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Susan M. Budowski LLC

Susan M. Budowski LLC Review

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Susan Budowski is a Florida-based timeshare cancellation company that specializes in cancelling timeshares and helping people get rid of an unwanted burden. The most appealing thing about Susan M. Budowski LLC’s website is the company’s collection of client awards. The company has won the Avvo clients’ choice award seven times in a row! Avvo is an online legal service that provides readers with detailed information about attorneys and other legal issues.

There is also a face with the name of the company, which speaks volume about the company’s credibility. A video of Susan Budowski introducing herself and what she does as a timeshare cancellation attorney is visible on the left side of the company’s homepage. Budowski is a licensed timeshare attorney and also a serial volunteer. She is a board member of Hope City Center, a non-profit organization that seeks to end sex trafficking in the United States.


  • Professional and efficient timeshare service
  • Excellent overall rating
  • Works with resorts and developers
  • Decades of experience
  • Competent attorney timeshare exit
  • Timeshare resolution experts
  • Responsive customer service
  • Delivers on promises
  • Informative website

Susan M. Budowski LLC Timeshare Cancellation

  • Free Consultation

Susan M Budowski LLC Timeshare Cancellation offers a free consultation service to help you determine your options. At no cost to you, the company provides a 30-minute phone conversation an expert who advises you on how best to terminate your timeshare contract. All you need to do is book a session, and the schedule will be communicated to you. The consultation session is needed to listen to, evaluate, and analyze your timeshare case to determine if you need legal representation to cancel your timeshare. And after the free consultation, you will be able to decide if the company’s service suits your needs.

Hiring Susan M Budowski LLC means that you will be provided with a broad range of legal knowledge and guidance. It is worth noting that the company accepts less than 10% of consults for representation. Budowski only takes on cases she thinks she can win, so make sure you have an air-tight case before consulting this company.

Susan M. Budowski LLC Reviews

  • Professionalism and Efficiency

Susan M. Budowski LLC’s reviews attest to the company’s efficiency and professionalism as a timeshare cancellation provider. One customer has this to say, “After years of unsuccessful searching for help getting out of an unwanted timeshare contract, we were very fortunate to find Susan Budowski. With the first contact, we found her professional, thorough, and efficient in understanding our situation…” Similar reviews can also be found on Avvo, Birdeye and Google.

  • Informative Website

The company’s website contains information on timeshare cancellation in Florida. Among aspects covered are situations that could require cancelling your timeshare. There are also some helpful tips on timeshare cancellation, avoiding resale scams, and a detailed section on timeshare rescission. Timeshare rescission is a legal term for the period when cancelling your timeshare would not attract a penalty. You can read up on timeshare contracts and cancellations on their website.

  • Customer Service

Customers have also praised the company’s response. Susan M. Budowski LLC’s customer care representative responds to emails as soon as possible. One Google review, however, criticized the company for taking a month to respond to their email.

  • Effective Timeshare Resolution

Customers confirmed on Avvo that Budowski was able to free them of the obligations of their timeshare timeshare. Overall, customers appear to be satisfied with the company. Some even said she restored their faith in lawyers after they gave up on ever getting their timeshare issues resolved.

Susan M Budowski LLC Ratings

Here is the breakdown of Susan M. Budowski LLC’s ratings across different reputable platforms.


Total: 6

Positive Ratings: 5

There are 6 ratings in total. Only one is negative.

Repdigger and Birdeye

No rating/review just yet


Rating: 2

Positive Rating: 2


Total Ratings: 236 reviews.

Positive Ratings: 236

Susan M Budowski LLC Cost & Fees

We do not know how much the company ultimately charges. The information is not on the company’s website and no clients mentioned it in their reviews. One way of finding out how much she charges would be during a consultation. Also, there is no mention of a refund policy. This is probably because the initial consultation is free, and the company only takes cases it believes it can win.

Susan M. Budowski LLC Scam

The founder of the company, Attorney Susan Budowski, is a well-known lawyer in Florida. According to Avvo, she was added to the “Roles of the Law Society of England and Wales” in August 2012 as an “English Solicitor.” This membership allows her to practice law in almost 40 countries. Considering the integrity of these associations, there is no doubt that Susan M. Budowski LLC is a legitimate timeshare cancellation company. Budowski has a high success rate in timeshare cancellation—this company is not a scam.


We hope this review answers questions you might have about Susan M. Budowski LLC. Reach out to our team if you have further questions about this service or any other timeshare cancellation company.

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