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Timeshare Specialists Review

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Situated in Bozeman, Montana and established in 2014, Timeshare Specialists is a timeshare cancellation company that has rescued many timeshare owners from timeshare maintenance fees. With its knowledgeable professionals, it has been able to cancel over 50,000 timeshares. Timeshare Specialists has also won many awards from different reputable platforms. The company claims on its website that its service is transparent, and it provides a fast, safe, and guaranteed timeshare process. They also claim that their team has been in the timeshare industry since 2002. With these promises and laudable achievements, we believe that Timeshare Specialists can work you out of your timeshare maintenance fees.


  • Free Consultation Service
  • Transparent Services
  • Free Timeshare E-book Guide
  • Escrow Payment Option
  • Using Professionals and Brokers
  • Positive Reviews

Timeshare Specialists Timeshare Cancellation

Before hiring Timeshare Specialists, it is important to be aware of how the company works. Even though the company has provided a down-to-earth approach on how to cancel your timeshare on its website, it is essential that we give you a breakdown of the company’s operational process.

  • Partnership with Professionals and Brokers: Like some timeshare companies that use attorneys during the course of terminating their clients’ timeshare, Timeshare Specialists uses its experts who are professionals. This company claims on its website that with its sister branch, Resort Closings Inc., they will make your ownership available on six major listing websites and share the details with their network of brokers around the country. With this unique approach, Timeshare Specialists has cancelled and successfully transferred timeshares throughout the country.
  • Charges after Services: It will interest you to know that Timeshare Specialists does not charge its clients until the service is successfully carried out. This is stated on the company’s website that “our fee based on how difficult it will be for us to find a new owner and that you won’t pay us until our work is done.” Not charging until after the service means that the company will relentlessly strive to terminate your timeshare contract.
  • Constant Communication: During the process of cancelling your timeshare and divestment, Timeshare Specialists promises to keep you informed about. This will provide you with the information you need about the company. Also, the company will remain ethical in their business practices.

Timeshare Specialists Costs and Fees

Timeshare Specialists does not state on their website the exact price it charges. This is a common issue in the timeshare industry – it’s rare to see a timeshare exit company disclose the amount it charges publicly. The company only states on its website that it only charges after completion of service, and the fee will be determined based on how difficult the timeshare transfer process is.

However, based on our research, Timeshare Specialists charges within the range of $3,000 and $7,000. This points to the need for you to make enquires about the company’s service fee during you consultation session. Since the company uses escrow for payment you have no reason to fear being scammed.

Timeshare Specialists Reviews

  • Free Consultation: Timeshare Specialists offers free consultation to its prospective clients. This is done in order to bring its service closer to its potential clients. You can contact the company by either filling a consultation form on the homepage or a calling a customer care representative.
  • A Timeshare E-book Guide: When reviewing Timeshare Specialists’ website, we saw a free eBook that sheds light on timeshare cancellation. This caught our attention because it demonstrates the company’s commitment to what it does. This e-book was specially prepared to enlighten and guide timeshare owners that want to either terminate or transfer their timeshares. This guide also discusses how resort and divestment owners can avoid fraudulent companies. It is highly essential for timeshare owners to download this e-book and follow all the principles listed therein.
  • Exhibition of Awards and Reviews: In another section of the company’s website, Timeshare Specialists displays awards won from different reputable platforms, and many positive reviews from its clients. One of those awards is Torch Awards for Ethics. This award is worth mentioning because it was given by Better Business Bureau (BBB). The award was presented to mark Timeshare Specialists’ integrity towards resale market for all customers, and positive comments from its customers is a good indication that the achievement of the company speaks volumes of its competence.

Timeshare Specialists Ratings

Aside the numerous comments on the company’s website, it is also important to explore other reviews and ratings on third-party platforms.

Ratings on Third-Party Platforms:

Google Ratings:

Total Reviews: 10

Positive Reviews: 8

Average Rating: 4.6/5.0

BBB Ratings:

Total Reviews: 15

Average Rating: A+

Yelp Ratings:

Total Reviews: 3

Positive Reviews: 1

Average Rating: 1.0/5.0

Trustpilot Ratings:

Total Reviews: 409

Positive Reviews: 403

Average Rating: 4.9/5.0

Facebook Ratings:

Total Reviews: 4

Positive Reviews: 4

Average Rating: 5.0/5.0

Timeshare Specialists Scam

The various positive reviews on reputable platforms are good indications that Timeshare Specialists is a legit company. The company’s integrity is affirmed based on these comments. Awards given to the company by Better Business Bureau for its integrity shows that Timeshare Specialist is not a fraudulent company. And to assure its clients that the company is not a scam, Timeshare Specialists produced a voluminous e-book that guides timeshare owners in their decisions and against scam companies. This suggests Timeshare Specialists is an exit timeshare company you can trust your resale market and timeshare cancellation with. Lastly, the company offers an escrow payment option, and that is a good reason to choose Timeshare Specialists.


Having reviewed different aspects of Timeshare Specialists’ exit service, it is our hope that you will be able to decide whether the company is a good fit for your timeshare cancellation or transfer needs.

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