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Timeshare Legal LLC Review

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Located in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Timeshare Legal LLC is another timeshare relief company that may be able to help you get rid of your unwanted timeshare. Having been in business since 2009, the company prides itself as “the original timeshare cancellation company.” In this article, we will provide you a careful review of the company, Timeshare Legal LLC, to help you make an informed decision.


  • BBB accredited
  • Offers free consultation
  • User-friendly website
  • Uses escrow

Timeshare Legal LLC Timeshare Cancellation

It is always desirable to have timeshare cancellation companies that are not afraid to give a transparent explanation of what they will do to help timeshare owners escape their resort problems. This hardly happens as most timeshare relief companies prefer to keep such information to themselves. As such, it is quite commendable that Timeshare Legal LLC has provided an amount of info regarding their cancellation process.

To be specific, there is an “Our Process” section on the homepage, which attempts to give a breakdown of what steps the company takes in helping timeshare owners. As they have listed, there are three steps. So, first, you will be offered a “free consultation” where you will speak with a trained specialist who is to “determine your eligibility for a guaranteed timeshare cancellation.”

After that, the company promises “unparalleled results” achievable with the help of experts that are ensures a permanent elimination of your timeshare. Finally comes the last step which is tagged “financial freedom;” the company states here that “you will be released from your timeshare debt, so that you can better enjoy your lives” and it is also stated somewhere that you will receive “written confirmation” to this effect.

Needless to say, it is good that this company has provided so much information in a step-by-step way, although it could still be better. Moreover, there is also a “What We Do” section on the homepage, which we think is another commendable way of giving insight as to what a potential client can expect from the company.

In this section, we realize that Timeshare Legal LLC does not only offer timeshare cancellation services, but it also provides credit protection and collection relief services. The good news here is that this means the team may be able to tackle most of the possible timeshare issues any owner might be facing.

Furthermore, Timeshare Legal LLC has explained that their cancellation service comes in two ways: full cancellation and partial cancellation. As they have clarified, the full cancellation is for those who want to abolish their timeshare totally; as such, the company will free you from any financial obligations you might be owing the resort.

On the other hand, the partial cancellation is for “qualified” owners who simply want to reduce the costs of an “oversold” timeshare; so, Timeshare Legal LLC has assured that they will “reduce your ownership to a more manageable level where you will still be able to travel within your budget.”

Timeshare Legal LLC Cost & Fees

The cost of the services offered by this company is not revealed on their official website, and this is not a strange thing among timeshare exit companies. So, it’s no big deal, especially because prices often vary, and most of these companies like to understand your situation first in order to be able to quote you the right price. Nonetheless, it is clear that Timeshare Legal LLC offers free consultation and make use of the widely dependable escrow payment option which ensures that your money is not released to the company until the successful completion of your timeshare termination.

Timeshare Legal LLC Reviews

To start with, the quality of this company’s website is topnotch, as it comes with a sleek and smooth, user-friendly interface. What’s more, there is a laudable amount of content on the website, hence affording a prospective client the chance to know as much as possible about the company even before finally speaking with them.

We must mention something that we find a bit concerning. And that’s the fact that the company claims to have CNN, Fox News, and the like, as “Trusted Partners.” We think this is a marketing gimmick, and perhaps the company is rather just riding on the advertisements they run on these news platforms. If that’s the case, then we think it’s too much of a forced entitlement.

The company’s “About” page provides a timeline of the company’s growth over the years, right from the pre-conception period when the founder, Christian Highlander, had just started his career as an employee in 2001. This is a beautiful way to establish trust if you ask us. Moreover, it is also a great thing that this company has a “Blog” page containing helpful articles about certain timeshare issues and tips that you may want to know about.

We can also confirm that Timeshare Legal LLC has a page for testimonials. There, we find several written testimonials from past customers, although we cannot guarantee the authenticity of the reviews, or the names attached to them. Likewise, there are video testimonials too, and we think this manifests a level of believability because video testimonials are considerably hard to fake.

With regards third-party reviews, the company in focus has quite a good number of positive comments on such platforms as Google, Better Business Bureau (BBB), Glassdoor, Facebook, and more. However, as we have gathered, there are few negative reviews, some of which have been attended to by the company.

Timeshare Legal LLC Ratings

  • Google

Total Reviews: 69

Average Rating: 4.6

  • Better Business Bureau

Total Reviews: 37

Average Rating: 4.59

  • Glassdoor

Total Reviews: 26

Average Rating: 4.4

  • Facebook

Total Reviews: 42

Average Rating: 5.0

  • Yelp

Total Reviews: N/A

  • Trustpilot

Total Reviews: N/A

  • MyTer

Average Rating: 4.0

  • AVVO

Total Reviews: N/A

Timeshare Legal LLC Scam

Obviously, Timeshare Legal LLC is quite recommendable, given the number of positive reviews and ratings found. The fact that they are BBB accredited in fact takes the cake. Their provision of escrow is also an assuring thing. So, would we say Timeshare Legal LLC is a scam? No.


All in all, it may not be a bad idea for you to trust Timeshare Legal LLC with whatever timeshare issues you may be facing. Remember, however, that it is all up to you.

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