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Timeshare Elimination Team

Timeshare Elimination Team Review

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Timeshare Elimination Team is timeshare relief company that claims to be able to put an end to your timeshare resort headache. This company operates under a bigger one known as Client Protection Group which is owned by Michael Cromie, Jr. As a matter of fact, the “Contact Us” button found on Timeshare Elimination Team’s homepage leads to the official Client Protection Group website.

The corporate headquarters of this company is located in Costa Mesa, California, while they have another office in Deland, Florida. Basically, Timeshare Elimination Team has given the assurance that they know the problems the timeshare industry companies causes their clients. It is important that you go through our review to ensure that you make an informed decision.


  • Offers Free Consultation
  • User-friendly website
  • 100% money back
  • No escrow
  • Does not use attorneys

Timeshare Elimination Team Timeshare Cancellation

It is no surprise that many timeshare cancellation or transfer companies don’t provide a clear breakdown of how they will help a prospective client out of his or her timeshare distress. It is also no surprise that neither on the Timeshare Elimination Team’s website nor on the Client Protection Group’s is there any specific provision of such info.

A look through the homepage of the company’s website reveals that this company, in the process of helping timeshare owners, offers services in four different areas. As listed by them, their services broadly include Timeshare Elimination, Mortgage Relief, Credit Protection, as well as Fraud Recovery. These are interesting offers if you ask us. In fact, these services have helped to establish the narrative that Timeshare Elimination Team may indeed be “here to help” as displayed in bold on their homepage.

As regards to Timeshare Elimination specifically, the company assures potential clients that they “do all the legal work,” and they have also expressed that you should “rest assured that your specific case is handled by experts.” If this is true, then it is no doubt commendable, as it means that they probably make use of attorneys and their employees are well experienced.

According to the Timeshare Elimination Team, “the process is simple: we request a few bits of paperwork from you, then send all relevant information to the companies for evaluation and termination. Once the case is closed you will be given a letter of termination from the timeshare company detailing the closure of your account!”

Moreover, as regards the Mortgage Relief service, the company has explained that they can help you cancel your mortgage in case your terms of contract were misrepresented. Also, under the Credit Protection section, it is equally assured that you need not worry as they “will dispute the claims and fight for you.” It is also good that this company claims to be able to help you recover your money, should you have been duped by any of the many dishonest timeshare resale companies out there.

Timeshare Elimination Team Cost & Fees

The specific amount that Timeshare Elimination Team collects for their services is not revealed on their website, but that is standard among timeshare relief companies. Often, they do this because they prefer to know about your timeshare situation first, as that will help them charge the right fee.

Nevertheless, Timeshare Elimination Team has a free consultation. Likewise, there is a 100% money back guarantee, which means that you can trust the company to return whatever amount you pay them, should they fail to resolve your issues.

Timeshare Elimination Team Reviews

The first thing that is noticeable on the official Timeshare Elimination Team website is that there isn’t enough content. Apart from the homepage, every other page (including the About, the Contact, and the Services pages) is empty.

Moreover, as we have mentioned earlier, there is a “Contact Us” button on the homepage, which simply redirects you to the website of the main company (Client Protection Group). It is not clear why this is so. Therefore, for you to get all the necessary info regarding this company and its services, you will have to visit the main Client Protection Group website.

The company’s main website has a clean and user-friendly interface, with the homepage providing some pieces of information such as: the company is BBB accredited, their transparency policy, their 100% money back guarantee, their provision of timeshare relief to thousands of clients, among others. While some of these claims may in dispute, there are even more contestable statements on the website.

Foremost of these contestable claims is the bogus assertion that “Timeshares are impossible to sell.” Quite the contrary, timeshares are sellable. The only issue is that the price fluctuates. This claim could have been worded differently; perhaps the company intended to say that timeshares are uneasy to sell.

Furthermore, we must note that there is no dedicated reviews page on the website; however, we find three positive reviews at the bottom part of the homepage. We cannot ascertain whether these reviews are real or not, but there are names attached to them.

In the same vein, we could only find third-party reviews concerning Cloud Protection Group, but none regarding Timeshare Elimination Team itself. We have been able to gather that the Cloud Protection Group is BBB accredited, with an A+ rating, and they also have a review on Yelp with a 5-star rating. But there are no reviews available on Google.

Timeshare Elimination Team Ratings

  • Google

Total Reviews: N/A

  • Better Business Bureau

Rating: A+

  • Yelp

Total Reviews: 1

Average Rating: 5.0

  • Trustpilot

Total Reviews: N/A

Timeshare Elimination Team Scam

Although there are not many ratings or reviews of this timeshare relief company, the ones that are available are mostly positive. It seems the company can be trusted to an extent. However, we cannot say for sure that their 100% money back guarantee is 100% reliable.


It can be deduced from the discussion so far that Timeshare Elimination Team is trustworthy, especially given the reviews regarding the main company Client Protection Group. Nonetheless, you are advised to weigh your options well before making your decision.

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