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Timeshare Compliance

Timeshare Compliance Review

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Timeshare Compliance is an Irvine-based timeshare exit company that has been in operation for nine years. This company is not new to the profession of timeshare cancellation. Not only that, the company is known for being trustworthy and committed towards offering a satisfactory timeshare cancellation service.

Timeshare Compliance is regarded as one of the largest companies in the timeshare exit industry. We reviewed the company’s timeshare exit service to understand how it works to the benefit of timeshare owners like you.


  • Offers Financing Options
  • Uses Attorneys
  • Escrow Payment Option
  • Selective in Accepting Cases
  • 9 years of experience

Timeshare Compliance Timeshare Cancellation

Timeshare Compliance is very selective in accepting timeshare cases. The company is renowned for taking only timeshare exit cases that are “winnable.” This is one of the reasons it is very safe to trust the company, and hire them to help you exit your timeshare.

We are impressed that Timeshare Compliance’s exit service is not only transparent but also specialized. The company understands that a lot of timeshare owners were deceived to sign their contract. Hence, it specializes in pursuing the cancellation of timeshare contracts that has any form of irregularity like deceit during the sale process.

Below are other unique features of the company’s timeshare cancellation service.

  • Owing a Mortgage may not be a Barrier: One of the advantages of working with Timeshare Compliance for the cancellation of your timeshare is that the company surges ahead with the cancellation process even if you still owe a mortgage. The company is very confident in their attorney’s competence and ability to help you terminate your contract. Once Timeshare Compliance agrees to take your case, rest assured that you’re few months away from getting out of your timeshare maintenance fees completely.


  • The Company is Backed by an External Body: In a bid to make their cancellation process easier and faster, Timeshare Compliance partners with “United Doc Prep.” United Doc Prep helps timeshare owners prepare their cancellation documents in order to increase their chance of getting their contract terminated.


  • The Company Helps Protect your Credit During the Cancellation Process: On the company’s website, there is a page dedicated to services. This is where Timeshare Compliance discusses how they go about the cancellation of timeshare contracts. The page also contains information regarding how timeshare owners can monitor their credit throughout the cancellation process. This is part of the company’s effort to ensure that the prospective cancellation does not affect their customer’s’ credit, as failure to make payment during the exit process could impact the customer’s credit in a negative way.


The Company Carries out a Proper Review on your Case: Once you are familiar with the necessary steps to take for a successful exit, the company directs you to their experts who will in turn carry out a thorough review on your case. Remember, Timeshare Compliance is selective in taking cases, and as soon as your case passes their tests, the attorney assigned for you will be notified and the cancellation process begins.

Timeshare Compliance Cost and Fees

Timeshare Compliance does not charge a fixed amount of money for timeshare cancellation. The nature of your timeshare exit case dictates how much you are charged. The company determines your fee after reviewing the complexity of your case. Meanwhile, the general fees for timeshare exit starts from $3,000 minus mortgage debt. Be prepared to pay more if you have a mortgage debt to settle.

Timeshare Compliance Review

If you think most of the timeshare exit companies that promise to get timeshare owners out of their maintenance fees totally cannot really do that, you are absolutely right. Some of the reports we received from timeshare owners revealed that a lot of timeshare exit companies lack the expertise they claim to have. But this is not the case with Timeshare Compliance. The company seems to under promise and over deliver. It is clear why Timeshare Compliance is rated A+ on Better Business Bureau and has a 4.4 average rating on Trustpilot.

Timeshare Compliance Ratings

There are video testimonies on the company’s official website, affirming that Timeshare Compliance is trustworthy and reliable. Video testimonies are the most credible because they can easily be verified. There are also a number of positive reviews on the company’s website. A look into different third-party platforms further affirms that Timeshare Compliance is a reputable timeshare exit company.

  • Trustpilot

Total reviews: 303

Overall rating: 4.4/ 5.0

  • Google

Total review: NIL

  • Yelp

Total Review: NIL

Timeshare Compliance Scam

We have no doubt that Timeshare Compliance is not a scam because of the credible features the company possesses. First, Timeshare Compliance uses escrow for payment, which means that the company gets paid only after it has successfully terminated your timeshare contract. By accepting escrow for payment, it means that Timeshare Compliance allows you to keep its service fee in a third-party account until it successfully terminates your timeshare contract. This gives you the assurance that the company will ensure you are out of timeshare maintenance fees as soon as possible. After all, the company receives payment only after the service is complete. We recommend working with timeshare cancellation companies that use escrow because it helps you avoid being scammed.

Also, the timeshare exit company has been in business for years. Yet, we couldn’t find any allegation that it scammed anyone. What’s more, Timeshare Compliance has an official website as well as a strong online presence which guarantee that the company is legitimate. For these reasons, we are convinced that Timeshare Compliance can help you cancel your mortgage balance and timeshare maintenance fees.

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To know whether a timeshare exit company is legitimate or not, examine its reviews and check whether it uses escrow or not. Timeshare Compliance uses escrow, and it also has excellent reviews on reputable third-party platforms. On top of this, the company offers timeshare owners financing options such as SuperMoney. With SuperMoney, timeshare owners that have a satisfactory credit score can take a loan to cancel their timeshare. We recommend you hire Timeshare Compliance to terminate your timeshare contract.  

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