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Timeshare Release Now Review

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Timeshare Release Now is a timeshare exit company which has been in timeshare cancellation business since 2010. Located in Portland, Maine, United States, Timeshare Release Now is a “Consumer Protection Advocacy company” which helps and educates timeshare owners in getting out of their timeshare troubles.

Timeshare Release Now helps customers across the United States, “including South America, United Kingdom, Australia, and Caribbean Islands.” This, in a sense, is an indication that the company may be a reliable timeshare exit company, considering its service influence across states and nations. Not many timeshare exit companies are that popular and influential.

Again, Timeshare Release Now also says it educates timeshare owners “of their legal rights and purchase recession periods on getting out of their timeshares.”  The company believes that the cost of maintaining a timeshare contract can become extremely high over a period of time, and that the owner may not be able to match the financial power that it will require as time goes on.

So, the company makes itself available to help timeshare owners “get back on their feet and enjoy their lives again,” by finding them viable solutions to break them loose. The company believes it can help its customers in the best possible way so that there will not be any future fees after they have been released from their contracts.

Timeshare Release Now is one of the leading timeshare cancellation companies in the United States, according to its claim on its LinkedIn page. The company boasts of “99% success rate,” as it has helped over 10,000 clients out of their timeshare issues. However, not all timeshare exit companies tell the truth about what they have done.

Some companies even go so far as to say things they have never done. For this reason, we have taken the review of this company seriously. This is to prevent you from making the wrong choice. The following are the reviews of the other aspects of the company’s timeshare exit services.


  • Offers Free Consultation
  • Low Charges
  • Makes Use of Case Managers
  • 99% Success Rate
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Timeshare Release Now Timeshare Cancellation

The company says it has helped over 10,000 of clients settle their timeshare problems. Timeshare Release Now also boasts of having a 99% record of success rate. So, we shall look at some of the steps the company takes in achieving and almost perfect record.

First, the company offers a free consultation program. And we feel this step could be instrumental in the success record the company claims it holds. This is because, for any further step to be taken, a real timeshare exit company will first learn of your timeshare contract situation. The knowledge about the condition of your timeshare contract will go a long way in allowing them settle your timeshare issue.

Were you coerced into buying the timeshare, or were you, in a great pull of tricks, persuaded to sign the contract? These questions will be discussed the consultation program. The program usually lasts for 30 minutes, “ with a live experienced agent who will discuss the nuances of the case” with you.

Timeshare Release Now makes use of “case managers.” This means that each customer is entitled to a case manager who is dedicated to standing by the customer throughout the cancellation process. The company will offer you legal evidence showing that you have been relieved of your timeshare stress.

The company has a close connection with “big travel providers and affiliates,” and this allow them to devise a perfect solution for a specific timeshare problem. Timeshare Release Now boasts of having an extensive knowledge about the “unethical sales tactics used by timeshare sellers.” This, however, is among the loopholes the company explores to save you from the clutches of timeshare problems.

However, one thing we do not know about the company is whether it makes use of attorneys or not. If there is no mention of the use of attorneys, does that mean the company makes use of timeshare exit experts? All we learned is that the company will get you out of your timeshare contract, assigning you a case manager, with a 100% result guarantee. Therefore, amidst many good things we read about the company, not going specific about the professionals it uses is one negative.

Timeshare Release Now Cost and Fees

There is a claim on that Timeshare Release Now charges the lowest amount in timeshare exit industry. is a site where we got most of our information about Timeshare Release Now, as nothing helpful could be found on the company’s official website. But there is nothing specific about the amount the company charges on the website either.

We urge you to find the exact amount the company charges by reaching out to the company via any of the contact links provided on the above website, or on the company’s Facebook page. The company does not make use of an escrow payment option, but we believe the company may charge an upfront fee because it makes a statement for a 100% money back guarantee.

Timeshare Release Now Reviews

Most of the information we got about the company were seen on “News Presswire” through the company’s Facebook page. We also got some from the company’s LinkedIn page. There were two official website links for the company we got online. The company’s Facebook provided the same links. But the most surprising thing about those two links is that, while the first led us to the company’s page, the second page is inaccessible. Even the first page shows nothing related to the information we needed about the company.

However, we did find some of the pieces of information we used on “News Presswire” via the publication of the company’s CEO. It’s in this publication we learned of the company’s success rate, and the commitment of the owner. Timeshare Release Now is committed to helping timeshare owners get out of the fraudulent timeshare contract under which they are trapped. We believe the company truly stays by this commitment as that shows in its charges. According to the publication on the “News Presswire,” Timeshare Release Now charges the lowest in the industry.

Timeshare Release Now Ratings

We could not find any customer review on the company’s website, and neither did we find any on the company’s Facebook page. And when we checked through some of the most popular third-party rating websites, the following are what we found.

Ratings on Third-Party Platforms

  • Google

Total Reviews: 8

Positive Reviews: 6

Average Rating: 4.0/5.0  

  • BBB

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Best Company

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Yelp

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Trustpilot

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Defaulters

Total Reviews: 7

Average Rating: 1.15/5.0

Timeshare Release Now Scam

Timeshare Release Now has a 99% success rate. The company also stays true to helping its customers out of the fraudulent timeshare contracts under which they find themselves. This is evident in the statement that the company charges the lowest in the industry. So, when we consider all these, we may not be wrong to say that the company is probably not a scam. Also, the company has many positive reviews on Google.


You may hire Timeshare Release Now to help you with the termination of your timeshare contract because it charges the lowest in the industry.

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