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The Abrams Firm Timeshare Cancellation

The Abrams Firm Timeshare Cancellation Review

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The Abrams Firm is a famous U.S. law firm that specializes in timeshare cancellation cases. Although the Abrams firm has most of its offices in Florida, the headquarters are located in Olympia, Washington. The firm is managed by lawyers who are licensed by the U.S. Bar Association and have many years of practice in consumer protection in the timeshare industry.

The Abrams Firm has been in existence for 20 years. However, it started handling timeshare cancellation cases 15 years ago. Ever since the firm started offering timeshare cancellation services, it has successfully served over 8,000 clients. We have highlighted the features of Abrams Firm to shed light on the nature of its timeshare cancellation services.


  • Affordable timeshare cancelation services
  • Licensed and experienced in-house attorneys
  • Free consultation services
  • No upfront fees
  • Over 15 years of legal timeshare practice
  • Overall positive reviews

The Abrams Firm Timeshare Cancellation

  • Transparent, Fast Legal Timeshare Services


Most timeshare cancellation companies struggle to terminate timeshare contracts because they have limited knowledge about the process. But The Abrams Firm has turned things around positively by employing the service of attorneys to make its timeshare cancellation seamless. All of the different types of timeshare cancellation services you can get from The Abrams Firm are listed on the company’s website.

In addition, we checked the Abrams Firm’s About Us page, and found all the managing partners’ credentials, right from the legal education to their legal license number and practice areas. There is also a link to the firm’s license to practice private law on the same page. This evidence is enough to clear your doubt on the legitimacy of the firm and its accreditation to operate.

The firm emphasizes that they are committed to fundamental human rights and will strive relentlessly to get justice for their clients. The Abrams Firm also claims they discuss all relevant rights and laws with prospective clients during their consultation session. And guess what: this company promises to terminate your timeshare contract within two months!

If you hire this company, you will always be able to communicate directly with the attorney in charge of your case instead of a caseworker. The company even offers advice to timeshare clients on how they can avoid timeshare scams.

The Abrams Firm Timeshare Cost and Fees

The Abrams firm does not charge any fees for its consultation services. Rather than requesting upfront fees for taking up timeshare cases, they allow their timeshare clients to defer payment for their legal services until after their timeshare contract is terminated.

In terms of pricing, The Abrams Firm service charge ranges from $1,000 to $4,000. This flat-rate fee is cheaper than the legal fees of most timeshare cancellation firms. 

Meanwhile, if several timeshare clients have the same issue as you do against a famous resort, the Abrams Firm’s attorneys will advise you to file the timeshare case as a class action lawsuit. This will help you reduce your legal service fees while also increasing your chances of winning the lawsuit.

The Abrams Firm Timeshare Ratings

  • Budget-friendly Services

The Abrams Firm is one of the most affordable law firms available. Attorneys of this company are aware that client’s service fee increases with time. Therefore, they ensure that timeshare contracts are terminated as soon as possible in order to reduce overall costs. They also help their clients waive interest rates on their timeshare contracts.

  • Empathetic Consultants

The Abrams Firm’s attorneys are always willing to listen to and allay the fears of their timeshare clients. They diligently walk their clients through the process of terminating their timeshare contract. You will understand situations surrounding your case properly if you hire this company to terminate your timeshare contract.

The Abrams Firm Reviews

  • Average Customer Reviews

There are only a few reviews on The Abrams Firm service. The good thing about this is that the reviews seem genuine. Therefore, you can rely on them to have a better understanding of how credible and competent this company is.

Below is a breakdown of The Abram Firm’s customer reviews on different platforms:


Number of Reviews: 2

Positive Reviews: 0

Negative Reviews: 2


BBB Number of Reviews: 2

Positive Reviews: 2 (5.0 rating)

Negative Reviews: NIL


Number of Reviews: 2

Positive Reviews: 2 (5.0 rating)

Negative Reviews: NIL


There are no reviews about the Abrams firm on TrustPilot.

The Abrams Firm Timeshare Scam

From the evidence we have collected on the company’s website, we are convinced that The Abrams Firm timeshare cancellation service is not a scam.

First, this company does not charge an upfront fee. Besides, its consultation is free, and the company works with attorneys who are licensed by the U.S. Bar Association. Lastly, most of The Abrams Firm timeshare reviews are positive.


While The Abrams Firm may not be the best timeshare cancellation firm in the U.S., it has demonstrated to be a reliable timeshare termination firm with a track record of success. You may want to give them a try.

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