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Timeshare Cure Review

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Timeshare Cure is a timeshare exit company that may be able to help cancel your timeshare contract. Timeshare Cure is based in Branson, Missouri, and has been in the business of timeshare cancellation for eight years.

With the official name Timeshare Cures, LL, Timeshare Cure seems to have a somewhat different method in getting their clients out of their timeshare contracts. According to our research, it seems the company offers its customers a timeshare-resale route in a bid to help them settle their timeshare issues.

Even though they deal in timeshares transfer, the result is still the same: getting rid of your timeshare and making you leave a free life. Nevertheless, in a bid to make you learn more about the company and its cancellation details, we have taken up the role of a reviewer. We shall help review the various aspects of Timeshare Cure’s service. We start with the company’s cancelation principles.


  • Makes Use of Advisors
  • Offers Free Consultation Program
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Does not Lie on its Website
  • Demands an Upfront Fee

Timeshare Cure Timeshare Cancellation

As mentioned above, Timeshare Cure takes somewhat different approach in getting its customers out of their timeshare troubles. Unlike many other timeshare exit companies that focus only on terminating their customers’ timeshares via a specific process, Timeshare Cure offers a resale service.

Timeshare Cure offers a free consultation. This is not unique, however. The very first step that most timeshare exit companies take is to offer a consultation program.

It is only when timeshare exit companies assess their customers’ timeshare cases so that they will be able to decide whether they can resolve them or not. A reliable timeshare exit company will look before it leaps. And that is because not all timeshare cases are winnable. Thus, a good timeshare cancellation company will only take the cases it has a high possibility of winning.

The company claims on its Facebook page that it assigns advisors for individual timeshare owners. We feel this is a good thing as there will be more one-on-one conversations between the pair of the advisor and the timeshare owner. Doing that will also bring about cordial relationship between the company and its clients. For this, we think Timeshare Cure deserves a good rating. So, we will give them an A+ rating.

Also, since Timeshare Cure only deals in a timeshare-resale service, we feel there will be a need for documentation or related services. However, we could not establish this for certain, as no information is found anywhere on the official website.

Timeshare Answers Cost and Fees

We could not find the specific amount of money the company charges for its service. Also, our attempt to set a price range fell through. However, we advise you to reach out to the company via any of the contact links provided online to get a price quote.  

There is no mention of an escrow payment option. Therefore, we assume the company demands an upfront fee before it can help you sell your timeshare. Because the company promises some customers a refund since it was unable to help them sell their timeshares, we believe the company offers a Money-Back guarantee.

Timeshare Cure Reviews

Going through the company’s website, there were many things we didn’t find encouraging about Timeshare Cure. First, their website generally does not look appealing. There are many blank sections on the website which give us an impression that the company is not serious about its official webpage, and the design of the website feels rushed—especially for a company established since 2013.

However, one thing we found interesting about the website is that it does have a Facebook section where we can view the comments of its past customers. Some negative comments are left on the Facebook page, many which state that the company did not do an impressive job helping them to sell their timeshares. Some even claim that the company, having been initially paid, still demanded an additional fee. Surprisingly, the company kept these bad comments on their website. Seeing those, it seems the company is honest about their performance. There are of course good comments about the company, and most of those comments are recent ones.

Timeshare Cure Ratings

The company does have mixed reviews about its services on its website. However, upon looking into the third-party rating websites, the following are what we got.

Ratings on Third-Party Platforms

  • Google

Total Reviews: NIL

  • BBB

Total Reviews:3

Positive Reviews: 2

Average Rating: 3.8/ 5.0

  • Best Company

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Yelp

Total Reviews: 1

Positive Reviews: 1

Average Rating: 5.0/5.0

  • Trustpilot

Total Reviews: NIL

Timeshare Cure Scam

The fact that the company does not delete the negative comments about them on their official website is a sign that the company is a real timeshare exit company. Additionally, the company replies to some of those who claimed the company was unable to help them with their timeshare resale and promises to refund them in full is an indication that the company may not be a scam. However, our advice is till the same: the safest option is hiring a company with an escrow payment option.


You may try hiring Timeshare Cure considering the fact that its recent reviews are all positive. This may mean that the company has improved significantly on its services.

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