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Timeshare Tracy Review

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Timeshare Tracy is a timeshare exit company which may be able to get you out of your timeshare contract. Timeshare Tracy is located in Blaine, Washington. The company has helped many timeshare owners out of their worrying timeshare contracts, making the company one of those companies a timeshare owner can hire should they want to get rid of their timeshares.

According to the company on its official website, “Timeshare Tracy was started by two friends who were fed up with not only timeshare resorts, but the timeshare cancellation as well.” This is to say that the basis behind the establishment of the company is to prevent timeshare owners from going through the same stress the founders went through during their time.

Maybe this is the reason the company has been tirelessly working, as it claims it has helped over 5500 clients ever since its inception. And to further support the claim that the company is truly concerned with helping out timeshare owners, Timeshare Tracy compares itself to a “ loving aunt”  who will always be there for you, and who will always have great advice for you, “ and knows how to get you out of a pickle.”

The analogy goes further as the company says “she”  doesn’t like it when “her loved ones are taken advantage of) by timeshare companies.” The company concludes its analogy that “she is on a mission to bring justice to those affected.” And if the company truly acts like a “loving sister” as claimed, then it is worth giving your timeshare exit contract. Truth be told, having a “loving aunt” in a timeshare exit company won’t be a bad idea.

However, as insightful as the analogy drawn by the company is, and as captivating as it is, there are several confusing claims therein. And when we also take some of the other claims made by the company on its website into account, we have some concerns. Is Timeshare Tracy a timeshare exit company, or does the company partner with timeshare exit companies?


  • Consultation Program
  • Makes Use of Partners
  • Founded to Solely to Help Timeshare Owners
  • Won Over 5500 Cases
  • Free 5 Minutes Assessment

Timeshare Tracy Timeshare Cancellation

The company says on its website that it has helped over 5500 clients out of their timeshare contracts. While we cannot say whether the company is directly responsible for that or not, we will dive into the review of its cancellation principles.

Timeshare Tracy also goes through the customers’ cases before letting them know how long it will take to help them out of their timeshare contracts. This is evident in an answer the company provides to the question, “how long does it take?” in the FAQ section.

The company says it can be between “1-12 months because every timeshare contract is different.” And according to the company on the same section, it will only tell you how long it will take after it has already gathered the necessary information about your timeshare contract. How does a company gather the required information about a customer’s timeshare contract if not through a consultation program?

It is, however, on this stand that we reach a conclusion that Timeshare Tracy offers a consultation program. Nonetheless, we don’t know whether the consultation is free or not.

We found nothing to suggest that the company makes use of attorneys. We also did not come across any statement that declares whether the company makes use of experts or not. What we observed during our research is the likelihood that the company indirectly gets their customers out of their contracts through partnership with regular timeshare exit companies.

This is because apart from the fact that the company does mention “partners” at the turn of cancellation, sometimes, on its website, there are also reviews of some timeshare exit companies on the company official website. So, we urge any timeshare owner who wants to work with the company to confirm the company’s true service by contacting them before hiring them.

Timeshare Tracy Cost and Fees

The company does not display the amount it charges on its official website, and this is a common phenomenon in timeshare exit industry.

The company does not mention the use of escrow payment option and neither does it mention an upfront fee. But in the FAQ section, the company claims its clients won’t pay any amount until any of its partners gets them out. So, the company makes use of partners?

Timeshare Tracy Reviews

All we have on the company’s official website is a string of confusing claims which makes it difficult for us to place the company’s true service. Does the company directly help timeshare owners out of their contracts, or does it do that indirectly through the help of regular timeshare exit companies like the ones whose reviews are posted on its website?

Does the company only advise timeshare owners on their timeshare contracts, or does it advise them on which timeshare exit company to be trusted? While we thought we could get help on some of those questions by digging further into the company’s website, we were not able to find any of this information.

The company’s FAQ section was a bit helpful. Through some of the questions asked, and the respective answers given, we were able to hold a tentative idea that the company only makes use of partners to help its customers cancel their timeshares.

Timeshare Tracy Ratings

The company’s official website does not have “testimonials page,” but we were able to get a review about the company’s service by a comment made by a certain Trevor Mc Kay who says he’s happy to find Timeshare Tracy. Also, after we checked through some reputable third party rating websites, the following are all we got.

Ratings on Third-Party Platforms

  • Google

Total Reviews: NIL

  • BBB

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Best Company

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Yelp

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Trustpilot

Total Reviews: NIL

Timeshare Tracy Scam

Timeshare Tracy may not be a scam if it is true that it makes use of partners. This is because by referring timeshare owners who come through Timeshare Tracy directly to regular timeshare exit companies, the company may not have a scamming agenda. If it does, it might have made itself one, collecting cases for itself, and plucking timeshare owners’ money here and there. Again, that the company claims none of its customers will pay any amount to any of its partners until they get their cases settled may be an indication that the company is legit.

In fact, a report dated August 11, 2021, found via has its headline as: “Former employee speaks out after timeshare termination company vanishes with clients’ money.” The said former employee, as found in the opening lines of the report, “was just as shocked as clients when the company closed its office and vanished with people’s hard-earned money.” This is a big red flag. In addition to that, we couldn’t find any latest BBB rating.


You may hire Timeshare Tracy for the cancellation of your timeshare contract because the company was founded solely to help timeshare owners.

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