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Timeshare Defense Attorneys

Timeshare Defense Attorneys Review

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Timeshare Defense Attorneys is a relatively new timeshare cancellation company in the United States. Richard Fonbuena leads the team of the company. According to the Nevada state bar website, Richard is a new lawyer who recently passed the bar exam. However, this is not a reason to doubt his ability to terminate timeshare contracts successfully. There are young lawyers making waves the timeshare cancellation industry. Richard is probably one of them.


One fascinating piece of information on the company’s website is the recommendation of timeshare developers. In fact, Timeshare Defense Attorneys states clearly that they use timeshare developers to cancel timeshare contracts. Timeshare developers offer a deed back program which is relatively cheaper than engaging a timeshare exit company. A deed back program can also come along with additional benefits.


  • Legitimate Timeshare Cancellation Service
  • Does not Use Escrow
  • 100% Refund Policy
  • Works with in-house and third-party Attorneys
  • New establishment
  • BBB and other recognized rating agencies do not accredit it.
  • No Customer Reviews

Timeshare Defense Attorneys Timeshare Cancellation

  • Bí-Dimensional Timeshare Cancellation Services

Timeshare Defense Attorneys highlights on their page that they combine the use of in-house timeshare cancellation attorneys and third-party timeshare exit attorneys. This mode of timeshare cancellation is not recommended. The reason is that a timeshare exit company loses absolute control over the timeshare contract that is being outsourced to a third-party attorney.

As such, the timeshare contract cancellation may take longer than necessary due to possible inefficiencies from the third party attorney. The third party may stop working on the cancellation or may not be successful with the termination of the timeshare contract. This is because, in most cases, third-party attorneys do not put in enough effort to achieve a successful timeshare cancellation. We recommend hiring a companyt that uses in-house attorneys.

  • Customer-centred FAQ Page

Questions and responses in the FAQ section of the company’s website provided further guidance for our review. We discovered that the average turnaround time for completing a timeshare contract cancellation at Timeshare Defense Attorney is between three and thirty-six months. This time frame is way longer than the period quoted by other timeshare exit companies, so this is concerning.

Timeshare Defense Attorney Cost and Fees

  • Fixed Pricing System

Information about the service charges of Timeshare Defense Attorneys is not available on their website, but this is a common trend among timeshare exit companies. However, the company mentions that they charge fixed prices for their services. We consider this pricing model praiseworthy. The reason is that most timeshare exit companies with no fixed price usually ask for a lesser price at the start of the cancellation process, and then demand more money before they complete the contract termination.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

In addition, Timeshare Defense Attorneys says that it offers a 100% money-back policy, implying that they will refund 100% of your service charge if the termination of your timeshare contract is not successful. The arrangement would have been perfect if the company receives payments with escrow, which guarantees 100% refund. However, Timeshare Defense Attorneys does NOT use escrow, which means there is no assurance that you will get a refund if the company fails to cancel your timeshare contract as agreed. We do not recommend this.

Timeshare Defense Attorney Ratings

Since Timeshare Defense Attorneys timeshare cancellation company, we could not get good customer reviews on the company’s services.

Meanwhile, we found a 5-star rating on google reviews, although there is no additional comment to justify the rating.

Apart from this review, we could not see any other review on credible platforms like Better Business Bureau (BBB), Yelp, among others. This is not a big deal given that the company is a relatively new player in the timeshare cancellation industry.

Timeshare Defense Attorneys Reviews

No surprise – there are no reviews about Timeshare Defense Attorneys’ services. We checked through the pages of the company’s website, but could not find customer reviews. Also, there are no reviews from any credible third-party rating company.

Timeshare Defense Attorney Scam

Based on the information gathered about Timeshare Defense Attorneys, its processes, and overall business model, we opine that the company is a legitimate timeshare exit company. This opinion is primarily due to an unbiased evaluation of the company. We assessed the business owner’s profile, the fixed price it charges, the credibility of the attorneys they have, among others.


However, we are concerned about the long potential turnaround period of 36 months. The reason is that timeshare exit cancellation can be challenging, and it requires a lot of expertise and experience to be successful. The company is also new in the industry, implying that they do not have a wealth of knowledge. We always recommend that you engage the services of experienced timeshare exit companies.


Every experienced timeshare cancellation company started with zero experience. Hence, the fact that Timeshare Defense Attorneys is a startup is not a reason to treat the company with scorn. If the company’s service meets your timeshare cancellation needs, why not consider hiring them?

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