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TS Elimination Review

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TS Elimination is a timeshare exit company that claims it can help you get out of your timeshare. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the company states that it has helped thousands of clients get out of their timeshare troubles. And according to our research, the company was founded in 2015.

When we consider the year the company was founded and match it with the number of cases the company claims it has won, there is some doubt on how the company could have done that well within such short time. And while that may raise a bit of suspicion, it is not impossible. But whether the claim is true or not is an open matter.

The company does not only specialize in timeshare cancellation. According to what we saw on TS Elimination’s official website, the company delves into a number of cases like “increased maintenance fees, unfulfilled promises by resort sales staff, financial or physical hardship preventing timeshare use,” among many other cases. TS Elimination still helps timeshare owners who have “troubles selling their timeshare.”

The question is, can one really trust a timeshare exit company that does not have a specific area of concentration?” How sure are we that TS Elimination is not “jack of all trades, master of none?” In this review, we want to help you in making an informed decision. So, let’s start with the review of company’s cancellation principles.


  • Offers Free Phone Consultation
  • Offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Written Agreement
  • Excellent Track Record
  • Work with Experts

TS Elimination Timeshare Cancelation

TS Elimination claims it has helped thousands of timeshare owners get out of their timeshare troubles. How have they managed to do that? Is there a specific procedure the company regularly takes that has been helping them? The following paragraphs focus on the TS Elimination’s principles of timeshare cancellation.

First, TS Elimination believes a free consultation is a necessary and highly important step in getting you out of your timeshare contract. However, TS Elimination only grants “free phone consultation.” There, you will discuss your timeshare contract, and you will have to provide information about your timeshare contract, its terms, and some of its conditions.

TS Elimination says the consultation “will discuss why you are experiencing what you are experiencing, some of the changes in the timeshare industry and how those changes are affecting you.” We feel this step is necessary because it is one clear way to understand what needs to be done and how far the company is willing to go about it. You should know a timeshare contract situation before trying to proffer a solution. This is a point in favor of TS Elimination.

Also, in a bid to ensure their clients experience “a secure and protected solution” to their timeshare problems, TS Elimination provides “the highest level of customer service.” Not only that, but the company also makes use of advisors. An advisor will be assigned to you. This advisor, however, will then take up certain positions with regards your timeshare cancellation case, or any of the other cases under the company’s services. For instance, it is your case advisor who will take the role of educating you on some of the challenges you may encounter with regards to your timeshare contract, and how to navigate a way through those challenges. We do not think the company makes use of attorneys, as nothing of such is mentioned anywhere on the company’s website.  But the company does have a team of experts whom they say have a “combined 50 years of experience.”

We think TS Elimination also buys into the idea that timeshare cancellation experts, not attorneys, could do the job better as that is the only thing they’re trained to do. Unlike attorneys who are trained in many other areas, they argue that timeshare experts have more understanding of how to solve your timeshare issues.

In addition, the company also has certain values which it claims it never compromises while on the mission to get you out of your timeshare contracts. The company promises to stay true to its values and help you in the best possible way.

TS Elimination Cost and Fees

Like many other timeshare exit companies, TS Elimination does not display the amount it charges for its services. However, we were able to set a price range based on the comments of the company’s past customers. For any timeshare owners who may want to hire TS Elimination, we advise that you set your target between $6,000 and $10,000. But for the exact cost of the company’s services, we urge you to reach out to the company via any of the contact links provided on the website.

TS Elimination is not on escrow, but it offers a 100% money back guarantee. And that is an indication that the company demands an upfront fee, although it is not stated. Our advice will be the same: it is best to hire the company with escrow payment option.

TS Elimination Reviews

The company homepage is all about some specific pieces of information about the company. For instance, on the company’s homepage, there is a bold writing that reads, “get rid of your timeshare.” This statement is a description of a core aspect of the company’s services.  Just below the claim, the company advertises its free phone consultation. While the homepage is full of specific information about the company and its records, it is the “about us” page that gives us more information about the company’s values, mission, and vision.

This page tells us the company is based on a trio values of honesty, integrity and “ true” service. The company thus vows to maintain those values so as to do “what is right” for their customers. The company’s mission is to educate timeshare owners, proffer necessary solutions through customer service, and keep their promises to their customers, while its vision is to see to the possibility of honoring timeshare owners’ choices. The FAQ page shows us that it can take the company 3-9 months to help settle your timeshare case if you do not owe a mortgage. But if you do owe a mortgage, it may take longer than that.

TS Elimination Ratings

Going through the company’s website, there is no page for “testimonials.” So, we went to third-party websites. Here is a breakdown of all we got.

Ratings on Third-Party Platforms

  • Google

Total Reviews: NIL

  • BBB

Total Reviews: 48

Positive Reviews: 43

  • Best Company

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Yelp

Total Reviews: NIL

  • Trustpilot

Total Reviews: NIL

  • BirdEye

Total Reviews: 47

Positive Reviews: 39

Average Rating: 4.3/5.0

TS Elimination Scam

We can say TS Elimination may not be a scam because there will always be a written agreement between you and them. We feel a company which is a scam cannot go to that length. Another reason the company is not a scam is because it is highly rated on BBB. BBB is a popular rating website which will not recognize a scamming company.


You may hire TS Elimination to help cancel your timeshare contracts, since the company offers you a 100% money back guarantee.