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Resort Relief Review

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Resort Relief is a timeshare exit company that claims it can help its customers terminate their timeshare contracts. Resort Relief started its operations in 2014, and has been in the business ever since. The company has its base in Conroe, Texas.

According to the company’s official website, Resort Relief is “professionally recognized in the industry as the ‘go to’ people if you want to legally cancel your contract, and obligated debt to your timeshare resort.” The company also claims they are constantly being called by timeshare owners who need “advice” and “knowledge” about the timeshare cancellation industry.

However, while accessing the latter claim, we found a kind of discrepancy between what the company claims and what one timeshare owner said about them. The company claims customers reach out to them for advice, but the timeshare owner said it’s the company that frequently called to persuade them to work with the company.

Although we do not know whose claim is true, we still think giving timeshare owners  “cold calls” is not appropriate, as that is one of the tactics of illegal timeshare companies. We do not say Resort Relief is a scam, as we are yet to establish the truth about the timeshare owner’s comment. All we are saying is that you should be wary of a timeshare exit company which gives you a “cold call.”

Also, by claiming customers call them to seek advice on their timeshare issues, should we assume that Resort Relief also offers legal advice? In light of these questions, we have taken it upon ourselves to do a honest review of this company. This will allow you to make an informed decision.


  • Offers Consultation Program
  • Makes Use of Experienced Consultants
  • Makes Use of Attorneys
  • Selective in Accepting Cases
  • Protects your Credit Against Foreclosure

Resort Relief Timeshare Cancellation

According to Resort Relief on its website, “whether you signed your contract more than ten years ago, a year ago, last week or even yesterday” is not an issue in helping you with the cancellation of your timeshare contract. That means no timeshare contract “scenario” is beyond Resort Relief. So, how does the company go about its cancellation process?

Resort Relief offers a consultation program although we cannot say whether or not it is free. We only deduced that the company offers consultation because it brags with its “experienced consultants.” According to Resort Relief, if you are “a victim of fraud or deceptive sales practices when purchasing, upgrading or trying to use your timeshare,” it is at this stage the company will know and help look for ways to argue your case. This is how we know that Resort Relief makes use of attorneys.

More often than not, a timeshare exit company that makes use of attorneys seems to be more reliable than one that does not. This is because attorneys know the law more than anyone else. So, they will not want to associate themselves with a fraudulent company.

While on the process to get you out of your timeshare contract, Resort Relief will show you in detail how its attorneys “will get you completely out of your timeshare contract,” and “ possibly recover money you have spent into it.” The company will also “protect your credit against foreclosure.”

While we agree that the use of attorneys is necessary for a successful, legal timeshare cancellation process, we feel skeptical about the claim that the company will help recover the money you have spent on it. While it is possible to get you out of the contract, it is practically impossible to recover all of your money. However, because the company offers to help protect your credit against foreclosure, we believe the company deserves an additional rating point. So, we give them a 5-star rating for that. This is because protecting your credit throughout the process of the cancellation is necessary.

Resort Relief does not accept all cases. It accepts the cases it knows it can settle. But once you are pass the qualification stage, you will begin the process immediately and be assigned a case analyst. The case analyst will prepare “a detailed process which is individual to your resort.”

Resort Relief Cost and Fees

Resort Relief does not make the amount it charges for its services available on its website. The company advises the customers who want to know the cost of hiring them to speak with its timeshare counselors for a price quote.

Resort Relief does not mention offering an escrow payment option and neither does it categorically say it demands an upfront fee. Our advice will be that you should contact the company to know its payment options.

Resort Relief Reviews

Going through the company’s website, there were many interesting sections we came across. First on the list is the “home section” where the company briefly gives us some pieces of information about itself and the services it renders. It is on this page we learned that the company makes use of consultants and attorneys.

It is also on this section we observed that the company could be offering legal advice. If not for the help of this section, we probably might have not known that the company may help its clients recover their money and help protect their credits.

On the “about us” section, we were able to have an insight into the commitment of Resort Relief, and get a briefing on the motive behind the establishment of the company. The founder claims owning a timeshare exit company created a lot to their “background in real estate and the overwhelming amount of fraud in the timeshare industry.” The goal of the founder is to start “helping timeshare owners get out of their contracts,” providing them “with a solution to help end the cycle of abuse.”

 The FAQ section says the company “screens” customers’ cases before it accepts them, while the “services” section talks in details about the different services the company renders. Generally, Resort Relief website looks decent enough. At least it gives us some of the information we need to know about the company.

Resort Relief Rating

There are mixed of positive and negative reviews online about the company, with some claiming the company kept calling them. Nevertheless, the following are the breakdowns of the company’s reviews on some popular third-party rating websites.

Ratings on Third-Party Platforms

  • Google

Total Reviews: 8

Average Rating: 1.5/ 5.0  

  • BBB

Total Reviews: 10

Average Rating: 3.3/ 5.0

  • Best Company

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Yelp

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Trustpilot

Total Reviews: NIL

Resort Relief Scam

The fact that the company makes use of attorneys is an indication that the company may not be a scam. Again, the company assessing customers’ cases before finally making a decision whether to accept them or not is a sign that the company may not be after your money. Also, that the company was established on the basis that it only wanted to protect timeshare owners is enough to suggest that the company may not be a scam.


You may hire Resort Relief for the cancellation of your timeshare contract because it makes use of attorneys, and because it does not just accept any case.

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