one of the things that define the activities of life. So, of course, the cancellation of a timeshare contract cannot just occur in a vacuum; there must be specific steps taken by whatever exit company is involved.

In line with this, a conscious client could be interested in knowing what specific procedure a timeshare relief company will follow in terminating a timeshare. Thus, providing such information becomes a plus for such a company, as that would earn them the client’s trust and confidence. It is however disappointing that most timeshare exit companies don’t reveal their process, which does not bode well for them.

The official website of the company Resort Release is currently not accessible. But notwithstanding this, we have been able to gather some helpful info from certain reliable sources like the company’s Instagram and Facebook handles. We see that the company claims to help owners exit their timeshares “legally,” which suggests that they may use attorneys.

Moreover, we have gathered that the company has a three-step process through which they help their clients get rid of their resort contracts. Beginning with a free consultation (which is the general starting step), the company moves on to the Legal Cancellation step, and then the Guaranteed Results step.

While it may be considered good that the company has indicated the steps they will take in terminating an unwanted resort contract, the fact that they have not provided a detailed explanation is a letdown.

Indeed, a list of steps is never enough; a careful explanation is needed in order to create a sense of assurance in prospective clients. This is because it helps the clients to know what to expect, therefore helping them make a decision.

Resort Release Cost & Fees

Timeshare exit companies don’t normally share the price of their services publicly. This is understandable, since each timeshare situation requires a unique solution; as such, fees tend to vary. Resort Release, like other timeshare relief companies, does not reveal their cost and fees, although it is noted that they have provisions for free consultation as well as a money back guarantee.

Resort Release Reviews

The first major thing that we must note regarding this company is the fact that their website is not accessible, or in fact nonexistent, at the moment. As we have learned, this is perhaps in connection to reports indicating that the company filed for bankruptcy since 2019 due to certain issues relating to false and misleading practices.

According to an April 24, 2019, report titled “Timeshare Owners’ Coalition Issues Warning About Third-Party Exit Companies” found via “American Resource Management Group, LLC (ARMG) doing business as Resort Release, filed for bankruptcy in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida under Case NO.: 19-14605-JKO.”

In a particular paragraph of the report, PRNewswire further states: “the court noted that the Debtors, despite being paid substantial upfront fees from timeshare owners, have minimal cash in their bank accounts and have insufficient reserves to cover potential 100% “guarantee” claims they made to thousands of timeshare owners.”

Here, we can see that Resort Release is connected to another company known as American Resource Management Group (ARMG). Some other reports even have it that this company did operate under some other names like Redemption and Release LLC, Resort Exit Team LLC, and Vacation Properties for Less LLC. These multiple names are enough to confirm the court rulings.

It is however interesting to realize that, before all these, Resort Release did have its fair share of exceedingly positive reviews, especially on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) platform. As of 29th March 2018, the company had 271 positive customer reviews with just 2 minor complaints on the BBB. But later, things began to take a bad turn, as their BBB accreditation got suspended and reports of scam started flooding in.

Their Facebook page, as well as other platforms related to this company, is filled with negative comments from unhappy clients. We may not be able to say why the company has experienced this unfortunate turn of events, but we can say for sure that their unavailability of escrow has contributed to their downfall.

The escrow payment system ensures that a company does not receive any money until they have offered their promised service. Even when a company goes bankrupt like it has happened to Resort Release, clients could easily retrieve their funds without hassles. This explains why escrow remains the safest means of transaction.

Resort Release Ratings

  • Google

Total Reviews: 29

Average Rating: 3.8

  • Better Business Bureau

Total Reviews: N/A

  • Facebook

Average Rating: 1.0/5.0

  • Glassdoor

Total Reviews: 4

Average Rating: 4.2/5.0

  • Indeed

Total Reviews: 19

Average Rating: 4.2

  • RepDigger

Total Reviews: 8

Reputation Score: 1%

  • Yelp

Total Reviews: N/A

  • Trustpilot

Total Reviews: N/A

  • Bird Eye

Total Reviews:

  • AVVO

Total Reviews: N/A

Resort Release Scam

The Resort Release Facebook page, as a case study, is filled with many comments from disgruntled customers saying that the company has scammed them. A particular comment in fact shows that $5,000 was collected from a client, and the money has not been refunded. This simply means that Resort Release is not recommendable at the moment. Moreover, they are currently not in business.


All in all, while there’s no doubting that Resort Release used to be a force to reckon with, the present reality has proven otherwise. Thus, this company is no longer an option to consider.

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